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Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Adventure - Millennium Series, Paris - Day 1

Finally I get to experience European paintball, namely the Millennium Series in Paris, France. Arrived on Thursday morning at Charles de Gaulle International Airport (easily one of the ugliest airport I've ever seen!) and we headed straight to the hotel with the Disney Red Bus. Costing us a hefty 17€ each, the bus took us straight to Disney park where we would catch our bus to the hotel.

We made reservations at the Kyriad hotel, and quickly had a tour around the premise. The hotel has a very spacious lawn and there had two hotel buildings spread apart with a restaurant in between. Joy Division players took a few rooms at the ground floor (we saw Max & Magued chilling out). After putting away our luggages, we all decided to check out the venue before we check-in back to our hotel.

We took back a shuttle bus from the hotel and headed to Disney park. From there, a short walk to the tournament ground for registrations. We ran into Chris Lasoya, and really I couldn't tell if it was the real Chris or not (he had this huge belly now!). But yep, that was Chris himself. Whatever makes him happy man.

We arrived at the ground slightly around midday, and registration won't open until 2pm. So we took the chance to walk the D3 field (Draxxus). It was exciting to finally walkt the turf that pros would usually play on with. But the condition of the turf is very poor. There were torn patches and at some parts you can see the tarmac underneath!

Later in the tournament, I noticed that only the Draxxus field was in poor condition. All the other fields were in superb condition!

Two o'clock came and we all headed for the registration booth. We already met with Ulrich earlier, and registration were done quickly. We got our ID tags and wrist bands. And we're all set for a tournament of our lifetime.

We were still early and there weren't any crowd around, so we took our time to browse the vendors & sponsors booth. Dye, Eclipse, Maxs, Tomahawk, Paint Xtreme, Impulse, Spider, Sport-Attitude, Sup Air, CP, VForce, Luxe, PBFashion, BT, Draxxus, Bauer Compressors and Beep Me Scoreboard were among who came.

We had a very rare look at the new Impulse marker and also a whole range of Contract Killers product line. Tshirts to hoodies, caps to pants. very nice collection.

So after we finalize our registrations and had our ID tags made, we headed back to hotel. Oh, as usual we took photos of whatever and wherever we can thought of.