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Monday, May 24, 2010

Exclusive - Villain talks to Paul Lam

Here's an exclusive interview with Paul Lam regarding about recent development in our paintball industry.

(VPB) Tell us a bit about yourself and what are your roles in PALS and UPBF.
(PL) I am the founder and current Director of the Paintball Asia League Series, or PALS, which also organizes the Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit (MPOC), and the World Cup Asia (WCA). We have been strong promoters of the sport in the region since 2004, and plan to continue being so.

I am also the founder of the Asia Pacific Paintball Federation (APPBF), which sits alongside its counterparts in America (APBF), Europe (EPBF), South America (SAPBF), and Africa (AFPBF) under the United Paintball Federation (UPBF), where I am one of the Vice Presidents.

(VPB) What is the relationship between PALS and the Millennium Series
(PL) PALS is an official partner of the Millennium Series Europe. All our events, including the World Cup Asia, are sanctioned and recognized by the Millennium Series Europe. We have a great working partnership and we plan to continue as such in the promotion of sports within the region.

We would also like to add that we have been also working closely with Paintball Sports Promotion (PSP) in the US, which is in line with the goals of the UPBF to unite all paintball federations and tournament series for the proper promotion and growth of the sport worldwide.

We are very proud of this, and hope to maintain these working relationships in the future.

(VPB) Were there any plans to make an Asian version of the Millennium Series?
(PL) There were never any such plans as PALS is already a firm working partner of the Millennium Series Europe; we already share similar goals.

(VPB) Who were involved in the initial discussion regarding this matter?
(PL) I do not know, as I was not involved in any initial discussions regarding this matter.

(VPB) Very recently there's a 'promotion' on the Asian Millennium Series will make its debut in 2011. Sounds like it's a done deal event and WILL go on as schedule. Is this true at all?
(PL) No, this is not true. I have seen the press release and flyers, and attribute this promotion to the vivid imagination of frivolous parties. We have written confirmation from the board of the Millennium Series Europe that there was never any such agreement.

(VPB) The press release at the Millennium Series Asia website has been taken down. What does this means?
(PL) This is because the parties responsible have been using the Millennium Series logo and name without authorization from the board of Millennium Series Europe, and have been requested by the board to remove the website and all references to the Millennium Series Europe.

(VPB) What is PALS position regarding this matter as of now?
(PL) We regard the so-called “Millennium Series Asia” as fictitious and misleading, as it is not sanctioned by the Millennium Series Europe. Even the MPBF, whom they claim to be working closely in the future with, is not aware of any such agreement.

(VPB) Is there anything you would like add regarding this issue?
(PL) Acting without the proper sanction and authority and misusing the name and logo of our established counterparts in other regions can be detrimental to the sport in Malaysia, as it undermines the credibility of the Malaysian paintball industry. We only hope that there is no lasting damage done, and that the parties involved are aware of the consequences of their actions.

(VPB) Thank you Paul for your time.

PALS[HQ] Official Press Release regarding - "MILLENNIUM SERIES ASI

5:00PM 24th MAY 2010


The Paintball Asia League Series, as partner of the Millennium Series Europe since 2004 when we first started, would like to clarify that the recent press release from the so-called “Millennium Series Asia” is not factual, but based on the vivid imagination of a few individuals.

We have sought clarification with Millennium Series Europe and have been informed that no such agreement exists, and we on our part have not been notified of such a move. To our knowledge, the Millennium Series name and logo has been used without prior authorization and they have been requested to deactivate the website and to remove all references to the Millennium Series Europe by the Millennium board.

The press release by these parties should be deemed misleading, with an agenda that is detrimental to the great growth of paintball now enjoyed in the region. PALS remains a firm partner of the Millennium Series Europe in promotion of sports within the region and will remain so in the future.

We shall be seeking clarification in the proper manner from the parties responsible for the announcement before deciding on the next course of action.

