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Monday, July 26, 2010

MPOC 2010 - Event 4 Results & Conclusions

Here are the results of the recent concluded MPOC 2010, at Padang Merbuk, Kuala Lumpur. Congratulations to all the winners.

Division 1
1st - X-Fox
2nd - Trauma
3rd - Demonz Red
4th - Warriors

Division 2
1st - Eastsiderzz
2nd - Ronin Nexus
3rd - Urban-X
4th - Red Sevens

Division 3
1st - Hammer Zero
2nd - Zoo
3rd - Pandamonium
4th - Rhymber-X

Division 4
1st - KSK Flash
2nd - Kejahatan 2
3rd - Prolintas Legion X
4th - Rock n Rolla

This has been one of the best MPOC in terms of organisation and venue. Two Sup'Air Arenas were brought in and it gave MPOC a touch of a major European tournament look. Those who are familiar with Millennium Series Paintball would have that feeling. Wet playing field and mud is what I've come to love. The mud wasn't that bad and the level playing field helps alot for aggressive teams.

The Arena
From the chat that I had with Simon Fournier of Sup'Air, the arena itself can be fully inflated in just a matter of five minutes! We got to witness this, when the Arena on field 2 has to be inflated back after the D3 games were stopped because of bad weather. After seeing how easy the to patch any tear on the arena PVC or even Bunkers, I couldn't help but wondering if MPOC would take it 'outside' like the European counterpart anytime soon. Find a nice tarmac with lots if walking traiffic near some crowded place, set up the Arena, lay down some carpet or turf. And bam! Instant tournament venue! Surely 2011 will be lots of surprises for paintballers.

Fairplay and Sportsmanship
I can't say much, but refereeing this time around is just adequate. It wasn't impressive but they're just okay. Last few legs were much better. I've never flared up in a paintball tournament for some time and last week, I just lost it. It's just wasn't paintball at all. I'm sadden for the fact that there are my friends and circumstances put us in opposite sides of the field. My team got penalized, we collected ourselves and got on with the remaining game. Then we played one of the best paintball when we held Trauma in our last preliminaries.

Of thunderstorm and rain
When it rained, it sums up the mood at our tent. Now the overall Champion for Division 1 has blown out wide, anybody can win. It's going to be a nail biting finish to the end. We shall bring our A game on the final event.

As usual, you can visit for event photos. Give it a few days for all the photos to be up.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Cyberjaya Paintball Championship League (CPCL) - 10-11 July 2010 Results & Conclusions

The 3rd Leg of CPCL started off with more team this time around. A total of 17 Novice teams and 10 from Open Division. Here's the breakdown of the teams participated :-

Novice Division (WERD Format v3.2)
(1) Ying Yang
(2) Reaperz
(3) Semarak Api A
(4) Semarak Api B
(5) Technip Hardheaded
(6) Regimen 66
(7) CMX Badai
(8) Demolition X2
(9) KSM Paintballers
(10) Kayyos Charlie
(11) Starex
(12) G.L.A. (MMU)
(13) SSi (MMU)
(14) Genji
(15) Puppy Assasin
(16) The Girls (All Girls Team)
(17) Menos Grande

Open Division (WERD Format v5.2)
(1) RAZ Legion
(2) Republic CMX
(3) Dark Angels
(4) Kai Fan Killerz
(5) Exit Wound
(6) South Coast Enigma
(7) Xtioneers
(8) Rainforest Tigers
(9) Urban-X

CPCL uses WERD Format with a system designed by paintballers, this idea came about from Andrew Loh from Werdna Hol Sportz. As an avid paintballer himself, he knows how it's like playing in a paintball tournament. He has seen paintballers quitting the game due to it's high expenses when it comes to gearing up and following leagues. Therefore he thinks that a newer tournament structure should be setup to protect the paintballers. This is where WERD Format came up. One of the most appealing structure about the WERD Format is the Pool Money in the Preliminary Rounds. Teams ranked #1-#8 on Day 1 will be rewarded with cash money, which helps the teams to 'lighten' up their heavy expenses on Day 2. Winners ranked from #1 - #8 will share the percentage as follows (from the Pool Money) :

