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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Referee Dilemma – Part 2

Back from holidays and a long weekend. Somehow getting stuck in traffic jam all the way to the east coast on Saturday, takes my mind away from the road and in to the paintball field. Although I’m fully aware of my driving, every now and then I’d be thinking about it. It just happened. And somehow, that’s helped me escaped the mundane of driving barely 10km/h on Karak Highway up till Bentong. And pretty much smooth sailing after that.

Looking back at the comments on the previous Referee Dilemma, it’s pretty sad that there are retards who commented on things that had nothing to do with the topic and still trying to sound intelligent. I’m sure they tried very vest to sound very ‘wise’, but the fact is they are NOT. Who do we blame? The society? Their friends? Sounds plausible.

Maybe they are so used to making comments or posts with zero substance in forums, that they are simply couldn’t change the way to express their thoughts. It’s already written at the right column that this blog has its purpose and somewhat very relaxing in moderation. The big plus is, you don’t even have to register to post a comment. You can say whatever that’s on your mind and not be afraid to say it.

It’s been getting out of hand a few times and I take this as a positive sign that has been getting a lot of readership although not many will admit it. Fine by me. Blogs attracts all kinds of people, and sadly there are people out there who just can’t follow simple house rules. These people think, they can simply drop by, post a few comments that they think would make them grow and inch or two and never wants to owe it up.

Come on! If you think you have something good to say, by all means, please do. If I keep getting nonsense comments from users with ‘Anonymous’ stamped on their forehead, I may have to enforce user registration. Now, that wouldn’t be ‘nice’ won’t it?

This brings back to my topic. You see these attitude are synonym with paintball. Imagine the referee being me, and the blog is the field. You have players (readers) come over and starts making their own rule and pretty much being an asshole. You as referee or (guardian, admin, arbiter, judge, etc) will take action to preserve the integrity of the game (or blog).

The way to do that is to penalize players, enforcing the rules, protect the game. That’s what referees do. You can refer back Part 1 of this topic, if you’re still in la-la land.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve never ref in a competitive game (only in recreation or practice games) but as an observer and a very concern individual on the refereeing standards, I came to learn a few things and what are their problems on almost every game.

What Referees Hate - Obvious hit, and obviously stupid.
Players who get shot at their body or gear which are considered as obvious hit (You can refer rule 19.2 on the MY-NPL rulebook). Too bad there are no obvious hit ruling in Millennium format. I’ve seen a lot, I mean a lot of players who get shot at the loader or hopper and still continuing shooting. From D3 all the way to D1 players. I know personally some of these players, and it’s pretty sad that they take this matter very lightly. They would continue shooting until a referee comes up to them and pull them out. Come on lah! You get shot! You were sloppy, so get the hell out la. If you’re any good, you won’t get hit in the first place.

A hit in the goggle is as good as out. I’ve seen a few but not as common as the hopper hit. Players snap shooting or whatever and gets clip at the lens. Not at the earpiece or strap, lens. You know what they did? They looked at a referee and point to their googles. Hello? Are you blind or cross-eyed? With paint streaking down near the corner of their lens, they still have the cheek to ask?

So if you’re a newbie. That may ok. But experienced players automatically should know it’s a hit. Some would argue it’s a splash. But splash don’t leave a paint streaking down the sides would they?. You get sprayed all over instead. What I would normally do is take my hand and lightly run my fingers over where I felt I get hit. If I got paint on my fingers, its as good as a hit. I don’t need a referee to tell me that.

Another example, you get shot at the elbow. You can always self check right? Twist your arm a bit, and you have a perfect view of your elbow. I see a lot of players got hit on their elbows and they would just look at the referee and waited to get some reaction. If somehow the referee missed it, they will play on and consequently cheat. Then they would change sides and rub it off the bunker. Yes, we know all about it. If they don’t spot on the field, they are ‘watchers’ outside the field taking down your name.

One of the best classic example I witnessed myself was in Kuantan last year. I think it was one of the semis of the D1 teams. This bugger ran down tape towards the carwash and got shot in the chest. In that split second, he threw himself at the bunker and hope it will rub off. To his horror, the hit stays and he had no choice but to ask the ref to check.

