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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

MPOC Event 1 and PRA Malaysia Open merged!

MPOC Announcement:

We are extremely pleased to announce the collaboration with Nemesis Paintball Club in the merging of the PRA Malaysia and the Ist leg of the MPOC 2012.

It is done in the spirit of keeping participation in tourney affordable whilst giving the best possible quality.

The collaboration sees greater prizemoney for the 1st leg and possibly a record number of teams in MPOC history. A win win scenario was found in a historic meeting yesterday and we hope you guys will enjoy the fruits of that meeting.

Registration fees and Prizemoney:As per PRA Malaysia + bonus.
ID tags: As per MPOC season tags
Paintballs: Fr RM 185 to RM 210
Format: As per MPOC 2012
Marshals: Asia Refs
Location:TBC in Klang Valley

Register Now or risk missing out on the greatest start to the MPOC 2012 and the PRA Malaysia Open 2012.


Monday, November 21, 2011

MY-NPL'11 - Event 4 - Results & Conclusions

Here are the official results of the recent concluded MY-NPL event FINALE held in Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka. Congratulations to all the winners of 2011! See you again in 2012!

Division 1 (Semi Pro)
3rd - RASKAL
The Overall Champion 2011 - NEMESIS LEGION

Division 2
2nd - NITAMAGO (Japan)
3rd - PIRATES (Johor)
4th - WAXERS LEGION (Sarawak).
Overall Champion 2011 - GRAMMATON CLERICS

Division 3
3rd - DEEP ORBIT (Kedah)
4th - STREET MOBSTER (Melaka)
Overall Champion 2011 - DRAGON RAIDERS (Sarawak)

Division 4
2nd - GENERATION KILL (Singapore)
4th - DRAGON ROSES (Kedah).

Monday, November 14, 2011

Datis wins WCA 2011!

Datis Retain WCA Paintball Title

LANGKAWI, Nov 13 (Bernama) -- Iran's Datis beat South Africa's Reaper 4-1 to defend their title for the second consecutive year in the Paintball World Cup Asia (WCA) 2011 at Padang Mat Sirat here today.

Reaper finished runners-up while STK from Australia finished third after beating Infernal from Thailand 4-1.

Earlier in the semi-final, Datis, led by Babak Datis Esmaily, 35, overcame a strong challenge from STK before beating them 3-2 after trouncing Demon from Malaysia 4-0 in the quarter-final.

On the other hand, Reaper made it to the final after beating Thailand's Infernal 3-2 in the semi-final and Japan's Ku 4-0 in the quarter-final.

Malaysia's Nemesis Legion lost to STK 1-3 in the quarter-final.

Datis walked away with USD$50,000 (RM157,125) in prize money and a trophy.


Division 1
1. Datis (Iran)
2. Reaper (South Africa)
3. STK (Australia)
4. Infernal (Thailand)

Division 2
1. Alien II (Thailand)
2. Hellbourne (Thailand)
3. Mamba (South Africa)
4. Massacre (UAE)

Division 3
1. Daiko (Iran)
2. Rouge Assasins (Australia)
3. Golden Dragons (the Philippines)
4. Tension (Australia)

Division 4
1. Armada Shooter (Malaysia)
2. Vindicated (Malaysia)
3. CMX Badai (Malaysia)
4. Jogja United (Indonesia)


Paintball World Cup Asia 2011 Enters Malaysia Book Of Records

LANGKAWI, Nov 14 (Bernama) -- The Paintball World Cup Asia (WCA) which ended yesterday at the Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre here made it to the Malaysia Book of Records for having the highest number of participants in a paintball championship.

Championship chairman Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid said the three-day event involved 1,810 participants from 152 local and foreign teams coming from 32 countries.

"I'm very happy with the tournament which was held indoor for the first time," he told a news conference after receiving a certificate from the Malaysia Book of Records.

Mahdzir hoped to make the event an annual championship.

In addition, Mahdzir hoped that more Malaysian women would participate in the tournament that had so far been dominated by men.


Note: Awesome! PALS is getting bigger every year!