For clarification and more information regarding this matter, you may contact Mr. Laurent Hamet of the Millennium Board at or

For more information regarding this matter in relation to the Paintball Asia League Series, please contact Mr. Paul WY Lam at or

Founder & Director
Paintball Asia League Series
Mobile: +6012 218 4333


Note: Please also refer to my previous posting on the subject here

The Millennium Series Asia

The Millennium Asia Sports Sdn Bhd - Press Release.

It is with great pleasure to announce the formation and the launching of our new company, The Millennium Asia Sports Sdn Bhd, the ultimate Asian Paintball Series, in full partnership and co-owned by Millennium Series Europe.

What we have here is European expertise and capabilities but with Malaysian flair and style. After nearly a decade of organising and operating successful World class paintball events and championships in Europe, the Millennium Series Europe with its vast pools of amassed knowledge and expertise, is branching out into Asia. This partnership will set new standards of World class paintball tournaments and events throughout the Asian region. Each event will rival those like the PSP, NPPL and even the Millennium Series Europe itself.

Our aim with Millennium Asia is to bring these world class events from our hub in Malaysia to our neighbouring countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Philippines, Taiwan and even Australia. Our objective is to produce high calibre teams that can compete with the best of the best in the World’s stage and to project paintball as a serious and highly competitive sport. Our partner, Millennium Series Europe will provide experts advice and training with full Paintball Industry support to enable teams and players alike to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

With these visions in mind, Millennium Asia will form the first Asian Semi Pro League in 2011 and our inaugural event scheduled in January 2011 in Kuala Lumpur will feature the first ever division for World Class Professional paintball players to compete in. Millennium Asia with the assistance of Millennium Europe and its Industry support will invite Pro teams like Dynasty, Ironmen, Nexus, Impact, Joy Division, TonTons etc with its full team compliment to compete. By 2012 we propose to feature a regular Pro Division and perhaps as a full leg of the World Millennium Series event based in Kuala Lumpur. Millennium Asia will feature 3 events in 2011 with host from the neighbouring nations and intend to increase these in future.

Millennium Asia will also work closely with the newly formed Malaysian Paintball Federation as the Sport’s governing body and the Malaysia Sports Council to regulate and to provide unified Rules and Regulation and synergy between government ministries, participants and paintball industry as a whole and to encourage non paintball related industry involvement. Millennium Asia will through the Federation work with the Ministries of Youth and Sports, Tourism and Culture promote not only this sport but also the host nation. With a recognised governing body as in the Federation and a unified Rules and regulations, gone are the days of dubious paintball event management and dubious marshalling and refereeing by so called qualified persons? All these will be replaced by qualified person registered with the Federation and trained to the appropriate levels.

Through Millennium Asia and the Federation, all paintball players will be registered with the United Paintball Federation - UPBF, a proposed World governing body which is also a brainchild of the Millennium Series Europe to track and assist any player on the World’s circuit and to provide a database so that each paintball player can be ranked and recognised on the World’s stage.

Other notable partners in the Millennium Asia Company are Tactical Action, KCHL Paintball, Skirmish Paintball Asia and Global Adventure Resources. Together we strive for a better and a brighter future in our beloved sports of paintball.

Press Release
On behalf of the Board of The Millennium Asia Sports Sdn Bhd

For more info or newsletter, email us at

Note: No PALS involvement? The last paragraph however rings a very familiar tone. Looks like the big players are teaming up to come up with another tournament. If this takes off, will MY-NPL be discontinued (or even fewer events) to give way for the new (millennium series) format?

UPDATE: There will be a press statement regarding this matter soon from APPBF. Currently the press release at has been taken down.

PALS have subsequently issued a press release regarding this matter. Please read here.

International Super Seven Championship (ISSC) 2010 - Results & Conclusions

Here are the results of the recent concluded ISSC 2010. Congratulations to all the the winners.

Open Division
1st - Infernal
2nd - Nemesis Legion
3rd - Demonz Red
4th - Delta Rovers

Am/Nov Division
1st - OSB
2nd - Matrix Entourage Jr
3rd - Outkasts
4th - Shockwave

Young Guns DIvision
1st - CMX Badai
2nd - MDP Tornado
3rd - Riverside Syndicate
4th - Prolintas Legion X

It's great to see Infernal back again after seeing them back in 2008. With a few young players, they certainly have become a formidable team. We had two different weather conditions on the first and second day. That's paintball and it still a great event.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Well, not yet anyway. But this is just an accident waiting to happen. This is one sure way to get paintball banned in Malaysia.

