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Monday, June 28, 2010

MY-NPL'10 -Event 3 - Results & Conclusions

Here are the results of the recent concluded MY-NPL Event 3 in Kuantan. Congratulations to all the winners.

DIVISION 1 : (6 teams)
Champion :NEMESIS LEGION (Kuala Lumpur)
2ND : DEMONZ RED (Selangor)
3RD : DELTA ROVERS (Selangor)
4TH : RASKAL (Selangor)

DIVISION 2 : (17 teams)
Champions : D'MERCY KIDZ (Johor)
2ND : VWW (Penang)
3RD : D'HALLOWEEN (Kuala Lumpur)
4TH : RAPTOR (CyberJaya)

DIVISION 3 : (21 teams)
Champion : VOTOLOCOS (Kedah)
2ND : JS (Melaka)
3RD : JELLYFISH (Selangor)

DIVISION 4 : (17 teams)
Champion : GLADIATORS (Terengganu)
3RD : CMX HARUMAN ABADI (Kuala Lumpur)
4TH : ETHOS (Kuala Lumpur)

Photos will be up at as usual. Wait for a few days for the photos to be ready. The next MY-NPL Event will be held at Malaysian Paintball Academy (MAPAAC), Petaling Jaya, Selangor on 7-8th August, 2010.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Malaysian Teams in Millennium Series London 2010

As of today, both Malaysian teams Operation Raskal and Isi Rimba Warrior has confirmed their participation in the Campaign Cup 2010. They will compete in the Division 3 of the Millennium Series.

Some of them are not strangers to European paintball and let's hope they will keep the Malaysian flag flying high. There are not many teams, so I expect them to make it to the last 8. The tournament starts on 2nd - 4th of July 2010. Good luck boys.

Division 3:
Assala Juniors
Assala Libreville
Dublin Reapers
GWC Allstars
Isi Rimba Warrior
Operation Raskal
Operation Sandbaggers

Note: But I'm quiet surprised to see Raja Khairul's name in the Operation Sandbagges team.

Monday, June 14, 2010

MPOC 2010 - 3rd Leg Results & Conclusions

Here are the official results of the recent concluded MPOC 3rd Leg in Xtionpaintball. Congratulations to all the winners.

Division 1
1st - Perth City Trauma
2nd - Macdev Ronin
3rd - X-Fox
4th - Demonz Red

Division 2
1st - Eastsiderzz
2nd - Red Sevens
3rd - Urban X
4th - Dark Angels

Division 3
1st - Hammer Zero
2nd - Pandamonium
3rd - Street Mobsters
4th - Rhymber X

Division 4
1st - KSK Flash
2nd - Prolintas Legion X
3rd - Rock & Rolla
4th - Kejahatan 2

For photos of the event, please visit But please wait for a few days and let him upload his photos first. LOL!

Friday, June 11, 2010

India's NPL Website

Finally it's World Cup fever again. The opening game was between the host South Africa against Mexico. Both teams played very cautiously and it's kind of boring to watch. So, I whipped out my laptop and went online. I was checking my blog's visitor list when I saw one came from India. So, I headed to naturally.

Then I saw the banner. NPL is holding a referee course and I saw a familiar photo. Here's what I mean. The screen shot of India's National Paintball League.

Looks familiar?

This photo of Head Ref Epul was shot back in Kuantan 2008. I had the photo in my Referee Dilemma articles. You can read it

So Dez, what do you think? I didn't feel like watermarking it, since I had the post title directly on Epul's hand.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Patrick Tan & Thailand Paintball Tournament 2010

Patrick Tan recently played and finished third in the Thailand Paintball Tournament 2010 held in Bangkok. Normally I don't blog about non-Malaysia paintball events, but since we have our local guys compete and won there, this definitely deserves some headline.

(VPB) Tell us briefly about yourself, paintball experience and Pro Paintball
(PT) Hi Caran, I own and manage Pro Paintball here in Malaysia and Thailand. I started playing paintball as a leisure activity and eventually got hooked with the intensity of the game. I started playing in division 3 in the MY-NPL series and eventually merged with the older generation Demonz team to form what is today Demonz Red. Back then there was only one pro shop in Malaysia and choices were limited. Together with Andrew, we formed Werdna Hol Sportz. As time passed by, we parted ways and I went on to form what is Pro Paintball today. Seeing a emerging market in Thailand, I opened a Pro Paintball Thailand as well.

(VPB) You played with Chia Industries. Who are they and what do they do?
(PT) Chia Industries was a rag tag team made up of a couple of Malaysian guys namely Poison Doc (whose surname is Chia and plays for Team Simpsons), Hashidee Murshim (CMX), Rahiza Zahidi (CMX), Ben and Myself (Demonz Red). I had obvious interest in the league in Thailand and these guys decided to have a bit of holiday and paintball. Coming in third was seriously unexpected as we had never played together as a team before. Plus Thai teams put up a really good game.

(VPB) What are the gears you used - from top to bottom.
(PT) We use JT products on the soft goods and VL Loaders, we are also sponsored by Skirmish with Planet Eclipse markers.

(VPB) How do you rate the level of Thai paintball? Since you had the chance to play with alot of them.
(PT) We played in Division 1 in the Thai league but mind you their level of play between division 1 and 2 are pretty close. I maintain a very high level of respect for these guys as unlike us they don't shoot a lot of paint. They play very aggressive and everyone in their teams can basically play any position (no fix back/snake) which makes it difficult to understand and read their games. Team Infernal recently took champion in ISSC here in Malaysia and they only shot 15 boxes!! Demonz Red in comparison coming in 3rd shot 32 boxes!! That I guess pretty much speaks for itself.

(VPB) Something regarding PALS, i know you're involved in PALS Thai as well. How did this came about? Some people out there might not know this yet.
(PT) My involvement with their local league has eventually led us to discussion on hosting an international tournament, which was Pattaya International Paintball Championship last year. Joining up with the prestigious PAL series was a necessity to put in place a infrastructure, format and system which players from all over Asia can enjoy. That eventually led to my involvement as the PAL series working partner representing Thailand.

(PT) I would like to take this opportunity to also market for the Thai National Paintball League, we welcome players from Malaysia to participate. For more inquiries please contact me directly at :

Thanks Caran!!

(VPB) Thanks Pat.

You can visit Pro Paintball website at

Results from the International Paintball Tournament 2010

Div 1
1st - Infernal
2nd - Alien 11
3rd - Chia Industries
4th - Bad All Stars

Div 2
1st - Tubchang Prototype
2nd - Tubchang Adrenaline
3rd - Tubchang 3
4th - VHS

Note: Photos are owned by their respective owner(s).

Add: There will be Malaysian teams going off to London for the Campaign Cup 2010. I hope to bring some story with it soon.