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Monday, November 30, 2009

No more yellow

Recently the Malaysian government made it a ruling that all cars more than 10 years old would have to go for a yearly checkup with Puspakom. They will have to be scrutinized and checked for road worthiness - In their hope of making sure all the 'aged' cars are still safe to drive.

The government has also forgotten that, the road users wouldn't have to keep the old cars if they didn't impose hefty tax on imported cars, high interest rates on loans, strict terms for loans and others. If they make imported or local cars cheaper and also easy on the loans, I'm sure we would all change cars every 4-5 years and we won't have any problems with old cars.

Instead they shot themselves on their foot by making it harder to buy a new car, then made it even harder by having yearly inspection after 10 years, and if it's not road worthiness - you're effed. Either you have to get a new car (which is already hard in the beginning) and you don't at all. See the problem?

That's pretty sad so my mind wanders back to paintball.

MY-NPL 2010 - New Rules and Regulations
Beginning of 2010, orange and YELLOW will be prohibited colors. I understand perfectly with orange, but yellow?

Unless I'm missing something, there weren't any problems regarding yellow equipments from the Millennium Series, NPPL and even here. Joy Division with their classic leopard prints jersey were not a problem at all - even when playing X-ball (where everything is just blazing fast@)

Yellow and the Pro Teams
We pitted with Stockholm Ignition in Paris, and yes they wore bright yellow and blue, and I can really see which were new hits and which were old hits. The good orange fill they were using there is just great! Thick and bright orange. You can spot it very easily.

That brings it back to us. If the Millennium Series didn't have any problems with it, why are we? Are we doing something wrong here?

Is the sun light here so different that it sheds different kind of 'light' here? which makes the yellow appears orange-ish or the other way round?

I'm sure most of you played in the recent World Cup Asia and were there any problems in using yellow gears? Black jerseys with yellow highlights, or vice versa. Of course it's understandable that you can't use yellow or transparent hoppers. But other than that, I think yellow is ok.

Why it's not a good move
A good friend of mine raised his concerns in his facebook recently about this issue. He has a really good point. Some new players and teams probably have bought expensive tournament gears and just couldn't wait for next year to start playing and only to find out, their gears can't be use cause it has yellow on it.

They effed. Gears aren't cheap. They probably have spent alot of their own money and maybe some of their parents to get these gears and it's pretty much worthless now. Now, the sport is suffering.

Having these restrictions (especially unnecessary ones) is actually putting a dent in the sports growth. I'm sure most of us would like to see more players and teams coming in every year and for each tournament.

If its easy to come in for a tournament and have fun, I'm sure they'll be coming in again and maybe next time, bring more new friends and teams.

We're still discouraging players to wear anything resembles real combat/camouflage, but at the same time we're also doing this.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it
I don't remember that the league or the refs were having problems with orange paint on yellow equipments before and I certainly don't want to think that this move is just to make the refs job any easier - cause it won't.

What the organizer could do is to keep things the way there are and only make sure that the next batch of paint will have the thick, super bright orange fill. That would be so much easier.

Oh, and the organizer is still asking for feedbacks and suggestions - so if you guys have any thoughts on this issue, share it with us.

Meanwhile, here are some teams that rocked yellow!

Sacramento XSV

Toulouse Ton Ton

Stockholm Joy Division

Stockholm Ignition

Sydney SWAT

Unless the organizer has already decided to introduce yellow fill paint (behind this whole yellow rule thing) then that is another whole story.

*Photos are owned by their respective owners.

Monday, November 23, 2009

World Cup Asia - Results & Conclusions

Here are the official results of the recent concluded World Cup Asia 2009, here in Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur. Aussie Rules! Props to them. we (Malaysian teams) will come back stronger next year!

1st - Hostile Intentions (Australia)
2nd - SWAT (Australia)
3rd - DFT Eclipse (Iran)
4th - STK (Australia - Perth)

1st - Hytorious (Thailand)
2nd - Global Pinoy 2 (Philippines)
3rd - Mission To Mars (Thailand)
4th - Splatmasters (Philippines)

1st - SSSC Killer (Malaysia)
2nd - Oscar Legio X (Malaysia)
3rd - PPS Syndrome (Malaysia)
4th - Nitamago 1 (Japan)

1st - Overkill (Malaysia)
2nd - Contract Killers (Singapore)
3rd - Spunky Militia (Malaysia)
4th - Ying Yang (Malaysia)

My thoughts - I just love the weather; cloudy and during our games - it didn't rain at all. Even if it did, very light drizzle. This time around, Division 1 played the xball/millennium format (race to 3), and I just LOVE the setup.