Organizer: Pemuda PAS Hulu Kelang
VIP: YB Shaari Sungib

Goggles is on top of the head YB's head. Didn't anybody told him to wear it? Oh, the other two guys were also not wearing any.

That's their 'safety net'. Why even bother?

There are probably a few discussions on this subject in Facebook. The original photos are here.

Poster of the event

Taken from

Monday, May 10, 2010

International Super Seven Championship (ISSC) 2010 (22nd – 23rd May)

Team Registration Opens for ISSC’10

NEMESIS PAINTBALL CLUB (NPC) & The Malaysian National Paintball League (MY-NPL) HQ are pleased to invite all teams in Asia & the rest of the world to participate in our 2nd addition of the International Super 7 Championship in Asia.

For the 2nd year, the championship will be returning to the grounds of Petaling Jaya. PJ has proven to be a great host city to the MY-NPL & it feeder events. The beautiful city of Petaling Jaya, just 15 minutes from KL city , the tourist and shopping paradise of Malaysia. Enjoy the sunny weather and excellent tournament facilities! Special thanks to our city council Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (MBPJ). Petaling Jaya truly a City of PaintBall.

In 2010, All divisions will be playing the 7-man format. Each team will consist of nine (9) active players on the roster and shall field a maximum of seven (7) players in every game. All teams in all divisions shall play in eight (8) games in The Preliminary Round.

The transportation from the airport to the official hotel(s) and back to airport upon departure shall be arranged by the organizer. Please inform us your traveling schedule details.


Registration is now open to all Teams. For more information on registration details, please read below.

Team Registration:
No over the phone confirmation of registrations. All entries must be paid through online or cheque only. Registration must be submitted 14 days before the event date. Team rosters are needed to send to MY-NPL HQ for Malaysian PaintBall Players’ Council (MPPC) checking & approval.

Closing Date: 15th May 2010.

Registration Fees:
Open Division (OP) -RM1,300.00 / USD362.00
Amateur/Novice Division (Am/Nov) -RM700.00 / USD195.00
Young Gun Division (YG) -RM200.00

How to Pay by Mail
Send Money Order, made out to Kelab Sukan Paintball Nemesis, to: -

Kelab Sukan Paintball Nemesis
(ISSC’10 -Team Registration)
C2-B-10 Ground Floor, Cemara 2,
Taman Bukit Segar Jaya,
43200 Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel/Fax: (+6) 03-9102 1947

Be sure to include Team Name, Division, Captain’s Name and contact information (Mailing address, phone and email address).

ISSC’10 Information

21st – 22nd – 23rd May 2010
1400hrs to 1900hrs Friday (Field Walking)
2000hrs to 2130hrs Friday (Team’s Captain Meeting)
0800hrs to 1800hrs Saturday (Site closes at 2030hrs)
0800hrs to 1700hrs Sunday (Finals held on-site at approx. 1700hrs)

Dataran Petaling Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


Open Division (OP)
Open to all teams in Asian region.
Open to all international teams who are playing in Division 2 or below in NPPL, PSP and Millenium
Electronic markers with semi auto/MY-NPL, PSP burst & Millennium ramp mode capped at 15bps only/allowed.
Each team will consists of nine (9)active players on their roster and shall
field a maximum of seven (7) players in every game.

Amature/Novice Division (AM/NOV)
Open to all D2 & D3 teams in Asian region.
Open to all international teams who are playing in Division 3 or below in NPPL, PSP and Millenium
Maximum of two (2) D1 players are allowed in AM roster.
Electronic markers with semi auto/MY-NPL, PSP burst & Millennium ramp mode only/allowed.

Young Gun Division (YG)
Open to all Malaysian new players / teams with NO tournament record and/or with tournament record in the Division 4 in 2010.
House Mechanical markers are provided/allowed.
Harness and pods are allowed.