This is CPCL 2010 3rd Leg's Day 1 Ranking : (Pool money of Rm200.00/ team in OPEN Division) These funds are deducted from the Registration Fees of Rm700.00. With a total of 10 teams participation in OPEN Division, the Pool Money comes up to a total of RM2,000.00

Rank #1 : Team Flankers (30%)Rm600.00
Rank #2 : Team Xtioneers (25%) Rm500.00
Rank #3 : Team Kai Fan Killerz (15%) Rm300.00
Rank #4 : Team South Coast Enigma (10%) Rm200.00
Rank #5 : Team RAZ Legion (5%) Rm100.00
Rank #6 : Team Republic CMX (5%) Rm100.00
Rank #7 : Team Rainforest Tigers (5%) Rm100.00
Rank #8 : Team Urban-X (5%) Rm100.00

For NOVICE Division , a total of Rm1,700.00 collected from 17 teams. (Rm100.00 deducted from the Registration Fees of Rm500.00)

Rank #1 : Team Ying Yang (30%) Rm510.00
Rank #2 : Team Technip HardHeaded (25%) Rm425.00
Rank #3 : Team Reaperz (15%) Rm255.00
Rank #4 : Team The Girls (10%) Rm170.00
Rank #5 : Team Regimen 66 (5%) Rm85.00
Rank #6 : Team Genji (5%) Rm85.00
Rank #7 : Team CMX Badai (5%) Rm85.00
Rank #8 : Team Semarak Api A (5%) Rm85.00

WERD Format also introduces the Bonus Round One-On-One for the Top 8 qualifiers (Both Divisions). Teams will have to choose their best players to challenge the other 7 teams to win this round. Winner collects 1 Box of paintballs FOC(and other sponsored stuffs)from the organizers. For this 3rd Leg, the NOVICE Division was called off due to insufficient time, but the OPEN Division proceeds as usual. Here's the results :

Quarter-Final :
Game #1 : Team Flankers vs Team Urban-X : Winner Team Flankers
Game #2 : Team Xtioneers vsRainforest Tigers : Winner Xtioneers
Game #3 : Team Kai Fan Killerz vs Team Republic CMX : Winner Team Kai Fan Killerz
Game #4 : Team South Coast Enigma vs Team RAZ Legion : Winner Team South Coast Enigma

Semi-Final :
Game #5 : Team Flankers vs Team South Coast Enigma : Winner Team Flankers
Game #6 : Team Kai Fan Killerz vs Team Xtioneers : Winner Team Kai Fan Killerz (Touch Gate)

Game #7 : Team Flankers vs Team Kai Fan Killerz : Winner Team Flankers (Head Shot - Shooting from 1st Bunker)

Mr.Daniel from Team Flankerz also won the CPCL 2010 2nd Leg Bonus Round One-On-One. He was playing with Team Nemesis that time. Which makes him a 2 time One-On-One Champion!

Novice Division :
Team Ying Yang scored a perfect game (all wins) for Day 1, ranking them #1 for the preliminary rounds. Followed by Team Technip HardHeaded with only 1 lost. Team Technip HardHeaded put on a good show for this 3rd leg. Team Reaperz are coming in strong with 3 lost out of 10 games. It was a last minute decision from Team Reaperz to proceed with the 3rd leg, it wasn't their full lineup this time. It was an impressive gameplay from Team Reaperz with some new lineups.

Alot of new teams this time but they're giving those seasoned teams a hard time, as quoted by Jimmy from Team Ying Yang. Team The Girls make their first appearance with only 5 players with no reserves, not bad when they're ranked #4 overall in the prelims. Regimen 66 was ranked #5 overall, a very good position especially when they're recballers who've just starting to move into speedball tournaments. Team Genji (voted the Best Rookie Team) positioned themselves at #6! Better than some teams which played tournaments before.

Team Genji should be on everyone's 'watchout' list. New entry from the CMX family, Team CMX Badai came up to #7 followed by Semarak Api A at #8. Team Demolition X2 lost 5 games positioning them at #9 while Team Kayyos Charlie lost 6 games at #10. Team Puppy Assassin's 11th position and Team Semarak Api B's 12th position were determined with 4 wins in the prelims. Team KSM at #13 as this is their 1st paintball tournament with only 2 wins. Another rookie team Team Starex came close at #15. MMU players (Multi Media University) participated with 2 teams, Team SSi & Team GLA were ranked #14 & #16 respectively.

