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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bragging Rights - Series #2

We caught up again with our winner of Villain 1-on-1 Challenger Series #2 (V1o1CS2), Pengiran Khairoden Nizam also known as Oden for many others. He currently plays for Macdev Ronin in Div1 MY-NPL. Here are some questions he struggles to answer.

VPB: Congrats on the win. What do you think of the Villain 1-on-1 Challenge Series?
Oden: Thank you, it was awesome, a good experience for me and others. A good way to promote the sports!!!

VPB: Did you think you could win in the beginning?
Oden: Since i won it!!! yes, of course i could win from the start, LOL, kidding.... well, actually no...guess it was just my luck

VPB: Yeah, luck is really something. What would you like to see in the future series?
Oden: More lady competitor and more ladies.... hehehe

VPB: Girls eh? I'd figure you'd say that. If you have to shoot with a mechanical marker, would you still play?
Oden: Hmm....yup, mechanical would do for me...but i ain't going in alone with it....make sure all of the players goes in with the spider as well

VPB: Fine. Would you play in a 4 corner match? - 4 players start at each corner of the field in a decider, last man wins.
Oden: sounds interesting...would love to give it a try...and yes, i would play these format

VPB: Cool! Was leaving your boots at home an excuse not to join or you're just plain absent minded? *grins evilly*
Oden: Leaving the boots at home was part of the plan...psycho org maa!!!! actually, i forgot to bring it....

VPB: Haha! Whom did you share the peanuts all by yourself?
Oden: Family and family only, mom and dad ate it all!!! Oden hates peanuts!! (Sometimes he calls himself as a third person)

VPB: Congratulations, now you have the bragging rights until the next series. Anything to say to the blog readers?
Oden: Hmm, the most important thing is, train, TRAIN and TRAIN hard...dont give up half way and be creative in the me, it helps...

VPB: Thank you. See you again at the next series.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Refereeing Course by M-PRO at MAPAAC, 7th Feb 2008

So you wanna be a M-PRO ref? Here's a chance to learn the basic and of course also the chance to ref MY-NPL games in the future. Come to MAPAAC this 7th of February (Thursday, yes on CNY day) and bring RM100.

Email or call 016-3323337 for more details.

More info here -->

0800 - 1000 Refereeing Theory
1000 - 1030 Tea break
1030 - 1300 Continue Refereeing Theory
1300 - 1400 Lunch break
1400 - 1600 Continue Refereeing Theory
1600 - 1800 On field training

Certificate of Attendance will be given.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Villain 1-On-1 Challenge Series #2: The Conclusion

This time around, we had 11 participants for the second series with a good mix of experienced and new players. There were supposed to be more but some had to withdraw and some just didn't care to inform that they weren't attending. Nevertheless, it was still exciting and most of all - WE HAD FUN! Caranthir joined in at the last minute and we also had a 'tag team' which comprised of Terry (Demonz) & Wei (DR).

There were new rules to the challenge - players must touch the opponents gate & run back to touch his own gate in order to win and reloads were allowed. Additionally, players were allowed to use their own markers. MAPAAC also greatfully loaned a Cyborg and a Timmy for the players which had no markers of their own.

The challenge kicked off at about 10am with each players playing about 4 games in the preliminary round. Top 8 players will get the chance to advance to the QF stage playing in a best of 3 format. Then its off to the Semis and finally - The Final.

In the Preliminary round, Terry, El-Gato, Arm, Oden, Greg, Hafiz & Hata made the early cut to go into the Quarters. The final spot was decided by a tie breaker which saw Ice melted by Caranthir. The Quarters saw Tag Team Terry & Ah Wei going up against Caranthir, El Gato versus Hata, Arm taking on Hafiz and the Ronin Family Feud - Greg challenges Oden. For the knockout rounds, we've decided that it'll be a non stop affair - they must finish all games before they can leave the field. The first two brackets saw the players slugging it out til the 3rd game while the final two finished off their opponents with swift action.

After dispatching their opponents, this was how the Semis would play out. El-Gato faces Caranthir while Arm will attempt to take out Oden. In the Gato Vs Caranthir battle, the former drew first blood taking down his opponent at close range. Caranthir evened out the score taking out Gato advancing from the 50s. The deciding game saw Gato gunning down Caranthir in a close range melee to take the win. Arm of DRX & Oden of Ronin was a close match as well as both of them fought like their life depended on this game. Oden who was a more experienced player of the two secured his place in the Final.