He turned around and point right at his chest. True enough, there’s a big blob of paint right there. The referee called him out. What irked me was that, he can actually turned and ask for a paint check, when he can check himself! I mean, you just look down, pull your jersey a bit to check and you’re done. Is that so hard? To me, the referee should give him a 1-for-1 for that stupid stunt he tried to pull and being a veteran D1 player, that’s not a good example for the young players.

I remembered screaming, “Obvious hit lah! Pandai-pandai la keluar woi!”. I was disgusted on how some players gets away so easily. Coming from this team, it wasn’t a surprise. All the senior referees know they are very good. Good indeed. In cheating.

In some of the instances given, any referee and some spectators would always have that sad, anger, frustration and helpless feeling. To some teams, winning is everything and they would resort to cheating, controversies and anything to get whatever they want. But is that what the Malaysian paintball need? We certainly don’t have world class paintball athletes yet, but do we need world class cheaters?

We have referees that are definitely good, but against players who are good at cheating? What are the chances that they get caught by the referee? Spectators will always be able to spot these cause they can watch one player instead of a referee who has to watch several players at any time. Please la, help the game a bit, you get shot. Pull yourself out. Help keep the game running smoothly.

Meanwhile, referees have already branded or tagged certain teams by their reputation. Who likes to play on a lot, who likes to argue in the field, who likes to wipe, etc. yes, they have and they always share this information with other referees. You can’t blame them. If your team is one of those labeled, ask yourselves why. 20-30 refs cannot be wrong on something right? Think about it.

Let’s see if we can improve the refereeing to cope with these issues.

And sometimes in emergency cases, referees are always the first one to react. Players safety is always top priority.

Note: Photos will be added when I find some. LOL! Before you comment, please read about this blog being our views and our rules. Thanks for your time.

Here’s something related posted long time ago.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Referee Dilemma – Part 1

noun, verb, -eed, -ee⋅ing.
1. one to whom something is referred, esp. for decision or settlement; arbitrator.
2. (in certain games and sports) a judge having functions fixed by the rules of the game or sport; umpire.
3. an authority who evaluates scientific, technical, or scholarly papers, grant proposals, or the like for the publication or funding institution to which they have been submitted.
4. Law. a person selected by a court to take testimony in a case and return it to the court with recommendations as to the decision.
–verb (used with object)
5. to preside over as referee; act as referee in.
–verb (used without object)
6. to act as referee.
1605–15; refer + -ee

Referees or marshals - in paintball games, you always hope that they will make the right decisions in your favor. Praying that the refs near the bugger you’re shooting at would catch any hits in a split second. Praying that you won’t get call out just because you knelt over paintballs, and it broke nicely on your knee. Hoping that spray near the bunker that rubs at your loader doesn’t count as hit.

From player’s side of view, you can always tell what you are doing. You are the referee of yourself. You KNOW when you get hit. It’s your body. You just know. You KNOW who got hit first when you make a run through. You KNOW when the loud pop sounds near the loader, it’s always a hit and not turn around and look the other way.

You see, referees don’t have that privilege. They have to see a lot of things simultaneously. And there will always something be missed and sometimes comes back and bite you in the ass. Wrong decisions going your way. Why? Oh, the referee was looking at the situation differently. But, you KNOW you are right. Can you blame the refs?

Try to be in their shoes. I know some of you had refereeing games before so you guys would know best. It’s not easy to make calls and decisions, when you’re there under the hot sun, with paintballs flying at 280~300 feet per second! And you have 10 players to look at. It’s hard, but not impossible. That’s why you have eight or more referees in paintball field. (speedball, eg: MY-NPL, MPOC)

Here's good example.

I’ve never refereed any games before but I know how the referees felt. The least you guys could do is to play fair and help the refs and make it easy for them and everyone.

Then, there are good refs and not so good refs.

To be continued...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Malaysia Paintball 2009 - An Overview

Late 2008, there were some rumors that one of the major paintball league here in Malaysia would cease to exist. Financial backing problems contributed to the rumors very much, and there were also talks about one league to takeover another league. Sounds incredible at that time, but anything is possible.