Fill stations for each team staging area. Two sections for the playing team and the NEXT team as well. Oh, and basically, you can find the fill stations almost everywhere! Even on the way to the toilet! LOL!

But after so many years, I must say the playing condition for D1 field is pretty horrible. Snake side corner, the gound is basically dipped down and the dried mud really made some slides/dives impossible!

I really hope next years WCA, the organiser could find a better ground so that players can really push themselves to the limit and not worry of getting injured (by uneven ground).

All in all, this is a really great event. Huge trade booths, pro players around, .50 cal stuffs and much more! Awesome!

My Verdict:
Vendor: 3/5
Venue: 3/5
Setup: 4/5
Weather: 4/5
Participation: 4/5

Photos should be up really soon. Meanwhile, you guys can just keep refreshing these websites for photos. LOL!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The World Cup Asia 2009 - 19-22 Nov

It's the event we are all waiting for. For more info, please visit,336.0.html. There're just too many information to squeeze in here. LOL!

We'll see you guys there!

As of the time of post:

1)Team Kaos - Aust - D1
2)Team Ku - Japan - D1
3)Team SWAT - Aust - D1
4)Team Highway Star - Thai - D1
5)Team Datis - Iran - D1
6)Team STK - Aust(Perth) - D1
7)Team Menace Kids - Aust - D1
8)Team Demonz Red - Mal - D1
9)Team Xtioneer - Mal - D1
10)Team Macdev Ronin - Mal - D1
11)Team Raskal - Mal - D1
12)Team Nemesis - Mal - D1
13)Team Tsunami - Aust - D1
14)Team Delta R overs - Mal - D1
15)Team Boonie Dogs - Guam,USA - D1
16)Team London Shock II - UK - D1
17)Team Real Pinoy - Phil - D1
18)Team Xtreme - Aust - D1
19)Team Hostile Intentions - Aust - D1
20)Team Belligerent - Mal - Div 1
21)Team Operation Raskal - Mal/UK - Div 1
22)Team Infernal - Thai - Div 1
23)Team Isi Rimba - Mal - Div 1

1)Team Legionnaires - Mal - D2
2)Team Splatmasters - Phil - D2
3)Team Dodo Flingueur - France - D2
4)Team Pink Sausage People - UAE - D2
5)Team Baraj - Guam,USA - D2
6)Team Evolution - Guam - D2
7)Team SYN - Aust(Melbourne) - D2
8)Team Matrix Entourage Junior- Mal - D2
9)Team Warrior - Mal - D2
10)Team D'Mercy Kidz - Mal - D2
11)Team Beezwax - Mal - D2
12)Team CMX - Mal - D2
13Team Victorious - Aust - D2
14)Team Ryukyu Kings - Japan - D2
15)Team Melbourne Mayhem - Aust - D2
16)Team Mission to Mars - Thai - D2
17)Team Syn Retribution - Aust - D2
18)Team Dark Angels - Mal - D2
19)Team High Rollaz - Aust - D2
20)Team Hoodlums-Z - Mal - D2
21)Team Raz Legion - Mal - D2
22)Team Hytorious - Thai - D2
23)Team Volcano 62 - Thai - D2
24)Team Enigma - Mal - D2
25)Team Alien 11 - Thai - D2
26)Team Matrix Entourage - Mal - D2
27)Team Global Pinoy 2 - Phil - D2
28)Team DOA - Mal - D2
29)Team Demonic - Thai - D2

