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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Are we ready for Super7 format?

Beginning this MY-NPL ’09 season, D1 teams will be playing in 7man format. It’s an ideal time for MY-NPL being on it’s 4th Cycle to move on from the 5man format to streamline with the NPPL format which is the 7man format of play. Most D1 teams have had a taste of the 7man format with 2 MY-NPL Super7 tournaments in 2006 & 2007(actual event was in January ’08) & the recent Malaysian Super 7 Tournament.

But are we actually ready for it?

I would like to share my thoughts on a few factors that I feel could make or break this format for this ’09 MY-NPL season.

a) Players

Every team will have to expand their player roster for their ’09 season. Almost every D1 team currently have a roster of 7-8 players in their line up but needs to add another 2-3 more to complete the team line up for Super7.Say there’s 8 competitive D1 team playing Super7 next year and with no D1 team disbanding to pick off their players then where are these 16-21 guys/gals gonna come from?

I can see 3 scenarios where bigger or better off teams will cheery pick players from smaller & weaker teams & in doing so spells the doom for the smaller teams. I also see most teams picking up Free Agents players from MPOC league to strengthen their line up. Most team will have hired guns to try to give the top teams a run for their money in the new format.

Most team are still doing their behind the scene recruiting, with good players being approach left,right,center & back for their signature but so far there haven’t been any news of player movement from any D1 team…………..or maybe there have been?

b) Cost

Can a team sustain the cost of playing 7man, not only for 1 leg but for all 5 legs? Teams that feel they just break even playing Super5 will need to have a full roster of 10 players to break even in the Super7 format. Playing with a roster of 7-8 players will certainly set back each player an extra RM200-RM300 min for each leg and here’s when we see teams dropping out from playing a certain leg to concentrate on others. In this years D1 Super5 format, a total of 12 teams played in at least 1 leg of MY-NPL and but only 6 teams played in all 5 legs. Makes you wonder how many team will play in all 5 leg of the Super7 ’09 season.

c) Prize Money

The good new is the cash price has gone up by RM1000 making it RM5000 + 10 boxes of pallet for the champ. Still the league with the highest prize money, thank you.

The bad news, hmmmmm how about that unless you have a roster of 10 players in your team then like I wrote before you will be having a cost increase of say about RM200-RM300/player.There will definitely be an increase in paint consumption, at least an extra 3-5 boxes min.

Let take an example of a 3rd placing team. They will play a min of 14 game and a max of 17 game till finish. They will use up say maybe around min 22 boxes of paint. Cost will be RM4400 for paint + RM900 registration. Total being RM5300. 3rd placing winner gets RM5k(paint included) so that’s a lost of RM300.Good new you won’t be paying next leg entry fees but I still believe that top3 finisher should always break even & not play at a lost.

Here’s when it get interesting, say there’s only 9 team playing for any certain leg then that’s a deduction of 30% from the total cash price money. Your 3rd placing RM3000 is now RM2100.From my calculation even the 2nd place finisher will be playing at a lost.

So, are we ready for Super7 format?

p/s : please post your comments & feedbacks so that any positive & negative inputs can be channel to the relevant people effectively.

Monday, November 24, 2008

MY-NPL'09 Event Dates Released!

MY-NPL HQ & Malaysian Paintball Academy (MAPAAC) are pleased to officially release the tentative venues & dates and divisions & fees for the MY-NPL'09 season.

Venues & Dates for the Malaysian National Paintball League 2009 & its’ official feeder events

MY-NPL '09 (Event 1)
Venue: MAPAAC, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Date: 14th-15th February 2009

MY-NPL '09 (Event 2)
Venue: Johor Bahru, Johor.
Date: 28th -29th March 2009


Venue: Dataran Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Date: 1st - 2nd - 3rd May 2009

MY-NPL '09 (Event 3)
Venue: Kuantan, Pahang.
Date: 20th -21st June 2009

MY-NPL '09 (Event 4)
Venue: Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall, Malacca.
Date: 1st-2nd August 2009

MY-NPL '09 (Season Grand Finale)
Venue: MAPAAC, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Date: 7th -8th November 2009


The MY-NPL Divisions in 2009

In 2009, Division 1 will be playing in Super7 format! While Division 2, 3 & 4 will maintains as 5men format.

For Division 1 only. Each team will consists of ten (10)active players on their roster and shall field a maximum of seven (7) players in every game.

Division 1 (Amateur)
Open to all D1 teams in Asian region.
Electronic markers with semi auto/NPPL mode allowed.

For all Division 2, 3 & 4. Each team will consists of seven (7) active players on their roster and shall field a maximum of five (5) players in every game.

Division 2 (Novice)
Open to all D2 teams in Asian region.
Maximum of two (2) D1 players are allowed in D2 roster.
Electronic markers with semi auto/NPPL mode allowed.

Division 3 (Rookie)
Open to South East Asia countries D3 Teams only.
Electronic markers with semi auto/NPPL mode allowed.

Division 4 (Young Gun) -(Prelims 6 games)
Open to all Malaysian new players & teams with NO tournament records
House Mechanical markers are provided/allowed.