Later, everything turns out pretty much the same as the year before. Both league carried on with their agendas for the players, and here we are presented with choices & options.

Pro players have also come down to Malaysian giving clinics, appearance and even played here! Players like Davey Williamson, Yosh Rau, Maximus Lunqvist, teams like Dynasty, Infamous, Bushwhackers, XSV, Joy Division etc.. all came down! Though they all came for different reasons & events, but it always for the greater good of Malaysian paintball.

As we have probably known, MPOC started early this year to kick off the paintball calendar and more soon to follow. There are two major events for this year on top of both leagues and this is something to get excited on.

Let's see how the calendar looks like this year.

Event 1 - 14th - 15th February 2009 (MAPAAC, PJ)
Event 2 - 28th - 29th March 2009 (Johor Bahru, Johor)
Event 3 - 20th - 21st June 2009 (Kuantan, Pahang)
Event 4 - 1st - 2nd August 2009 (Bandar Hilir, Malacca)
Grand Finale 7th -8th November 2009 (MAPAAC, PJ)

More details here

Venue: Dataran Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Date: 1st - 2nd - 3rd May 2009

More details here

1st Leg - 10th & 11th January - (Xtion Paintball, KL)
2nd Leg - 7th & 8th March (JB/UIAM)
3rd Leg - 18th & 19th April (Xtion Paintball, KL)
4th Leg - 6th & 7th June (Penang)
Final Leg - 14th,15th & 16th August (Xtion Paintball, KL)

More details here

19th, 20th, 21st & 22nd of November (Xtion Paintball, KL)

Labuan Open 2009 (Pre- MPOC)
13th, 14th & 15th February 2009
Get Information Pack

Different teams have with different priorities, would love the options on which league to play. Both league offers interesting format and high prize money.

For the MY-NPL series, this year will be the debut for 7-man format, which is popular with the NPPL and now USPL league. Teams have been scrambling for more players and have been actively scouting for players from other teams, divisions and even other league!

Last weekend, alot of D1 teams came for practice at MAPAAC, and you can roughly tell whose playing with who. Nemesis recruited two more guys (one from Rimba Bandits) and had a great practice with Zealous (I see there are now free from injuries). Newcomers Killer Beez were also spotted having a session with Nemesis.

Delta Rovers recruited a few more players from the lower ranks to strengthen the roster. Surprise move from Banzaai to completely dissolve and joined ranks with Wolverinze. Should be a team to watch out.

MacDev Ronin retained much of its 2008 roster except for a few changes in their lower D2 teams. Armada is expected to give everyone the run for their money when the season starts. There are no news on the whereabouts of Blackwidow Rovers. Can't tell if they're in or not.

Newly promoted team KL-Locked Down were seen practicing without their new teammates from old Demonz Red. They were promoted from D2 last year (then Ballbusters) and now looking to play with the big boys in D1. Apparently Wani (ex-Honeybeez) was recruited to join them. More girls in D1 paintball!

There're rumors that Demonz Red won't be playing NPL this year, instead concentrating solely on MPOC. I'm pretty sure Raskal would play both leagues whenever they get the chance.

So, after Chinese New Year break, expect to see alot of teams having last minute practice sessions and more players trading places. It looks like it's going to be a good year for Malaysian paintball after all. But, you never know.

Then there is always problem about referees. But that's another story.

Monday, January 19, 2009

APPBF Announcement

We have had news that this year's Intercontinental Cup will be held at the World Cup event in Disneyland, Paris. The dates are expected to be on the first weekend of July.

Team Infernal (Thailand) and Team MacDev Ronin(Malaysia) are the ones who have qualified to be invited to this prestigious event.More info will be forthcoming soon and the 2 teams will be expected to get ready with a firm confirmation of attendance by the end of March if they are able to attend.

If any should not be able to make it..the APPBF will then choose another representative team to the event.


Taken from


Just WOW! Something we didn't expect at all. The guys are already preparing the logistics, costings and all. Some of us will also take this opportunity to bring our loved ones for the trip as well. Take this as holiday cum honeymoon, whichever you see it. This will open up their eyes on what's paintball is all about. But it's usual work for the team; that is play paintball.