1)Team Damnation - Sing - D3
2)Team RedSevens - Sing - D3
3)Team Splatmasters Gold - Phil - D3
4)Team Cryptic - South Africa - D3
5)Team PPS Syndrome - Mal - D3
6)Team PGX Syndrome - Mal - D3
7)Team PPS Deadstar Syndrome - Mal - D3
8)Team PPS Headhunter - Mal - D3
9)Team PPS Troopers - Mal - D3
10)Team Osiris - Mal - D3
11)Team 3nity - Mal - D3
12)Team A Zurie & The 4 Horsemen - Mal - D3
13)Team Labuan Fighter - Mal - D3
14)Team Splatz1 LPC - Mal - D3
15)Team Jesselton NSX - Mal - D3
16)Team Kinabalu Legion - Mal - D3
17)Team Crazy Hunter - Mal -D3
18)Team Eastsiderz - Mal - D3
19)Team Ghost Destructor - Mal - D3
20)Team Hornets - Mal - D3
21)Team JB Syndicate - Mal - D3
22)Team Oscar Legio X - Mal - D3
23)Team Hoodlums - Mal - D3
24)Team CMX Bucanneers- Mal - D3
25)Team Miri Mix Blood - Mal - D3
26)Team Rainforest 7 Tigers - Mal - D3
27)Team Bamboo Bullets - Mal - D3
28)Team Splatz1 - Mal - D3
29)Team GHRT Labuan - Mal - D3
30)Team Gober - Indo - D3
31)Team Red Komodo - Mal - D3
32)Team BananaFish Bone - Mal - D3
33)Team NPL All Stars - India - D3
34)Team Nitamago - Japan - D3
35)Team Nitamago 2 - Japan - D3
36)Team VWW - Mal - D3
37)Team 3nity Blade - Mal - D3
38)Team Urban X - Mal - D3
39)Team Holy Divers - Mal - D3
40)Team Zerofreaks - Mal - D3
41)Team Fearless - Mal - D3
42)Team Zoo - Sing - D3
43)Team SSC Killer - Mal - D3
44)Team Kingdom - Indo - D3
45)Team Veteran SST - Indo - D3
46)Team Global Pinoy 3 - Phil - D3
47)Team University Malaysia Perlis - Mal - D3
48)Team G-Force - Mal - Div 3

1)Team Contract Killers - Sing - D4
2)Team Overkill - Mal - D4
3)Team Spunky Militia - Mal - D4
4)Team Infidelz - Mal - D4
5)Team Dominators - Mal - D4
6)Team Rukun 13 - Mal - D4
7)Team NPL All Stars - Bangalore - India - D4 (IPLChennai All Stars)
8)Team Red Indians - India - D4
9)Team Yin Yang - Mal - D4
10)Team Vindicated - Mal - D4
11)Team Rocknrolla - Mal - D4
12)Team Armada Shooter - Mal - D4
13)Team Crossfire - India - D4
14)Team Shoot'in Rage - Mal - D4
15)Team Predator Sabah - Mal - D4
16)Team Jogja Unite - Indo - D4
17)Team Soutehrn Pirates - Mal - Div 4
18)Team Karma - Sing - Div 4
19)Team Seekers - Sing - Div 4
20)Team Red West - Sing - Div 4



Friday, November 13, 2009

Silvio Defuns of Team Consilium Dei Zurich in Malaysia!

Millennium Series Pro Player Silvio Defuns from Consilium Dei Zurich will be in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (Malaysia) from the 11th Nov to 8th Dec 2009 to conduct clinics of all levels. For those interested, please call Alan @ 012-203 5010.

Welcome to Malaysia, Silvio.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

MY-NPL 2009 - Grand Finale - The Conclusion

The Malaysian National Paintball League has come to a grandeur end with the completion of the fifth round which was held on 7 and 8 November 2009 at The Malaysian Paintball Academy, Astaka Sports Complex, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. The fourth edition of the MY-NPL received the fullest support from The Malaysian Ministry of Youth and Sports and The Petaling Jaya City Council.

A total of 62 teams competed in the final round comprising of 10 teams in Division 1, 7 teams in Division 2, 16 teams in Division 3 and 29 teams in Division 4. The proceeding of the first day of the tournament started with the preliminary matches of the Division 2 and 3 in the morning session whilst the Division 1 and 4 in the second late morning session.

All knock-out quarterfinal, semifinal and final matches and the special event involving the listeners, deejays and local celebrities of SINAR FM were carried out in the second day of the tournament. The Political Secretary to The Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. Junaidy Abd Wahab has gracefully officiated the Closing and Prize Giving Ceremony on Sunday.

