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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Practice video is up!

After the proper codecs downloaded and installed, I finally finish the video. It's a 7 minute, high-resolution video, featuring the new Speed feed from Matt, Paintballunited. If you have any problems viewing the video, you can download the codec here.

Download Sunday Practice video (151MB)

It features some of the big teams in Malaysian paintball scene. Refer previous blog entry.

Right-click on the links and select 'Save target as...'


23/5/06 ~ Added in the shorter version of Speed Feed video. Check out the link.



Matthew said...

Very nice! There must be a way you can make the size smaller? :)

Villain said...

LOL! Still trying to find out a few format that is smaller AND still retain its detail.

reuben said...


wkkaymo said...

Just watched the vid... excellente!