We're also representing Malaysia, so that is huge. Hope the pressure doesn't get to the guys.

Oh, while I'm there maybe try to get some more signatures for my H4TD booklet. Hehehe.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Shopowner held over fake M-16 guns, accessories

Sounds like airsoft stuffs here. What a way to start a new year.

Shopowner held over fake M-16 guns, accessories
By : Fay Angela D'cruz

SAC II Ku Chin Wah says the weapons are used in carrying out petty crimes.

KUALA LUMPUR: Police seized fake firearms complete with accessories from a shop in Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas last Thursday. The shop owner, a 44-year-old man, was also arrested and later released on bail pending further investigations.

City Criminal Investigation Department chief Senior Assistant Commissioner II Ku Chin Wah said police found 10 fake guns, including M-16 assault rifles which looked genuine.

"We believe these firearms have been used to carry out petty crimes in the city," he said.

It was learnt that the businessman also sold bullet casings, gun holders, vests and other high-end accessories which are usually used by the military. It was understood that the items were purchased by the businessman from a neighbouring country.

It was also learnt that the outlet had been operating for about a year and that the businessman had tried to obtain a business licence on numerous occasions but failed.

Ku said the businessman was being investigated under the Customs Act.



Senjata promosi sukan
Oleh Salman Hamat

KUALA LUMPUR: Pemilik sebuah kedai peralatan sukan sengaja mempamerkan raifal dan pistol tiruan di premisnya kononnya bagi mempromosi sejenis sukan baru sedangkan senjata api itu yang menyerupai senjata tulen boleh disalah guna untuk kegiatan jenayah.

Antara senjata api yang dipamerkan termasuk raifal M-16, sub mesingan, pelbagai jenis pistol automatik dan sebutir bom tangan serta dijual kepada mereka yang berminat pada harga antara RM3,000 hingga RM5,000 sepucuk.

Dalam serbuan pertama pada Rabu minggu lalu, polis yang bertindak atas maklumat awam dan risikan menyerbu premis milik ahli perniagaan berusia 44 tahun itu di Sri Hartamas di sini serta menemui empat senjata jenis M16 dan satu sub mesingan serta enam pistol separuh automatik jenis Glock dan Colt 45.

Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Kuala Lumpur, Senior Asisten Komisioner II Ku Chin Wah, berkata senjata itu dibawa masuk dari sebuah negara jiran dipercayai buatan Jepun dan Taiwan.

Ketika disoal siasat lelaki terbabit memberi alasan mempamerkan semua senjata itu untuk mempromosikan sejenis sukan dinamakan Airsoft dan tidak tahu ia menjadi satu kesalahan di negara ini.

Bagaimanapun, tindakan lelaki terbabit menyalahi undang-undang apabila dia dipercayai mengimport senjata berkenaan tanpa memperoleh kelulusan pihak berkuasa serta meragui tujuan sebenar dia berbuat demikian.

“Kami belum dapat memastikan motif sebenar lelaki terbabit mengimport semua senjata api tiruan itu. Siasatan kes sedang dijalankan mengikut Seksyen 36 Akta Senjata Api 1960.

“Ahli perniagaan itu bagaimanapun sudah dibebaskan dengan jaminan polis selepas keterangannya direkodkan bagi membantu siasatan,” katanya.

Siasatan mendapati semua senjata itu dihasilkan menyamai 100 peratus senjata api tulen, perbezaannya ia tidak menggunakan peluru hidup dan diganti dengan sejenis peluru khas berbentuk bebola kecil dan menggunakan sistem gas untuk beroperasi.

Antara yang dirampas dalam serbuan itu adalah tiga laras raifal M16, seunit sub mesingan MP5-K, pistol automatik jenis Glock-17, pistol Vector, pistol Colt 45, pistol Colt 45 ACP, pistol Styer serta pelbagai kelopak peluru.