Team Menos Grande, which is also their first tournament got the 17th position. Team SSi & Team GLA pulled out on Day 2 which gives Team Menos Grande a slot in rank #15. Teams for this division are expected to increase as the playing format are very adaptable to the newer teams. The organizers are targeting a minimum of 25 teams for the 4th Leg.

(1) YIng Yang
(2) Reaperz
(3) Regimen 66
(4) CMX Badai

Open Division :
This 3rd leg is one of the most exited ever in CPCL 2010. The returning of Team RAZ Legion, which they missed out on the 2nd Leg did an impressive comeback this time. It was a close shave in the semi-finals with Team Flankers.(3 games played) Team RAZ Legion's plan just can't seem to penetrate Team Flankers wall. For every changed game plan made by Team RAZ Legion seems to be in Team Flanker's drawing board.

Flankers can adapt to any changes on and off the field, which makes them a tough team to crack. Another fast and aggressive team, Team Xtioneers with a strong lineup managed to grab the 1st Runner Up spot. Impressive gameplay from them, securing the 50s most of time and eliminating other teams with ease.

The final game between them and Team Flankers were played very carefully, they didn't even reach the 50s on the 1st game this time with most of them positioned themselves at the 10s and 20s, giving the Flankers an easy finish. For the 2nd game in the finals, after learning from their mistakes they're back to their original plan which is to secure the 50s on the break. 2 frontman from Xtioneers did managed to hold the 50s line but it seems like Flankers knows every corner of the field. Again, Flankers forced themselves up the field slowly taking down the Xtioneers one by one. There wasn't much Xtionners can do this time.

Team Kai Fan Killerz which consists of players mostly from Team Halloweens grabbed the 3rd Runner Up position, while Team RAZ Legion came up with 2nd Runner Up. Team Kai Fan Killerz won the 1st match with quite a tough fight. RAZ did make some aggressive moves but got shot out easily by the Kai Fan Killerz. The 2nd and 3rd game Team RAZ Legion showed them what's a seasoned team are made of. Kai Fan Killerz got mowed down one by one easily and while holding down their position. It was a good fight between these 2 teams. Entertaining too. Superb ending for a last minute setup team from Kai Fan Killerz.

It wasn't a smooth flowing day for Team Republic CMX, new lineups with some original players wasn't around to attend this leg giving them a weaker performance this time. They managed to get themselves into the 6th position. Team Dark Angels wasn't at their peak this time too, mainly due to the fatigue from recent tournaments and insufficient reserves. Team Urban-X shares the same fate as they're also out of reserve players, some of the games are played with only 6 players, with some injured players playing too. Mixture of new lineups at last minute is every team's nightmare, it pulls them down the ranks. There's isn't much choice but to play the game they all love. New entries from Team Rainforest, South Coast Enigma and Exit Wounds secured #7, #5 and #8 respectively.

Team South Coast Enigma is a mixture of other teams form Team Spunky Militia, players from FlashPoint Paintball Park, etc. Seasoned teams are impressed with their tight gameplay. Most of them are only playing Division 3 in other tournaments. Good turnout from them. Should be another team to watchout for soon. Rainforest Tigers, also another mix and match lineup team seems to be satisfied with their outcome knowing the teammates were playing together for the first time, without trainings. Team Exit Wounds were practically 'wounded' but managed to position themselves at 8th place, impressive for such a new team who is playing with the best teams in Malaysia.

The 4th leg of CPCL 2010 will see more newer entries as this format is quickly gaining popularity with it's unique playing format and structure.

(1) Flankers
(2) Xtioneers
(3) RAZ Legion
(4) Kai Fan Killerz

Special Thank You to Mr.Fairuz from FlashPoint Paintball Park (Melaka) and the people from DyeAsia (Mr.Zyzek and staffs) for the sponsored equipments. It's a pleasure working with reputable industry players. Thank you once again. Thank you to Mr.Grant Harrison (SIngapore) for making an appearance guesting with Team Dark Angels. Your attendance is very much appreciated.