Players’ ID Tag: RM20.00 /player

Pit Crew ID Tag: RM20.00 /person

PAINTBALL: RM190.00 / USD54.00/case of 2000 rounds

Rules: Malaysian National Paintball League (MY-NPL) :Coming soon!

How to Pay by Mail

Send Money Order, made out to Kelab Sukan Paintball Nemesis, to:

Kelab Sukan Paintball Nemesis
(ISSC’10 -Team Registration)
C2-B-10 Ground Floor, Cemara 2,
Taman Bukit Segar Jaya,
43200 Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel/Fax: (+6) 03-9102 1947

Be sure to include Team Name, Division, Captain’s Name and contact information
(Mailing address, phone and email address).

How to Pay by Telegraphic Transfer (TT)

Transfer cash or credit money to the following bank account number: -

Bank Address : Taman Midah Branch
No.38, Jalan Midah 1, Taman Midah
56000, Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia
Tel: 603-9130 0366 Fax: 603-9131 7024

Account Number : 1004 4001 3324

C2-B-10 Ground Floor, Cemara 2,
Taman Bukit Segar Jaya,
43200 Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel/Fax: (+6) 03-9102 1947

Please sent scan or fax receipt of payment/TT .Be sure to include Team Name, Division, Captain’s Name and contact information(Mailing address, phone and email address).

More information regarding the ISSC, please visit

or contact: -
Mr. Sofian Daud -Tournament Director
H/P: 016-332 3337, E-mail:
Tel: 603-6277 7779, Fax: 603-6277 7711 / 7960 4724

Mr. Safieq Izzudin
H/P: 013-271 0054, E-mail:

Mr. Hasnata (Hector) Hassan
H/P: 016-251 7788, E-mail:
Tel/Fax: 603 9102 1947

Visit our Facebook page too :-


Open Division
Champion : USD6,000.00 + Trophy + 9 Medals
1st Runners-up : USD4,000.00 + 9 Medals
2nd Runners-up : USD2,000.00 + 9 Medals
3rd Runners-up : USD1,000.00 + 9 Medals
4th Runners-up : USD700.00 + 9 Medals
5th Runners-up : USD 500.00 + 9 Medals
6th Runners-up : USD 300.00 + 9 Medals
7th Runners-up : USD200.00 + 9 Medals

Amateur/Novice Division
Champion : USD4,000.00 + Trophy + 9 Medals
1st Runners-up : USD2,000.00 + 9 Medals
2nd Runners-up : USD1,000.00 + 9 Medals
3rd Runners-up : USD700.00 + 9 Medals
4th Runners-up : USD500.00 + 9 Medals
5th Runners-up : USD300.00 + 9 Medals
6th Runners-up : USD200.00 + 9 Medals
7th Runners-up : USD100.00 + 9 Medals

Young Guns Division
Champion : RM2,000.00 + Trophy + 9 Medals
1st Runners-up : RM1,500.00 + 9 Medals
2nd Runners-up : RM1,000.00 + 9 Medals
3rd Runners-up : RM750.00 + 9 Medals


Monday, May 03, 2010

RONIN Ltd Edition CLONES Available Now!

Limited Edition Ronin Clones are now available in two beautiful colour combos ~ Bronze Fade Dusted and Claret Fade Dusted. Get them now, for only a limited numbers were made! If you're interested, email me at caranthir.sir[a]gmail[dot]com

Cyberjaya Paintball Championship League (CPCL) - 1-2 May 2010 - Results & Conclusions

Got this in my email. I guess this must be the official result of the recent concluded CPCL 2nd Leg. Congratulations to all the winners.

Open Division 5.2
1st Warrior
2nd Nemesis
3rd Johor Pirates
4th PJ Parakeetz

Novice Division 3.2
1st Yin Yang
2nd Semarak Api A
3rd Hardheaded
4th Reaperz

Bonus Round (1 on 1)
Open Div.
Novice Div.
Semarak Api A

Now don't go spam Residentevilchef's website for photos. Don't la... hehe.