Ladies Weakness Create Waves In Men Dominated World Paintball Meet

LANGKAWI, Nov 12 (Bernama) -- Six women from five countries managed to form a scratch paintball team via Facebook to make an eye-opening debut in the three-day World Cup Asia 2011 (WCA 2011) Paintball Championship at the Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre in Padang Mat Sirat here since yesterday.

The Ladies Weakness team comprising women from Russia, Philippines, France, Malaysia and Ukraine are battling with 38 other mainly men teams.

Team leader Ekaterina Minieva, 28, said she was looked for members to form a team through Facebook from various countries to participate in the WCA 2011.

"We only met and discussed via Facebook before gathering in Langkawi for the opening match on Friday without any further training.

"Preparation and planning were very limited and we only watch the tactical play of others before strategising to win each match," she said when met here Saturday.

Minieva said even though all six members of the team were women, they were not at a disadvantage to compete with the men as each member had her specialty to overcome their opponents.

"Even though we are new, we managed to defeat several well-known teams from Singapore and are now poised to enter the semi-final," she said.

Apart from Minieva, the Ladies Weakness team comprises Cynthia Anne Bremin, 37, from Malaysia, Canty Villanueva, 29 and Marty Ann Saquins, 34 from the Philippines, Vinie Laurenson, 32, from France and Zhanna Sosnina from Ukraine.


Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Paintball operators suing Facebook for RM4 mil

KOTA KINABALU: Two paintball games operators filed a civil suit at the High Court here yesterday against Facebook Inc and another paintball games operator is seeking RM4 million in damages for defamation over an article published on the Internet last month.

Andrew Koh, 34, and Adrian Boon @ Adrian O’Brien, 29, who run their business at KK Times Square here and also conduct paintball matches in an outdoor venue known as Area 21 located in Penampang, filed the suit at the High Court’s registry through their counsel Marcel Jude, naming the Facebook Inc, and Aaron Miguel, the operator of KK Pinball Centre in Penampang as the first and second defendants respectively.

The plaintiffs, who have been operating the sport for commercial purposes since 2008, are seeking RM3 million for compensatory damages and RM1 million for punitive damages from the two defendants.

The duo are also seeking a mandatory injunction to restrain the defendants from defaming them on the world wide web and further to remove the offending articles from Facebook, costs and other relief deemed fit by the court.

In their statement of claim, they said that the offending article entitled “Bila kemenangan lebih penting dari maruah” developed and published by the second defendant on the Facebook on Oct 31, was defamatory as the defendants meant and was understood to mean that the plaintiffs, among others, are incompetent in organising paintball tournaments, do not know the rules of paintball competitions, involved in the worship of satan, cheats and dishonest persons, drug addicts and users of ganja.

The plaintiffs claimed that they are a reputable company in the paintball sports and have been involved in the organization of various tournaments locally and including the Pre-Paintball World Cup Asia which is a prelude to the Paintball World Cup Asia.

The Paintball World Cup, they pointed out, is the largest paintball tournament in Asia and Asia Pacific region, and it is recognized by international paintball bodies as the biggest paintball event in Asia.

They said, the first defendant, whose addressed at Facebook Corporate Office Headquarters HQ, 156 University Avenue Palo Alto, CA 94301-1605, California USA, is the creator and operator of an Internet social network known as the Facebook and the copyright produced on facebook belongs to the first defendant.

The plaintiffs further claimed that the first defendant has millions of members worldwide and every day, 3.5 million people become fans of a Facebook page while the second defendant, apart from running a paintball operation is also a competitor of the plaintiffs.

Andrew and Adrian claimed that the publication of the article under the name of Che Fahmi caused great damage to their general reputation and that the defamatory statements are false.

They claimed that the first defendant should have known that such statements were false and/or have taken steps to verify the genuineness of the article.

They contended that at the time the defendants published the defamatory statement, they published it maliciously in order to wrongfully harm them, failed to take the proper steps to ascertain its accuracy, had acted in a grossly irresponsible manner and had acted without due consideration for the standards of information gathering and dissemination ordinarily followed by parties.

Source: Borneo Post Online

Note: Now, where do i find the original 'offending' article...