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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Paintball enthusiasts caught with bow and arrows, pistol and fake guns!

MALACCA: Five paintball enthusiasts found themselves on the wrong side of the law when they were caught with a collection of bullets, combat gear, an automatic pistol and several fake guns, among others.

The police said, however, aside being paintball fans and running businesses related to the recreational sport, none of the five had a criminal record or had been involved in crime.

“However, we are investigating how they came to be in possession of a genuine automatic pistol and over 500 rounds of assorted ammunition,” said Malacca police chief Senior Asst Comm (I) Datuk Rodwan Mohd Yusof.

SAC Rodwan said the five – aged 31 to 40 – were arrested in separate raids here and in Selangor and Perak between June 26 and July 8.

Realistic fakes: SAC Rodwan (third from left) showing off the bow that was seized from the suspects while state CID chief ACP Mohd Adnan Abdullah (second from left) examines a replica machine gun.

Over 20 items were seized during the raids, including a 9mm automatic pistol, four replica pistols and three replica machine guns.

Also seized were a bow and arrows, telescopic gun sights, two kukris, army camouflage attire and over 500 rounds of assorted bullets.

Rodwan said the police have not ruled out the possibility that one of the suspects had links to either the police or the armed forces.

He warned the public not to buy replica firearms or army camouflage fatigues as it was an offence to do so.

In another development, SAC Rodwan said police have busted a gang specialising in the theft of old vehicles following the arrests of 14 suspects, aged between 23 and 72.

They suspects, said to be members of a so-called “Shukri Gang”, were nabbed in raids in Malacca, Muar and Johor Baru between June 26 and July 6.

SAC Rodwan said the police recovered seven old cars and a van that were about to be cannibalised for parts and also to be sold as scrap to secondhand car dealers.

The gang, said to be responsible for the theft of more than 40 cars and vans in Malacca since 2008, is believed to be headed by a 49-year-old mechanic and his 72-year-old uncle.

The gang is also responsible for 10 vehicle thefts in Johor, with police there investigating the extent of the gang’s criminal activities.

Source: The Star

Suspected Car-Jacker, 72, Detained Over 50 Car Thefts

MELAKA, July 12 (Bernama) - A 72-year-old suspected car-jacker, believed to be the mastermind of a syndicate of thieves, has been detained by the police in connection with the theft of 50 cars in Melaka and Johor.

Forty of the cars were stolen in Melaka while the rest were car-jacked in Johor.

The man, from Muar, Johor, was among 14 people, including a woman, picked up to shed light on the car thefts.

A team from the Melaka police contingent rounded up the suspects in a series of operations which were mounted between June 24 and July 6.

During the operations, the police recovered seven old cars worth about RM120,000, and stolen in the two states, from the suspects.

Melaka police chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Datuk Mohd Rodwan Mohd Yusof said Monday, some of the suspects were believed to be members of the 'Shukri Gang' which was active in stealing cars in Melaka and Johor since 2008.

The others were suspected buyers of stolen vehicles and spare parts.

Mohd Rodwan said initial investigations revealed that the gang only targeted 10-year-old cars which were parked at shopping malls and hospitals.

"With the arrest of the 14 suspects, we believe we have solved 40 car thefts in Melaka and 10 in Johor," he added.

In another development, Mohd Rodwan said police detained five men in connection with illegal possession of a firearm and military equipment.

He said the suspects were nabbed in several raids in Melaka, Selangor and Perak between June 25 and July 8.

From the suspects, the police seized a P9S pistol, a pump-action shotgun, five imitation pistols and four guns, 500 rounds of ammunition, two archer's bows with 13 arrows, 23 camouflage pants and 24 camouflage shirts.

Initial investigations revealed the suspects were active in paintball activities and were running businesses related to the sport.


Note: Don't get confused with the paintball and car thefts story. I got it mixed up earlier, but there are both separate news.


James said...

it is illegal to wear foreign army camo uniforms ?? it is easily available in shopping centres...shops in KL

Caranthir said...

I'm not sure about foreign uniforms, but if recballers should get clarification on this quick, before more will be hauled in.

In the news piece, items seized including 500 rounds of ammo is just asking for trouble whether you have army uniform or not. ;)

badman said...

WHY LAR..??! WHY LAR..!! why la have to keep those live ammo...?? it's always the wannabes the create prob for thrue enthusiast... :-/

btw, the bow shown in pic is a compound bow, which doesn't requires any permit... the only archery equipment that needs a permit is the crossbow..