The weather was hot but the second installment of the Villain 1-On-1 Challenge was SCORCHING! In the Finals - Oden goes head to head with El-Gato of Banzai! Both individuals are great players in their team and possibly the league. It wasn't easy for these guys to get into the finals, the opponents they had to encounter did everything possible to stop them from advancing. Now it was time to choose the best and both players certainly have their sights locked on the Grand Prize - Bragging Rights til the next series! It seemed that Oden was much hungrier than El Gato who probably had too much to chew when he took down Caranthir in the Semis. The Gato fell into Oden's trap on both occasions giving the latter two straight wins for a Final victory.

The excitement didn't stop there, the participants & organizers adjourned to the VIP Players Tent for rounds of drinks, gossips and UNO STACKO!!!

Will Oden return to defend his 1-On-1 crown or will he chicken out in the next series? That we will find out in March when the Villain 1-On-1 Challenge returns. In the meantime, we would like to thank MAPAAC & their crew and MacDev for their support. Hopefully for the next series we would be able to provide the players with a more exciting format & prizes. Keep tuning into Villainpaintball for news updates on the next series and other things PAINTBALL!

Photo Gallery
by Queen Raina


Villain 1on1 #2 Rage

Oden's Bragging Video

Monday, January 21, 2008

Villain 1-on1- Challenge Series #02!

Villain 1-on-1 Challenge Series is back again! This time with new formats and rules (we did say that we going to experiment things around). It will be held this Sunday at MAPAAC, Astaka PJ from 8.30am onwards.

• Sunday 27th January, 2008
• MAPAAC, Astaka PJ
• 8.30am

New Format:
• Preliminary round, minimum 4 games against random picked opponents.
• Unlimited reloads! reload all you want
• Gametime still 2 minutes. Touch opponent's gate for the win.
• Best of 3, from second round onwards to the finals.

• Players can bring their own markers/loaders
• Shooting mode - MY-NPL, Semi-auto uncapped
• Those without emarker, MAPAAC will have 2 emarkers on standby. Could be a Cyborg, Droid or anything else! LOL!

• 1 case of 2000 rounds, RM200. 1 bag of 50 rounds, RM60
• RM10 for field & air charges and crazy fun

New Seedings/Rankings
• This time around, ranking points will be awarded to players. Details will be in later (or on that day itself LOL!)

Registration/Game day
Register your name, nick & phone number at the comment box below.
• Come on Sunday 27th Jan, 8.30am sharp.
• Bring some boxes of tissues, cause you'll be crying one way or another!
• Bring your happy/fun mood pls.

Prizes (may change drastically throughout the day LOL!)
• 2 bottles mineral water
• 1 can of flower drink
• 1 packet of assorted nuts,
• 1 bag of Paint
& Exclusive interview & photoshoot at Villainpaintball & much much MORE!

What you geting back besides the weird prizes up there?
• Gain some respect from ballers for a week
• Made some enemies also
• You face pimping all over this blog
• Bragging rights

Pengerang Open 2008 - The Conclusion

The Full Result of Pengerang Open 2008. I don't have any photos or videos yet. So, whoever has some and would like to share it with us, I'd appreciate it. Email me at caranthir[a] to send photos. Thanks abunch.

Division Pendekar
Champion : RASKAL
Runners-up : FLANKER
Third Place : XTIONEER
Fourth Place : ZEALOUS

Division Pahlawan
Champion : S2K
Runners-up : X3MIX
Third Place : NOMERCY
Fourth Place : D'MERCY KIDZ

Pengerang Closed
Champion : BARATON
Runners-up : SCARECROW
Third Place : TEAM POWER
Fourth Place : GENG 69

Congratz to all the winners! Akira, our correspondent write tells what went on at Bandar Penawar. Thanks for the writeup!

The Story
written by Akira

The just concluded Pengerang Open 2008, which was held on 19 and 20 January 2008 at Stadium Bandar Penawar, Pengerang, Kota Tinggi, Johor has rewrite the record book of paintball in Malaysia. It offers the biggest ever prize money in the history of the game in Malaysia and once again the Team Of the Malaysian National League led by the main presenter, Tactical Action Sdn Bhd, was given to honour to execute the proceedings.

