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Monday, November 17, 2008

MacDev Rules!

Against all odds. We made it to the Finals. Came without any high expectations, but just to soak on the experience and most of all, to be with Dianne & Bourke of MacDev with their new Cyborg RX!.

Couldn't believe we went all the way. Infernal of Thailand deserves the win, cause they had been playing awesome both days. Hats of to you guys!. As of Macdev Ronin, we picked our games on the second day after a slow first day, and we steam-rolled over Datis (PALS Series Champion 2007), SWAT (AUS), Raskal (UK), Demonz Red (MPOC Overall Champ) and others to make it to the finals.

Thanks to all that came to support, pit and guidance. You know who you are. Thanks to MacDev for their guns that performed magnificently thru the mud and rain.

And to MY-NPL & MAPAAC, Tactical Action & Delta Rovers, without you guys, we would not get this far.

And playing PSP ramp in this field & format, at least for me as a first-timer, I do consider myself a newbie. Some of us even shooting at semi-auto mode! Tehehehe...

What a weekend, and whata conclusion to the year. Back to back finals is really something ya?

Will post photos if I get any. Dez, we're waiting... ;)

Oh, and here's the Official results for the recent concluded WCA 2008.

Division 1
1st - Infernal (THA)
2nd - Macdev Ronin (MAS)
3rd - Xtioneer (MAS)
4th - SWAT (AUS)

Division 2
1st - Real Pinoy (PHI)
2nd - WASP Black (AUS)
3rd - KL Killer Beez(MAS)
4th - Iron Sea (MAS)

Division 3
1st - Johor Pirates (MAS)
2nd - Romeoz (MAS)
3rd - Undeath(MAS)
4th - D'Mercy Kids

Great stuffs are coming! WCA Photos from Desmong@Residentevilchef... no idea why he wants to be known as evil when he is actually a very nice fella. Woahahaha..


PB4LVince said...

Hey would you like to trade links?

Thanks! God blog with good info...INTERESTED IN THE CYBORG RX NOW!!