Andrew Loh
Werdna Hol Sportz
CPCL Organizer

Note: Thank you Andrew on the sweet writeup. Gives some idea what went on for us who missed this tournament.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Millennium Series London: The Millennium Vision for Asia

The Millennium Series is dedicated to the growth and promotion of the sport of paintball since 1999. Since that time the Millennium Series ( runs the biggest tournaments in Europe and offers a platform for competition to the best teams of the world.

Apart from running our own series, we support other tournaments, series and leagues, in Europe and worldwide on a global scale by various means. This includes, but is not limited to providing knowledge, equipment and various other assets.

In the Far East, the Millennium Series has been endorsing the PALS tournaments, which use our rules. The PALS ( has grown over the years amazingly fast, featuring their flagship event, the World Cup Asia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and having successfully hosted events in other countries, like Thailand, Taiwan and Philippines.

In the last months the Millennium Series has been approached by a consortium of individuals and companies, who want to develop paintball in Asia as well. During our recent London event the Board of the Millennium Series invited all parties involved to several rounds of meetings to learn more about their exact intentions and to explain our own vision for the development of the sport in Asia. What was clear was there was a lot common themes and aspirations by all and we sincerely hope that all concerned will see the benefits of collaboration rather than competition which will only help to slow down the growth of the sport in the region

Basically the Millennium Series is asking all parties involved to find a way together towards our common goals. In a time, where support from within the paintball industry is getting less and less, it does not make sense to build parallel structures and organisations, which would lead to divide and fighting each other. Instead, existing structures should be used to accommodate the ambitions and totally justified strategic interests of other individuals, which have already shown commitment and constructive passion for the game, both in Malaysia and in other Asian countries.

If these parties manage to focus on common goals and strategies in a constructive manner, exciting times lay ahead for Asia, which is already the fastest growing region in paintball!

Barry Fuggle
Board of the Millennium Series

Millennium Series Ltd
Adrenalin House, Brooklands Park, Farningham Road,
Crowborough, East Sussex, TN6 2JD, United Kingdom
TEL: 44-(0)845-2720860 FAX: 44-(0)845-6062657

Note: The BOLD part is exactly my sentiment.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Muhyiddin Yassin & Paintball Marker at the ASG Launching

KUALA LUMPUR - 13 July - Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister who is also Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin in the launching of ASEAN School Games (ASG) at Stadium Bola Sepak, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

Now, I'm just guessing he shooting an empty marker or just dry firing in the public. But this doesn't look right.

Note: Thank you Naka Izwan for pointing this out.

Paintball enthusiasts caught with bow and arrows, pistol and fake guns!

MALACCA: Five paintball enthusiasts found themselves on the wrong side of the law when they were caught with a collection of bullets, combat gear, an automatic pistol and several fake guns, among others.

The police said, however, aside being paintball fans and running businesses related to the recreational sport, none of the five had a criminal record or had been involved in crime.

“However, we are investigating how they came to be in possession of a genuine automatic pistol and over 500 rounds of assorted ammunition,” said Malacca police chief Senior Asst Comm (I) Datuk Rodwan Mohd Yusof.

SAC Rodwan said the five – aged 31 to 40 – were arrested in separate raids here and in Selangor and Perak between June 26 and July 8.

Realistic fakes: SAC Rodwan (third from left) showing off the bow that was seized from the suspects while state CID chief ACP Mohd Adnan Abdullah (second from left) examines a replica machine gun.

Over 20 items were seized during the raids, including a 9mm automatic pistol, four replica pistols and three replica machine guns.

Also seized were a bow and arrows, telescopic gun sights, two kukris, army camouflage attire and over 500 rounds of assorted bullets.

Rodwan said the police have not ruled out the possibility that one of the suspects had links to either the police or the armed forces.

He warned the public not to buy replica firearms or army camouflage fatigues as it was an offence to do so.

In another development, SAC Rodwan said police have busted a gang specialising in the theft of old vehicles following the arrests of 14 suspects, aged between 23 and 72.

They suspects, said to be members of a so-called “Shukri Gang”, were nabbed in raids in Malacca, Muar and Johor Baru between June 26 and July 6.