The Division 2 preliminary round table on the first day was expectedly spearheaded by Team NOMERCY, the fourth round champion in Melaka last August who was the current leader of the 2009 Overall Table. Also checking in to the semifinal rounds are Teams SUNSHIRO from Kuantan, WARRIOR and COBRA MERCENARIES.

In the semifinal, SUNSHIRO defeated WARRIOR whilst COBRA MERCENARIES, who are making a comeback after taking a near one season break, lost easily to NOMERCY. In the final, SUNSHIRO, the Division 3 Overall Champion 2008, gave a good fight until the third deciding match before losing to NOMERCY whilst COBRA MERCENARIES came on top in the deciding third and fourth placed match against WARRIOR that went till the deciding one-on-one game. NOMERCY, besides taking home prizes worth RM5,000.00 as the round champion, were also declared as the MY-NPL Dision 2 Overall Champion for 2009, pocketing RM12,000.00.

In the Division 3, the fourth round champion RAPTOR continued their winning streak, topping the preliminary round table. Their nearest rival to the race to the Division 3 Overall Champion, Team ROUGHNECKS from Johor, however, still able to march to the quarterfinal round in a less-fashionable mean, in the twelvth position, so as to ensure the race heats up.

Nevertheless, fate has met up this two nemesis in the semifinal round whilst the other semifinal was between CMX BUCCANEERS with another team from Johor, OSB PIRATES. RAPTOR defeated ROUGHNECKS in a pulsating duel that lasts until the third deciding game whilst OSB PIRATES defeated CMX BUCCANERRS with ease. With this victory, RAPTOR needs to win their final match let alone hoping for CMX BUCCANEERS to do them favour by beating ROUGHNECKS in the third and fourth placing match.

Nevertheless, luck run out for RAPTOR, losing the final match in the hand of OSB PIRATES and at the same time ROUGHNECKS beat CMX BUCCANEERS in the third and fourth placing match. OSB PIRATES won prizes worth RM4,000.00 as the round champion whilst ROUGHNECKS was pronounced as The 2009 Division 3 champion, pocketing prizes worth RM9.000.00. ROUGHNECKS never won any of the five (5) rounds of MY-NPL 2009 but their consistent performance to be among the podium finisher throughout the year has yielded the success.

In Division 1, DEMONZ RED top the preliminary round table, followed by the Fourth Round Champion NEMESIS LEGION, RASKAL and WOLVERINEZ SINAR FM, to strengthen their position as the four seeded teams coming to the knock out round quarterfinal in Day Two. The crucial match between the top two teams in The Overall Champion Table, NEMESIS LEGION and DELTAROVERS proved to be the pick of the day.

Nonetheless, NEMESIS LEGION was pronounced the Overall Champion of Division1 MY-NPL 2009 the moment they beat with ease DELTAROVERS in the quarterfinal duel, collecting the RM15,000.00 pay cheque. This is NEMESIS LEGION second successive Overall Division 1 Champion after winning the same in 2008, besides winning the Division 2 Overall Champion in 2007.

However, their luck run out in the semifinal round, having lost to RASKAL, who set up the final match for the grand finale against DEMONZ RED, who beat WOLVERINEZ SINAR FM in the other semifinal. In the final, DEMONZ RED quashed aside the challenge of RASKAL by beating them 2-0, the bring home the round chapion prize of RM9,000.00 whilst NEMESIS LEGION are in the third place after beating WOLVERINEZ SINAR FM, also with the same scoreline.

In Division 4, the final preliminary round of Day one of the tournament saw 3 out of 4 teams from south of the peninsula, SHOOT IN RAGE, KARMA from Singapore and JACKALS, conquering the table toppers. The surprise package of Team X-O-DUST, saw them in the first place, the winning streak that they still enjoy until the semifinal round, where they eventually lost to JACKALS, game that could only decided in the third game. SHOOT IN RAGE, meanwhile, marched to the final, holding a reputable record of not having losing even a single match, 12 games in total. SHOOT IN RAGE denies KARMA for a place in final whilst the other semifinal, to set up all-Johor final with JACKALS, which at the end of the day the crown belong to SHOOT IN RAGE whilst X-O-DUST came out victory in the third place.