The day down south begun with downpour that nearly cost the game. At Field No. 1, teams from Johor, X3MIX and RAZ LEGION JR is the curtain raiser match whilst LEOPARD HUNTERS of Melaka played RAINFOREST 7 TIGERS of Jerantut, Pahang the opener at Field No. 2. Again and again we still see teams forfeiting the first game due to timeliness or rather lack of it, and RAZ LEGION JR is of no exception. Kudos to the team of organiser for keeping the time on schedule, whilst RAINFOREST 7 TIGERS began with flying colours beating LEOPARD HUNTERS. Nonetheless, the rain failed to deter the game and goes as schedule throughout the day. The coldness of South China Sea plus the rain had made the day like in the cold country as quoted from a player of DRX.."I could feel the coldness and the foggy day"....

Altogether 8 teams of the Pendekar Division, 14 of the Pahlawan Division and 28 of the Closed Pengerang took part and we are proud to see the mergence of teams from host state Johor which constitutes 10 of the teams in Pahlawan Division. Johor has become the force to be reckoned in the development of the sport in Malaysia and we sincerely hope that continuation shall prevail in MY-NPL 2008. So the first day ended with all the teams completed their preliminary games with ZEALOUS topping the chart in the Pendekar Division and NOMERCY lying top in the Pahlawan Division.

Come Day 2, the D-Day, the knock-out rounds of the quarterfinals begins. This is the very first tournament whereby the new format of MY-NPL, whereby quarterfinal shall be carried by means of a knockout, best of 3 was introduced. Initially causing confusions among the players, especially on the arrangement of game but eventually things becoming clearer and comprehendable. Thanks to the ever informative Mr Tournament Director!. ZEALOUS and SPITFIRE commence the day at Field No. 1 and NOMERCY and LEOPARD HUNTERS at Field No. 2. It was a very hot, sunny and humid second day of the tournament, the sunglasses and umbrella started to appear. And it was even hotter inside the field, with every contestant pouring their heart and soul to grab the biggest ever prize money offered in any paintball tournament in Malaysia. At the end of the game, FLANKER and RASKAL squared it off in the Division Pendekar whilst X3MIX and S2K battled it out in the Pahlawan Division. The prize giving ceremony was officiated by the local ADUN, YB Dato' Harun Abdullah and the end of the day - EVERYBODY IS A WINNER.

Akira Nurtagaya



"Flanker a.k.a. Nemesis"

For more photos, visit Taken by our unofficial blog-buddy photographer, Desmond Foo. Thanks for sharing us the photos buddy.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pengerang Open 2008 - 19th-20th Jan

Team Registration Opens for Pengerang Open PaintBall Tournament 2008
(Pre-opening season of MY-NPL '08 - Updated with 3D field layouts)

MY-NPL HQ are pleased to announce venue & date and division, prizes & fees for the POPT'08. For more information on registration details, please read below.

Team Registration:
No over the phone confirmation of registrations. All entries must be paid through online or cheque only. Registration must be submited on/before 14th January 2007.

Division Pendekar
Open to all teams in Malaysia & Asian region.
Electronic markers with semi auto/NPPL & PSP Ramping mode allowed.
Not more than 7 active players in the roster.

Champion : RM9,000.00 cash + medals + Cup
Runners-up : RM5,000.00 cash + medals
2nd Runner-up : RM2,000.00 cash + medals
Fourth Place : RM1,000.00cash + medals

Division Pendekar Registration Fees: RM300.00

Division Pahlawan
Open to Div 3 & 4 teams in Malaysia only.
(NO Div1 & 2 players allowed)
Electronic markers with semi auto/NPPL mode only/allowed.
Not more than 7 active players in the roster.

Champion : RM4,000.00 cash + medals + Cup
Runners-up : RM2,500.00 cash + medals
2nd Runner-up : RM1,300.00 cash + medals
Fourth Place : RM700.00cash + medals

Division Pahlawan Registration Fees: RM200.00

Pengerang & Kota Tinggi Closed
Open to all new players with NO tournament records.
House mechanical markers only.