SAC Rodwan said the police recovered seven old cars and a van that were about to be cannibalised for parts and also to be sold as scrap to secondhand car dealers.

The gang, said to be responsible for the theft of more than 40 cars and vans in Malacca since 2008, is believed to be headed by a 49-year-old mechanic and his 72-year-old uncle.

The gang is also responsible for 10 vehicle thefts in Johor, with police there investigating the extent of the gang’s criminal activities.

Source: The Star

Suspected Car-Jacker, 72, Detained Over 50 Car Thefts

MELAKA, July 12 (Bernama) - A 72-year-old suspected car-jacker, believed to be the mastermind of a syndicate of thieves, has been detained by the police in connection with the theft of 50 cars in Melaka and Johor.

Forty of the cars were stolen in Melaka while the rest were car-jacked in Johor.

The man, from Muar, Johor, was among 14 people, including a woman, picked up to shed light on the car thefts.

A team from the Melaka police contingent rounded up the suspects in a series of operations which were mounted between June 24 and July 6.

During the operations, the police recovered seven old cars worth about RM120,000, and stolen in the two states, from the suspects.

Melaka police chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Datuk Mohd Rodwan Mohd Yusof said Monday, some of the suspects were believed to be members of the 'Shukri Gang' which was active in stealing cars in Melaka and Johor since 2008.

The others were suspected buyers of stolen vehicles and spare parts.

Mohd Rodwan said initial investigations revealed that the gang only targeted 10-year-old cars which were parked at shopping malls and hospitals.

"With the arrest of the 14 suspects, we believe we have solved 40 car thefts in Melaka and 10 in Johor," he added.

In another development, Mohd Rodwan said police detained five men in connection with illegal possession of a firearm and military equipment.

He said the suspects were nabbed in several raids in Melaka, Selangor and Perak between June 25 and July 8.

From the suspects, the police seized a P9S pistol, a pump-action shotgun, five imitation pistols and four guns, 500 rounds of ammunition, two archer's bows with 13 arrows, 23 camouflage pants and 24 camouflage shirts.

Initial investigations revealed the suspects were active in paintball activities and were running businesses related to the sport.


Note: Don't get confused with the paintball and car thefts story. I got it mixed up earlier, but there are both separate news.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Malaysian Teams in Millennium Series London 2010 - Results

Here's an update of the Malaysian teams in Campaign Cup, London 2010.

In Division 3 preliminaries, Rimba Warrior finished high at 5th placing (4W & 1L) while Operation Raskal finished at lowly 13th placing (1W & 4L). While Raskal journeys ended there, Rimba Warrior fought all the way to for 3rd place finish. Congratulations.

Preliminaries (Rimba Warrior)
Rimba Warrior 2:1 Operation Raskal
Rimba Warrior 0:2 Truands
Rimba Warrior 2:0 Impact
Rimba Warrior 2:0 GWC Allstars
Rimba Warrior 2:1 Cologne Hurricanes

Truands 2:0 Rimba Warrior

Final (3rd-4th Placing)
Assala Libreville 0:2 Rimba Warrior

Preliminaries (Operation Raskal)
Operation Raskal 1:2 Rimba Warrior
Operation Raskal 1:2 Truands
Operation Raskal 0:2 Impact
Operation Raskal 2:0 GWC Allstars
Operation Raskal 0:2 GFY Paris

There were a total of 16 teams in Division 3. Other results,

1. Budapest Bullets
2. Frankfurt Syndicate
3. London Nexus
4. Chllli Peppers Riga
5. San Diego Dynasty Impact
6. SK Moscow
7. Joy Stockholm
8. Lisbon Benfica

1. Art Chaos Moscow
2. Outrage Valence
3. Paris Camp Carnage
4. Drammen Solid

Div 1
1. Star Lleida
2. Marseille Taz
3. Redball Paris
4. Toulouse Tontons 2

Div 2
1. DOW Warberg
2. London Tigers 2
3. EXK
4. FL Charms

Div 3
1. Truands
3. Rimba Warrior
4. Assala Libreville

1. Manchester Firm 2
2. Ratz
3. Smokin Aces
4. RMG