Registration Fees for MY-NPL 2009 Season

Division 1 (Amateur)
Registration fees: RM900.00
ID Tag: RM35.00 / season / player

Division 2 (Novice)
Registration fees: RM500.00
ID Tag: RM35.00 / season / player

Division 3 (Rookie)
Registration fees: RM400.00
ID Tag: RM35.00 / season / player

Division 4 (Young Guns)
Registration fees: RM300.00
Inclusive of: 1000 rounds PB (Prelims 6 games)
ID Tag: RM35.00 / season / player

Pit Crew season ID Tag: RM60.00 / season


MY-NPL HQ & Tactical Action are pleased to announce the prize package for the MY-NPL'09 (Cycle4).

Division 1 (Amateur) -Super7
Champion : 10 Medals + RM5,000.00 cash + 10 cases PB /each event (Total value @ RM7,000.00)
2nd Place : 10 Medals + RM4,000.00 cash + 10 cases PB /each event (Total value @ RM6,000.00)
3rd Place : 10 Medals + RM3,000.00 cash + 10 cases PB /each event (Total value @ RM5,000.00)
4th Place : 10 Medals only

All 4 winning teams will also get 1 free registration for next immediate MY-NPL'09 event.

D1 Overall Champion: RM7,500.00 cash + 40 cases PB (Total value @ RM15,000.00)

Division 2 (Novice) -Super5
Champion : 7 Medals + RM3,400.00 cash + 8 cases PB /each event (Total value @ RM5,000.00)
2nd Place : 7 Medals + RM2,400.00 cash + 8 cases PB /each event (Total value @ RM4,000.00)
3rd Place : 7 Medals + RM1,400.00 cash + 8 cases PB /each event (Total value @ RM3,000.00)
4th Place : 7 Medals only

All 4 winning teams will also get 1 free registration for next immediate MY-NPL'09 event.

D2 Overall Champion: RM6,000.00 cash + 30 cases PB (Total value @ RM12,000.00)

Division 3 (Rookie) -Super5
Champion : 7 Medals + RM2,800.00 cash + 6 cases PB /each event (Total value @ RM4,000.00)
2nd Place : 7 Medals + RM1,800.00 cash + 6 cases PB /each event (Total value @ RM3,000.00)
3rd Place : 7 Medals + RM800.00 cash + 6 cases PB /each event (Total value @ RM2,000.00)
4th Place : 7 Medals only

All 4 winning teams will also get 1 free registration for next immediate MY-NPL'09 event.

D3 Overall Champion: RM4,500.00 cash + 20 cases PB (Total value @ RM9,000.00)

Division 4 (Young Guns)
Champion : R1,000.00 prizes /each event
1st Runner : RM750.00 prizes /each event
2nd Runner : RM500.00 prizes /each event

Prizes from division less than 10 teams will be deduct 30%.

As for tentative venues & dates and divisions & fees for the MY-NPL'09 (Cycle4), please refer to previous posting on top.

More information regarding MY-NPL coming event, please visit or email:

MY-NPL in Facebook too, join us @

More information regarding MY-NPL coming event, please visit or email:

or contact: -
Mr. Sofian Daud (MY-NPL Tournament Director)
H/P: 016-332 3777, E-mail:
Tel: 03-6277 7779, Fax: 03-6277 7711 / 7960 4724

Mr. YP ‘Maverick’ Wong
H/P: 016-332 3370, E-mail:

MacDev Ronin at MacDev Website!

Great to see our local boys up there in the their official website. Here's the writeup by Bourke Grundy of MacDev.

"All of us here at MacDev are immensely proud of MacDev Ronin and their many achievements over the years, and it was a real pleasure to see them make Malaysian paintball history over the weekend. Congratulations to all the guys on the team, your hard work has paid off for you. We look forward to supporting Ronin in every way possible."

Bourke Grundy

Click to enlarge

And big thank you to Desmond the residentevilchef for providing those excellent photos!


Monday, November 17, 2008

MacDev Rules!

Against all odds. We made it to the Finals. Came without any high expectations, but just to soak on the experience and most of all, to be with Dianne & Bourke of MacDev with their new Cyborg RX!.

Couldn't believe we went all the way. Infernal of Thailand deserves the win, cause they had been playing awesome both days. Hats of to you guys!. As of Macdev Ronin, we picked our games on the second day after a slow first day, and we steam-rolled over Datis (PALS Series Champion 2007), SWAT (AUS), Raskal (UK), Demonz Red (MPOC Overall Champ) and others to make it to the finals.

Thanks to all that came to support, pit and guidance. You know who you are. Thanks to MacDev for their guns that performed magnificently thru the mud and rain.

And to MY-NPL & MAPAAC, Tactical Action & Delta Rovers, without you guys, we would not get this far.

And playing PSP ramp in this field & format, at least for me as a first-timer, I do consider myself a newbie. Some of us even shooting at semi-auto mode! Tehehehe...

What a weekend, and whata conclusion to the year. Back to back finals is really something ya?

Will post photos if I get any. Dez, we're waiting... ;)

Oh, and here's the Official results for the recent concluded WCA 2008.

