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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cyberjaya Paintball Championship League (CPCL) - 1-2 May 2010

Where : Cyberjaya Sports Arena
When : 1st ~ 2nd May 2010
Tournament type : league
Field type : grass field
Categories : Novice & Open
Format : v3.2 (novice) & v5.2 (open)
Bonus round : 1-on-1 knock-off game among quarterfinalist

Open Div - open marker with USPL (uncapped) or PSP/Millenium (15bps) shooting mode
Novice Div - ~TBA~


Novice (v3.2)
1st place - medal + RM1500
2nd place - medal + RM1000
3rd place - medal + RM500
4th place - medal + free registration to next leg

Open (v5.2)
1st place - medal + RM3000
2nd place - medal + RM2000
3rd place - medal + RM1000
4th place - medal + free registration to next leg

Bonus round
1-on-1 knock-off winner gets 1 box of paint

Winners' Pool**
1st - 30%
2nd - 25%
3rd - 15%
4th - 10%
5th - 5%
6th - 5%
7th - 5%
8th - 5%

*-bigger prize is possible IF more bigger sponsors & contributors joining in
**-winners' pool - RM100/RM200 x number of participating teams in novice/open category respectively. Paid to quarterfinalist base on prelim results.
***cash prizes will be deducted 20% if 15 or less team participating


Novice v3.2 - RM500.00 (inclusive of 1bx paint for early birds)
Open v5.2 - RM700.00 (inclusive of 1bx paint for early birds)

Deadline - 15th April 2010

Novice - D3 & below only
Open - anybody also can lah

*tourney roster - up to 10 players allowed for both category

from RM170 per box

ID Tags
Players - RM25 (per season)
Crew - RM40 (per season, limit to 2 crews per team)
*also valid for Werdna Hol Cup (WHC) as long as same team

Miss Jee - +6016 337 9373

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MPOC Disciplinary Board 2010

With immediate effect,the disciplinary board that is currently comprising of Raja Khairul(Raskal), Patrick Tan(Demonz Red), Junaidi Khalil(Malaysian Marshals), Nick Wong(Xtioneer) and Paul Lam/Allan Phang(MPOC) will be further improved with the appointment of Abang Lan(Isi Rimba), Alan Lian (Ronin), Redza (Xfox) and Puan Habibah (Warriors). This board will mete out the various fines and suspension for poor conduct during all MPOC events. Thank you.


Note: Interesting move from MPOC. See also previous post on player suspension issues.

Custom Jerseys - Macdev Ronin 2010


To those that bought the Ronin 2010 jersey. Thank you very much for the great support!

Note: Macdev Ronin is currently shooting their own private label Clone with custom fades and Cyborg RX. See also our 2009 custom jersey.

Photos by

Custom Jerseys - Macdev Ronin 2009


Note: We were also shooting our own private label Ronin Cyborg RX with laser engravings that year. See our 2010 custom gears here.

Photos by

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Players Suspension Notice - MPOC 2010



As a result of the MPOC Board Meeting on the 22nd April 2010 at 1.00 pm, the board has agreed with immediate effect, that the listed players below will be suspended for the 3rd leg of the MPOC 2010.

During the meeting attended by Mr Paul Lam, YM Raja Khairul, Mr Patrick Tan, Mr. Nicholas Wong, Mr Junaidi Kalil and Mr Allan Phang, the board strongly advised players and teams to refrain from harassing and abusing the referees and tournament officials. Future MPOC tournaments will impose severe suspension on players who are found guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct or who bring the game into disrepute during the tournament.

Name: Mr Simon Mason Lim
Team: X-Fox
Infraction: Unsportsmanlike Behaviour
Events Suspended: Coach Area, 3rd leg MPOC 2010

Name: Mr Aco Amir
Team: Demonz Red
Infraction: Unsportsmanlike Behaviour
Events Suspended: 1st Game, 3rd leg MPOC 2010

Name: Mr Dean CK Lau
Team: Raskal
Infraction: Disreputing of Tournament
Events Suspended: 1 Year (Season) MPOC 2010

Players can write in to appeal towards the suspension to:-

No. 52A-1, Jalan PJU 8/5B,
Bandar Damansara Perdana
47820 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Note: A follow up on the previous post here.