Difahamkan, kejadian jenayah membabitkan senjata api tiruan dianggap serius berikutan polis Kuala Lumpur merampas tiga senjata api mainan daripada kumpulan penjenayah tahun lalu.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Liga Paintball Kebangsaan Malaysia 2009 (MY-NPL) - KENYATAAN AKHBAR

Kesinambungan kecemerlangan dan kemeriahan Kejohanan Liga Paintball Kebangsaan Malaysia (MY-NPL) untuk tahun yang keempat akan diteruskan tahun ini. Kejohanan lima (5) pusingan setahun ini, yang mendapat sokongan penuh Kementerian Belia dan Sukan Malaysia, kelak menghimpunkan pasukan-pasukan terbaik dalam sukan paintball tanahair yang akan bertanding dalam empat (4) Divisyen yang dipertandingkan. Untuk tahun 2009, dalam usaha untuk mempertingkatkan mutu permainan, pasukan-pasukan di dalam Divisyen 1 akan bertanding dalam format tujuh (7) orang sepasukan, sementara untuk Divisyen-divisyen lain masih dikekalkan format lima (5) orang sepasukan.

Akademi Paintball Malaysia di Kompleks Sukan Astaka Petaling Jaya akan melabuhkan tirai kejohanan pada 14 dan 15 Februari ini diikuti dengan Bandaraya Johor Bahru, buat pertama kalinya dalam lipatan sejarah MY-NPL dipilih sebagai hos lokasi untuk Pusingan Kedua MY-NPL 2009, pada 28 dan 29 Mac, Pusingan Ketiga pada 20 dan 21 Jun di Bandar Kuantan, Pusingan Keempat di Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall, Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah pada 1 dan 2 Ogos dan Pusingan Kelima “The Grand Finale” kembali semula ke Akademi Paintball Malaysia di Bandaraya Petaling Jaya pada 7 dan 8 November. Untuk tahun ini hadiah-hadiah bernilai berjumlah RM46,350.00 menanti para pemenang di setiap pusingan sementara RM36,000.00 menanti para Juara Keseluruhan untuk Divisyen 1, 2 dan 3 di akhir tahun kelak.

Untuk tahun ini, Juara Divisyen 1 pada setiap pusingan akan menerima hadiah bernilai RM7,000.00, Naib Johan RM6,000.00, Tempat Ketiga RM5,000.00 selain daripada medal dan hadiah sampingan, sementara Juara Keseluruhan di akhir tahun kelak akan menerima hadiah bernilai RM15,000.00 disamping Piala.

Juara Divisyen 2 pada setiap pusingan pula akan menerima hadiah bernilai RM5,000.00, Naib Johan RM4,000.00, Tempat Ketiga RM3,000.00 selain daripada medal dan hadiah sampingan, sementara Juara Keseluruhan di akhir musim akan menerima hadiah bernilai RM12,000.00 disamping Piala.

Juara Divisyen 3 pula akan pada setiap pusingan akan menerima hadiah bernilai RM4,000.00, Naib Johan RM3,000.00 dan Tempat Ketiga RM2,000.00 selain daripada medal dan hadiah sampingan, sementara Juara Keseluruhan di akhir musim akan menerima hadiah bernilai RM9,000.00 disamping Piala. Juara Divisyen 4 pula akan menerima hadiah wangtunai RM1,000.00, Naib Johan RM750.00 dan Tempat Ketiga RM500.00 disamping medal dan hadiah sampingan. Tiada gelaran Juara Keseluruhan dipertandingkan untuk Divisyen 4.

Pendaftaran Pasukan untuk Pusingan Pertama yang akan berlangsung pada 14 dan 15 Februari telahpun bermula. Untuk tahun 2009 ini, yuran pendaftaran pasukan untuk Divisyen 1 adalah RM900.00, Divisyen 2 RM500.00, Divisyen 3 RM400.00 dan Divisyen 4 adalah RM300.00 (yang mana termasuk penyediaan paintball palets sebanyak 1,000 biji). Paintball Palets dijual pada harga RM200.00 sekotak 2,000 biji.

Tutup pendaftaran pasukan adalah pada Hari Rabu, 11 Februari 2009. Borang-borang penyertaan boleh didapati dari laman web atau dengan menghubungi sekretariat di talian 03 6277 7779 atau Pengarah Kejohanan MOHD SOFIAN MOHD DAUD 016 332 3337 / email : atau boleh datang terus ke Akademi Paintball Malaysia di Kompleks Sukan Astaka, Jalan Utara, Petaling Jaya.

