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Sunday, April 01, 2007

NPL '07 2nd leg Kuantan

Our 1st tournament together as WK. Most of the guys were formally from WK Bandits (Kaymo, Caranthir, Kherox & JR) while Loco (Bandits) & Harry (Convicts) made up the remaining members. Chip Nizam from Team Armada was our 7th player for this leg, making an appearance as usual for our team.

Nothing much to say about the journey from KL to Kuantan. We didn’t even have a camera with us for the journey. Lets cut the chase & go straight to Saturday, day 1 of NPL Kuantan ’07.

1st game was against Ronin. What a way to start of the day with a 100-0 win over them. Then it was against Nemesis. It was a tough fight till the end, before Nemesis cut us off one by one, flanking us from the right. Game Over – Nemesis Won. We finish off the rest of the Prelims games that day, winning another 4 games & losing 2.Overal we qualified 3rdbehind Nemesis & Demonz with 5wins & 3loses. We made it to Sunday.

On Sunday, we were group together with Nemesis,Werdnahol & Black Widow Rovers for the Quarterfinals. 1st game was against Nemesis. Again it was a tough match.Kaymo’s halo wasn’t working so we lost 1gun right at the start. JR got shot off in the snake & we basically got shot one after another after that. Nemesis won. 2nd game was against Werdnahol. It was an even match right to the end. At the end it was Caranthir alone against 2 from Werdnahol. Caranthir hold on long enough to get a draw for us.

With 1 lost & 1 draw, we’re almost out of the Semi’s. Our only hope is to get a full 100-0 point against Black Widow Rovers & hope that Werdnahol lost their match against Nemesis. Game on and we push hard against Black Widow, taking a couple of their player early in the game. Jr pushes hard into the snake, drawing fire from the remaining opponent, making it easier for the rest of the guys to push up and take down the opponent. It was all over in 2minutes, we still have 5 guys up & getting the precious 100points we needed.

But luck wasn’t on our side. Nemesis & Werdnahol drew their game & we missed out on a Semi’s spot by 10points.

Overall it was a great debut tournament for us. We now have a solid team that we trust will be a team to watch in future tournament. WK is here to stay.