Division 1
1st - Infernal (THA)
2nd - Macdev Ronin (MAS)
3rd - Xtioneer (MAS)
4th - SWAT (AUS)

Division 2
1st - Real Pinoy (PHI)
2nd - WASP Black (AUS)
3rd - KL Killer Beez(MAS)
4th - Iron Sea (MAS)

Division 3
1st - Johor Pirates (MAS)
2nd - Romeoz (MAS)
3rd - Undeath(MAS)
4th - D'Mercy Kids

Great stuffs are coming! WCA Photos from Desmong@Residentevilchef... no idea why he wants to be known as evil when he is actually a very nice fella. Woahahaha..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

World Cup Asia - 13th-16th November 2008

WORLD CUP ASIA SCHEDULE - 13th/14th/15th/16th of November at Xtion Paintball Park,National Extreme Park,National Sports Complex,Bukit Jalil,Kuala Lumpur.


13th of November 2008

12.30 pm - 2.30pm : KEE / BT Launch & Tech Class at the Peacock 1 Conference Hall,Pearl International(Field Owners & Teams)
: VERVED Energy DrinkTeam Sponsorship Scheme will be presented as well by their rep. Martin Waldinger.

(Guest & Players may walk in to this session.Open to all.)

2.30 pm - 5.00pm : Planet Eclipse Launch at Xtion Paintball,Bukit Jalil(Dealer fr 2.30pm till 3.30 pm,Teams fr 3.30pm - 5.00pm)

5.00 pm - 6.00pm : Macdev Relaunch & Tech Class at the Peacock 1 Conference Hall,Pearl International(Open)

6.30 pm - 8.30 pm : Dye Launch & Tech Class at the Peacock 2 Conference Hall,Pearl International(Dealers Only)

8.30 pm - 9.30pm : Captains' Meeting at the WCA 2008 Sport's Bar(D'Bar@One - 1st floor of the Pearl International Hotel)

9.30 pm: Get to Know Each Other Drink Session at the WCA 2008 Sport's Bar(D'Bar@One - 1st floor of the Pearl Int. Hotel)

*Walk the Field : All day long on the 13th at Xtion Paintball,Bukit Jalil(Tournament Village)


Friday 14th of Nov

8.00am - 6.45pm - (Dye Field) - Div 3 Prelim
8.00am - 5.00pm - (Draxxus and Luxe Fields) - Div 2 Prelim


Saturday 15th of Nov

8.00am - 6.30pm - (Dye Field) - Div 3 Prelim
9.00am - 4.30pm - (Draxxus and Luxe Fields) - Div 1 Prelim

Sunday 16th of Nov

8.00am - 11.00am - 2nd Round for all divisions
11.20am -1.00pm - Quarterfinals for all divisions
2.00pm - 3.00pm - Semifinals for all divisions
3.15pm - 5.00pm - Finals for all divisions
(Playing Fields :Div 1 - Luxe Field, Div 2 - Draxxus Field & Div 3 - Dye Field)

8.00pm : Closing Ceremony & Prizegiving at the Official Playazz Party Venue!!

Field Layouts!

p/s: Yahoo! we're going to the worllldddd cuppp!

Monday, November 03, 2008

MY-NPL 2008 Round 5 - The Grand Finale - Results & Conclusions

Here are the official result for the 2008 MY-NPL Event 5 (Season Grand Finale) - MAPAAC, P. Jaya. With the total participation of 83 teams.

Division 1: (10 teams)
1st = NEMESIS (Kuala Lumpur)
3rd = ZEALOUS (Selangor)
4th = WOLVERINEZ SINAR fm (Selangor)

Division 2: (8 teams)
1st = BALLBUSTERS (Kuala Lumpur)
2nd = NO MERCY (Johor)
3rd = PMB (Kuala Lumpur)
4th = RAINFOREST 7 TIGERS (Pahang)

Division 3: (18 teams)
1st = WARRIOR (Selangor)
2nd = CMX (Kuala Lumpur)
3rd = RONIN LUNACY (Kuala Lumpur)
4th = SUNSHIRO (Pahang)

Division 4: (37 teams)
3rd = ROMEOZ

Special Division: Kumpulan Karangkraf (10teams) -Media Patner
2nd = DABEL
3rd = ARSO
4th = TEAM X


Final ranking points for season 2008, after 5 rounds.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Special thanks to DYE for all the goodies prizes (DYE & PROTO Jerseys, Goggles, Caps etc), ASSASSIN Paintball for the Barrels & Harnesses, PRO-Paintball Resources for the JT Stuff!!

Seeya all nextt Season (cycle4)!!
Wait for the full announcement in December!!

For full results & any development news in Malaysian Paintball, continue to stay tune to

"Towards Creating the Excellence in Sports PaintBall"

Photos - Prize Giving Ceremony
(Click to enlarge)

More photos here at my gallery ->

*thanks to Apai Raiders, for some of these shots! I'll try to post more when I get some. Unfortunately, I didn't shoot at all this time around, since I've to play all the way to the finals. Hope you guys understand. But I got some candid photos off the field tho. hehehe.. will upload it as soon as I can. Thank you for supporting Villain.