Kemeriahan kejohanan untuk Pusingan Pertama ini akan bermula pada hari Jumaat, 13 Februari 2009 dengan para pemain akan melakukan proses “Walk The Field” dimana para pemain mengambil peluang terakhir untuk mengatur strategi dalam gelanggang sementara Klinik untuk para pemain Divisyen 4 akan diadakan bermula jam 3.00 petang oleh para jurulatih dari Akademi Paintball Malaysia.

Mesyuarat Ketua-ketua Pasukan beserta undian perlawanan pula akan berlangsung bermula dari jam 8.00 malam, Semua perlawanan-perlawanan peringkat awal untuk Divisyen 1 (di Gelanggang 1) dan 4 (di gelanggang 2 dan 3) akan berlangsung pada hari Sabtu, 14 Februari 2009 bermula dari jam 8.00 pagi sementara untuk Divisyen 2 dan 3 akan bermula seawal jam 2.00 petang pada hari yang sama di kesemua gelanggang. Semua perlawanan peringkat suku akhir hingga ke akhir untuk semua Divisyen akan berlangsung pada Hari Ahad, 15 Februari 2009. Upacara Penutup dan Penyampaian Hadiah akan berlangsung pada hari yang sama bermula jam 4.00 petang untuk Pusingan Pertama ini, adalah dijangkakan Yang Berhormat Timbalan Menteri Belia dan Sukan Malaysia, Tuan Wee Jeck Seng akan menyempurnakan Majlis Penutup dan Penyampaian Hadiah.

Kepada para peminat sukan paintball, beramai-ramailah memenuhi Akademi Paintball Malaysia pada 14 dan 15 Februari ini untuk menyaksikan perhimpunan para pasukan dan pemain terbaik tanahair dalam sukan paintball dalam merebut gelaran “JUARA MALAYSIA”


Liga Paintball Kebangsaan Malaysia 2009

Untuk maklumat lanjut mengenai Pusingan pertama MY-NPL, sila rujuk sini

P/S: Anybody can translate the whole text for the benefit of our non-malay speaking readers? hehehe..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Big Boy Don't Cry

Ever wonder what would happen if there's no more local paintball league to play in, be it MY-NPL or MPOC? The paintball industry is at it's lowest today, NPPL is gone, sponsors are pulling out of the industry, team's disbanding etc.

In the local front, both league still look strong with the continue support from players & teams but some could have never guess that we came so close to having 1 less league to play in last year.

Some of us knew about it before the start of the '08 season but this was shared publicly with others by the man himself middle of '08 at MAPAAC. Villain was there to capture & and share with you guys that moment in time.

Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Jan 12, 2009

On Dec 28, Gaza Strip was ravaged by a brutal assault by Israeli forces that left most of its 1.5 million people unable to access its most basic rights – including medical supplies. Hospitals, bursting at the seams, find it difficult to cope as infrastructure was destroyed by bombings.

MERCY Malaysia initiated an emergency response assessment team on the 30th December 2008 to Egypt in response to the humanitarian crisis which has killed about 900 people and wounded close to 4,000. One third is children, and the number is rising.

As a result of generous contribution by the public, MERCY Malaysia has to date managed to push through more than 50 tonnes of medicines and medical equipment. MERCY Malaysia has also procured four ambulances and a mobile blood bank unit – expected to be ready between 10 and 14 days. MERCY Malaysia is awaiting permission to send highly-qualified surgeons into Gaza and have 20 volunteer surgeons on standby.

We appeal to concerned Malaysians to send in cash donations.

MERCY Malaysia's basis of assistance to the beneficiaries relies on the support and generosity of individuals such as you to contribute to the PALESTINE RELIEF FUND.

It will support our efforts to procure emergency surgical kits, additional medicine and hospital equipment which will be channeled to the affected communities in Gaza.


Cheque payable to MERCY MALAYSIA
CIMB Account No : 1424-000-6561053


MAYBANK Account No : 5621 7950 4126

You can also download our donation form.
Download Donation Form

For more information please contact 03-2273 3999 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Mercy at

Another Relief Fund

Bagi mereka yang ingin menghulurkan bantuan, boleh disampaikan terus kepada:
Bahagian Kewangan NSTP, 31 Jalan Riong, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, atau ..
Akaun Maybank: 514105-320501, atas nama NSTP Fund For Gaza.