The Grand Finale also saw the encouraging participation of teams from the public sector like The Immigration Department, Malaysian Highway Authority, Ministry of Tourism, Kuala Selangor Local Council, Forest Research Institute of Malaysia and MARA College of Higher Vocational Skill, as a encouraging sign of the sport development in Malaysia, even we saw that two of these teams managed to place themselves among the top sixteen.

MY-NPL season of 2010 shall begins on 30 and 31 January 2010 and shall continue to provide the platform for the sports development in Malaysia. The International Super Seven Championship (ISSC) scheduled on 22 and 23 May 2010 shall further consolidate the development in Malaysia.

The Tournament Director
The Malaysian Natioanl Paintball League 2009
016 332 3337 /

Monday, November 09, 2009

MY-NPL'09 Event 5 - Results & Conclusion

Here are the official results of the recently concluded MY-NPL Grand Finale at MAPAAC. Congratulations to all the winners!

Division 1 (10 Teams)

Division 2 (7 Teams)

Division 3 (16 Teams)

Division 4 (29 Teams)

For tournament photos, please visit Give him some time for the photos to be up. Again, awesome job Dez.

My Top 5 Treat List

While browsing thru some foreign news today, I read that two lucky Britons won the £90m EuroMillions jackpot! Such luck for some of us, and if that even happens to me, here's what I would want. Its a scenario where the money isn't as much as the EuroMillions, probably in the region of thousands of ringgit.

Here's my 5 simple list.

1 - A new MacDev Clone
2 - A shiny black Dell Inspiron 13 Laptop.
2 - Another Paris trip for the European Paintball Millennium Series.
4 - Another long holiday trip with my wife.
5 - A new L lens for my DSLR.

Here's why. MacDev Clone surpasses the Droid and is still the best spoolers out there and it doesn't cost a bomb like other brand. Paris trip is self explanatory. You can't beat the Millennium Series atmosphere. It's the best!

Another long holiday in Europe would perfect for me and the wife. We just can't get enough of travelling. It's addictive. And to get those really postcard type photos, you need good lens for the faithful DSLR that I have.

And after all the photos taken from trips and paintball events, I need a machine to edit and upload all of it to my site. This is where the Dell Inspiron 13 Laptop comes in. And with free wifi pretty much available everywhere, this will one of the things you just can't leave home without!

Oh by the way, the new Inspiron 13 is on promotion. Just follow this link and use this special code 7ZQVQF2RLZRKW3 to get a RM100 Instant Cash Redemption!

So, get one today!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

MY-NPL'09 Event 5 - Grand Finale


The excitement and anxiety of The Malaysian National Paintball League (MY-NPL) 2009 will come to the ultimate peak on 7 & 8 November with the execution of The Fifth Round The Grand Finale at The Malaysian Paintball Academy (MAPAAC), Kompleks Sukan Astaka, Petaling Jaya. It is expected to attract participation of more than 80 teams from all over the country and Singapore to determine The Malaysian Champions in Division 1, 2 and 3 that offer prizes worth RM36,000.00 and also the Round Podium Finishers in Divison 1, 2, 3 and 4 that offer prizes worth more than RM40,000.00. The MY-NPL is held with the support from The Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia, Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (MBPJ) and Nemesis Paintball Sports Club, with the assistance from the corporate partners of The National Daily of Sinar Harian, Libur Magazine, 100PLUS Isotonic Drinks dan Radio Stations Sinar FM dan Hitz FM.

In Division 1, the success of team Nemesis Legion to come up as The Champion of The Fourth Round in Melaka last August, added with the failure of Team Deltarovers to be among the podium finishers has made the race of being The Overall Champion of The Division 1, to take home prizes worth of RM15,000.00, wide open. Team Nemesis Legion is currently leading the pack after 4 rounds with 183 points, leaving Team Deltarovers 6 points behind with 177 points and Team Macdev Ronin at the third place with 164 points. Nevertheless, other teams, especially the sole representative from Johor, Team Raz Legion, who shockingly managed to be in the podium finisher at the second place in The Fourth Round Melaka would be trying to make upset in The Grand Finale so as to spice up the race to the finishing line, with also teams such as Wolverinez Sinar FM, Armada, MBPJ, Killerbeez dan Ballbusterz.

