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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

MY-NPL - Update

Regarding my much earlier post, regarding us being the official media, sadly to announce that we're no longer are. The NPL had taken on a better & more equipped help in order to cover the event. We're couldn't be any happier, as this will also help in getting the footages edited quickly and ready for the public. We can't wait to watch the entire series on video!


Friday, January 05, 2007

Back in 2007

We're back!

There're alot of things happening since my last entry and I'll try to fill it up to speed. Well, earlier this year, US Pro-ballers Contract Killers came to town for a 3-day paintball clinic. Then the new NPL Div 1 teams this year, which make it much tougher and exciting. Of course, WK broke off from Bandits to play the NPL and Bandits were subsequently disband. 

Then there's this reality program on paintball currently shown by ASTRO, a local satelite TV provider. Ahh, so many things to tell.

Oh and the reason of the only update till now is that, I kinda forgot/lost this blog's password. LOL!