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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Macdev Cyborg RX & Shift Barrel Kit

Macdev has just launched the new Cyborg RX at the PSP World Cup in Orlando, Florida. Retails at USD1,299. Pre-order now and get the SHIFT barrel kit as for free! The specs are just mind blowing!

Download the brochure here!

Check out the official website at for details.

We get to shoot these babies at upcoming WCA! I can't wait.

*Photos from the PSP World Cup, Orlando Florida.

Check out the video*

Cyborg RX with the new DYE Rotor. Jams were NOT from the hopper, it's the Reballs. Maybe they're just dirty.

*source: PBnation

SHIFT Barrel Kit

Quick bolt removal! Lajuuunyer..!

NOW available at MAPAAC are the stock Cyborg RX and Shift Barrel Kits! Check them out now! Also, check out the very limited edition of Ronin Cyborg RX!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Wassssuuppppp!!! (berasap!) woahahaha..

Site hasn't been updated as much as I hoped to, so sorry for that guys. Been busy with work, life after marriage, cats and more work. It's that time when you have to decide which is your priority in life. In any case, family comes first. Others later. But, most of the time, I'd try to take care both but with some hiccups along the way.

That's life, and you learn along the way ;)

So, the Grand Finale of the MY-NPL is at the end of the month, so I hope to get something out of it. Consolidated our position at number two overall, or even grab the overall champ from Nemesis (if that's ever possible, woahahaha)

Just early in Ramadhan, my trusty camera shutter unit broke down, and I had replaced it just in time before Raya. It seems it failed prematurely. But I guess all that burst shooting during paintball games, really wears it out much faster. From now on, I've to be prudent on the shutter click. Hehehe. I shoot whatever I like, whenever I want.

Oh, we got a new family member in the house that grew up big and playful. A siberian cat name Ray. More about him at my facebook. Lain cerita laa..

Meanwhile, come end of the month, I'll update something here. Can't wait to shoot more photos. Yehaawww!

Monday, October 13, 2008

MY-NPL 2008 Round 5 - The Grand Finale

Team Registration Opens for MY-NPL'07 -Event 5 The Grand Finale
The Malaysian National Paintball League (MY-NPL) & Tactical Action are pleased to announce the opening of team registration for the fifth event of the 2008 MY-NPL. Registration is now open for all Teams. For more information on registration details, please read below.

Team Registration:
No over the phone confirmation of registrations. All entries must be paid through online or cheque only. Registration must be submited 5days before the event date. Late entries will not be entertain. Changes in team rosters are allowed but need to send to MY-NPL HQ for Malaysian PaintBall Players' Council (MPPC) approval.

Registration Fees:
Division I -RM600
Division II -RM450
Division III -RM300
Division IV -RM250 (Special)

How to Pay by Mail
Send Money Order, made out to Tactical Action Sdn. Bhd., to:

Tactical Action Sdn. Bhd.
MY-NPL'08 -MALACCA (Event 4 -Team Registration)
25, Jalan Damar, SD15/1, Bandar Sri Damansara,
52100 Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia.
Tel: 03-6277 7779, Fax: 03-6277 7711

Be sure to include Team Name, Division, Captain's Name and contact information (Mailing address, phone and email address).

MAPAAC Event 5 Information

Field 1 Layout

Field 2 Layout

Field 3 Layout