In Division 2, Team NoMercy from Johor has consolidated their position at the peak of the table by becoming the Round Champion for the second successive time in Melaka, in their quest to win the Overall Champion Prizes worth of RM12,000.00. Team Nomercy is comfortably leading the Overall Table with 192 points, leaving behind another team from Johor at the second place, Team Johor Pirates 19 points behind. Their success in Melaka is their fourth consecutive podium finish throughout 2009, which is also the fourth edition of the MY-NPL since its inception back in 2006. The amazing record is also shared by teams Nemesis Legion (Division 1) and Team Roughnecks (Divison 3). For sure, other teams like Warrior, Oscar Legio-X dan CMX would like to spoil the party in The Grand Finale by claiming the round podium finishers that will take home prizes worth RM12,000.00.

In Division 3, Team Raptor has stepped up their acceleration gear towards the finishing line by becoming the Round Champion in Melaka, which is also their second consecutive round champion in MY-NPL 2009. The win has enabled Team Raptor to close the gap on the overall table to 8 points with the leader of the pack, Team Roughnecks from Johor, in their quest for the overall champion prizes worth of RM9,000.00. Another team from Johor, Team OSB Pirates is at the third place with 141 points and Team CMX Buccaneers, which is sliding down the table after another dismal performance in Melaka is at the fourth place with 126 points. Teams D’Halloween dan Shimigami-X, which is in the fifth and sixth placing respectively, would definitely want to redeem some pride in the last round, to be among the podium finishers.

In Division 4, the fourth round Melaka Champion, another team from Johor, Team Shoot InRage will be out defending the title in The Grand Finale. They would receive a stiff resistance from the recent champion and runners-up of Division 4 of the Malaysian Super Lite 2009 (MSL 2009), Team JS from Melaka and Team Yin Yang respectively. Team Karma from Singapore, the runners-up of Round 4 Melaka will also be there to continue their winning streak in MY-NPL 2009. The seasoned campaigners like Team Jackals, Infidelz, BPMB Espada and X-O-Dust will definitely be out to taste the sweet success in Division 4.

The tournament proceedings will start with all the teams doing Walk The Fields on Friday, 6 November 2009, so as to provide them with last opportunity to examine the three fields in use before the real tournament begins. A paintball clinic for the newbies of the Division 4 will be held on the same day at about 3.00 pm, whilst the Team’s Captain Meeting shall take place at about 8.00 pm. All the preliminary matches involving the Division 2 and 3 teams shall commence at 8.00 am on Saturday, 7 November 2009 whilst the preliminary round matches for Division 1 and 4 shall be unfolded at about 1.00 pm on the same day. On Sunday, 8 November 2009, all matches in the knock-out rounds of quarterfinal, semifinal and final shall proceed from 8.00 am and the closing and prize giving ceremony shall be officiated at about 4.00 pm. A special event involving the presenters, celebrities and listeners of Sinar.Fm and Hitz FM shall be held on Sunday, 8 November 2009.

The Teams’ registration for The Grand Finale is now open. Forms and any other information with regard to the tournament could be obtained from our official website or by contacting direct the secretariat at 03 6277 7779 or by ringing up SOFIAN 016 332 3337 or LINDA 016 332 3331 or email direct to To the ardent fans of the sports or anybody who wish to know the sport better, please be at The Malaysian Paintball Academy (MAPAAC) on 7 & 8 November 2009 to witness the ultimate gathering of the best teams and players in Malaysia in their quest for the premium title of THE MALAYSIAN CHAMPION 2009.

The Tournament Director MY-NPL 2009
016 332 3337 /

Note: Been busy like mad with long holidays in between that I've neglected Villain. It's already too late to post up the registration and tournament details of this final leg, so I just put up this piece by the tournament director, En Sofian.

Good luck to teams that are participating in this leg and I hope to drop by to the tournament grounds later.

Paintball season of 2009 here in Malaysia is coming to an exciting climax and to top it up, the best tournament in the region - the World Cup Asia 2009 as the last even of the year! Worth going!