Monday, April 19, 2010

MPOC 2010 - Leg 2 Results & Conclusions

Here are the final results of the recent concluded MPOC, leg 2 in Bukit Jalil. Congrats to all the winners!

Division 1
1st Macdev Ronin
2nd Demonz Red
3rd X-Fox
4th Perth City Trauma

Division 2
1st Red Sevens
2nd CMX
3rd Urban X
4th Eastsiderzz

Division 3
1st Overkill
2nd CMX Bucaneers
3rd Ultimate Speed
4th Zoo

Division 4
1st KSK Flash
2nd Rock & Rolla
3rd Redhawks
4th Mystic Assassin 2

Another great weekend for paintball! The weather was good, and on Sunday the field was good earlier in the day when its wet, but got a bit hard to play on later in the afternoon. Perth City Trauma from Australia made their debut in the MPOC and played brilliantly throughout the preliminaries. Their good run saw them ended up at fouth position. You can expect Trauma to come back stronger next leg.

Refereeing were relatively good, but there were some dodgy calls here and there. Tempers were flying in DYE field especially during intense D1 games. Players poured their heart and soul into their game and very passionate about winning. UJ Junaidi managed to control both the refs and players well.

Although miraculously the field didn't flooded or waterlogged on Sunday, the pit are is just as bad. Some of the players almost slipped in the PIT itself! Yikes! Wood planks inside the pit are would definitely solve this. Paint sold there were affordable and there were three brands to chose from (from what I saw). Bushido, Ignite and Proto and ranges from RM175~RM185. Although we had a few ball stuck in the loaders, but they do break on impact. So, that works for us.

And the best part is, Macdev Ronin finally got the gold. It wasn't easy, but we have done it. It couldn't come at a better time, since we also were wearing our new 2010 jerseys! Sweet.

Visit for the tournament photos! But be kind on the refresh button. Lol!

Note: Did I heard correctly that Aco of Demonz Red got suspended?

After two legs, I'm still baffled on how MPOC awarded points. For a win it's 1pt, draw it's 0.5pt and 0pt for a loss. They have shown that they consistently struggled in calculating game points in the MPOC series and WCA, so why not make it easier for everyone. 2pt for a win, 1pt for a draw and 0 for a loss. Easy?

Monday, April 12, 2010

MY-NPL'10 -Event 2 - Results & Conclusions

DIVISION 1 : (10 teams)

Here are the official results of the recent concluded MY-NPL Event 2, Melaka. Congratulations to all the winners!

Champion : DELTA ROVERS (Selangor)
2ND : DEMONZ RED (Selangor)
3RD : NEMESIS LEGION (Kuala Lumpur)
4TH : RASKAL (Selangor)

DIVISION 2 : (18 teams)

Champions : D'MERCY KIDZ (Johor)
2ND : D'HALLOWEEN (Kuala Lumpur)
4TH : RED SEVENS (Singapore)

DIVISION 3 : (30 teams)

Champion : SHOOT IN RAGE (Johor)
2ND : MAT MALAYA (Terengganu)
4TH : FIREMEN (Negeri Sembilan)

DIVISION 4 : (27 teams)

Champion : FRATERNITY (Johor)
2ND : GLADIATORS (Terengganu)
3RD : OUTRECS 360 (CyberJaya)
4TH : ETHOS (Kuala Lumpur)

Note: There were some issues going on with paint choices and pricing. Kind of expected that so you don't have much choice. A vehicle belonging to our friends were stolen right under their noses! Look out for a nice shining Hilux with DYE products in it if you can (but I doubt that it's still in Malaysia).

There were new experienced players guested with Demonz Red, Raskal and Delta Rovers. I find it an opportunity for us to learn more about on how they play the field. It's not every day we get the chance to see experienced player strutting their stuff.

While this is happening, I was at home catching up on the Huntington Beach event. Since MY-NPL copied the layout from HB, I get to watch how the PROs worked the field. Very insightful. I also noticed that they were using 3-feet FLAG instead of the small rag we use here.

I'll update again when I get more stories.