Sumbangan juga boleh diserahkan kepada pejabat NSTP seluruh negara serta syarikat bersekutu NSTP iaitu TV3, 8tv, ntv7 dan TV9 selain rangkaian radio miliknya.

Tabung NSTP Untuk Gaza dibuka sehingga 7 Februari ini.

ps: Lets start make a difference.

Note: This is the last post by DQR.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

MY-NPL'09 Event 1- MAPAAC, PJ 14th-15th February

Team Registration Opens for MY-NPL'09 -Event 1

The Malaysian National Paintball League (MY-NPL) & MAPAAC are pleased to announce the opening of team registration for the first event of the 2009 MY-NPL. Registration is now open for all Teams. For more information on registration details, please read below.

Team Registration:
No over the phone confirmation of registrations. All entries must be paid through online or cheque only. Registration must be submited 5days before the event date. Late entries will not be entertain. Changes in team rosters are allowed but need to send to MY-NPL HQ for Malaysian PaintBall Players' Council (MPPC) approval.

Closing Date: 9th February 2009.

Registration Fees:
Division I -RM900
Division II -RM500
Division III -RM400
Division IV -RM300 (Special)

How to Pay by Mail
Send Money Order, made out to Tactical Action Sdn. Bhd., to:

Tactical Action Sdn. Bhd.
MY-NPL'09 Event1 (Team Registration)
25, Jalan Damar, SD15/1, Bandar Sri Damansara,
52100 Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia.
Tel: 03-6277 7779, Fax: 03-6277 7711

Be sure to include Team Name, Division, Captain's Name and contact information (Mailing address, phone and email address).

Event 1 (MAPAAC, PJ) Information

13th - 14th - 15th February 2009
1400hrs to 1900hrs Friday (Field Walking)
2000hrs to 2130hrs Friday (Team's Captain Meeting)
0800hrs to 1800hrs Saturday (Site closes at 2030hrs)
0800hrs to 1700hrs Sunday (Finals held on-site at approx. 1700hrs)

Malaysian Paintball Academy (MAPAAC), Kompleks Sukan Astaka, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

More information regarding MY-NPL coming event, please visit Please stay tuned to the Events Info!

or contact: -
Mr. Sofian Daud (MY-NPL Tournament Director)
H/P: 016-332 3337, E-mail:
Tel: 03-6277 7779, Fax: 03-6277 7711

Ms. Linda - 016-332 3331,
Mr. YP Wong - 016-332 3370, 019-983 3370,

Direct link to registration forms @'
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Dear team managers & captains,

Here are information for accommodation for teams traveling from beyond Klang Valley.


Address : Rumah Universiti, Universiti Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur
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Facilities : Suites (RM280 per night)
Executive Room (RM150 per night)
Deluxe Room (RM135 per night)


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Contact Person : Mr. Jaya (Complex Manager)
Telephone : 012 338 9702 / 7955 6527
E-mail :
Facilities : Dormitory for 10 pax (RM110 per night)
3-bedded Room (RM85 per night)

3. Crystal Crown Hotel, Petaling Jaya (3 minutes walk to MAPAAC)

4. Armada Hotel, Petaling Jaya (2 minutes walk to MAPAAC)

5. Hilton Petaling Jaya Hotel (4 minutes walk to MAPAAC)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

1st Posting for 2009 - KANTOI !!!!!!

Yup folks, just 6 days into 2009 we've already got a big scoop on what may become the most blockbuster story of the year, mother of all stories.......... local paintball scene will never be the same again after this. More to come later............... till then we'll just have to keep our ears & eyes open for more juicy news coming our way. Special Thanks to friends & foes who called us up to share with us this story.

Enough of that for now.

Here’s a story I would like to share with you married guys from a local tabloid……..cheers for now, jaga anu tu..

Here's the link to the story.
edited : 9:15pm Jan 06
Was browsing the net & came across this website. Great informative site for you married guys out there. Remember Play Save,socks a must.