Champion : RM1,600.00 cash + medals + Cup
Runners-up : RM1,000.00 cash + medals
2nd Runner-up : RM600.00 cash + medals
Fourth Place : RM300.00cash + medals

Pengerang & Kota Tinggi Closed Registration Fees: RM200.00 (Inclusive of 500rounds PaintBalls)

Prizes from division less than 10 teams will be deduct 30%.

Paintball pellets will be subsidies by the presenters at RM60.00/case of 2000rounds. This means that teams will only need to pay RM170.00/case.

Field 1 3D Layout

Field 1 2D Layout

Field 2 3D Layout

Layout field 2

This MY-NPL Official Feeder Event specially brought to you by,

Nemesis Paintball Club (Presenter Club) &

Delta Rovers Paintball Club (Co-presenter Club)

Event Information

18th - 19th - 20th January 2008
1400hrs to 1900hrs Friday (Field Walking)
2000hrs to 2130hrs Friday (Team's Captain Meeting)
0800hrs to 1800hrs Saturday (Site closes at 2030hrs)
0800hrs to 1700hrs Sunday (Finals held on-site at approx. 1700hrs)

Bandar Penawar Stadium, Bandar Penawar, Johor, Malaysia.

For more information, please contact: -
Mr. Sofian Daud (MY-NPL Tournament Director)
H/P: 016-332 3337
Tel: 03-6277 7779, Fax: 03-6277 7711

Mr. Hasnata - 019-215 0472
Mr. Awe - 013-271 0054

Pejabat Belia dan Sukan Kota Tinggi -Tel: 07-883 1266
Pusat Kegiatan Rakan Muda Parlimen Pengerang -Tel: 07-895 5852

More information regarding MY-NPL coming event, please visit or e-mail Please stay tuned to the Events Info!

"Looking Ahead for A Brighter Future of Paintball Year 2008"

Monday, January 14, 2008

Saturday at the field

Last Saturday, I was at the field hanging out with the usual gang. Saw a few teams having their training in preparation for the Pengerang Open.

Anyways, had my marker serviced and my regulator o-ring replaced (TQ Ah-Wey) and of course took some photos. Voyeur mastah, Vegas was around taking his usual shots. LOL!

Monday, January 07, 2008

MY-NPL Super 7 - The Conclusion

It was a super super Sunday. Nobody would have guessed a D3 team coupled with Raskal players would made it that far. I myself guested with Macdev Ronin and I had a blast. Some problems with the compressor in the middle of the day, but somewhat sorted by the end. I truly believe we could've made it to the finals it not for some equipment issues, but hey.. that's luck. For us (Macdev Ronin) it come at the worse time, in the semis. But we had a good one. We all did.

Since I was playing, Queen Rina and her stand-in photog cum teammate Khairul of BB, took some photos. Our dear friend Nizam (Battosai) tooks some photos & videos as well. Of course you guys might noticed, Epul from Banstarz productions going around taking videos as well. So, let's have some updates ya! wohoo!!

Here's the official results

Division Pendekar:
2. Nemesis
3. Macdev Ronin
4. Werdna Hol

Division Pahlawan
1. Shimigami X
2. Planet Raiders
3. Rainforest Legion 7
4. Screaming Eagles

Photos will be up soon this week ok lah, some today. So, have patience ya.

Gallery 1 - 308 photos
Photos by Battosai & Rina

Gallery 2 - 2 videos
Camera Operator - Battosai
Editor - Kherox

MY-NPL Super 7 Games #1

MY-NPL Super 7 Games #2
Includes interview with Wolverinez, Raja Khairul, Hasnatah, Ah Wey & Wong

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Advertisement - Center Panel

Advertisement space for rent. Contact


Team MacDev Ronin will be launching their own PL Cyborg RX in 2009. As shown in the photo, the PL Cyborg RX will be a fade Dusted Bronze/Black colour scheme. This Private Label marker will include a matching fade Dusted Black/Bronze (as shown in photo) Shift Barrel Kit. Only 10 limited pieces are made for public sales worldwide, so if anyone who are interested please give Alan a call at 012-203 5010 or email him at

For more info on the new Cyborg RX, please visit Also available at MAPAAC are the stock Cyborg RX and Shift Barrel Kits! Check them out now!