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Sunday, February 27, 2011

MY-NPL'11 -Event 1 - Results & Conclusions

Here are the unofficial results of the recent concluded MY-NPL 1st leg at MAPAAC, Petaling Jaya. More results will be posted. Congratulations to all the winners. 80 teams participated in this very first round of MY-NPL 2011. Surprise appearance by Alex Savino of Infamous who guested with Trauma. He just finished his paintball clinic a week before in Melaka.

Semi Pro (4 teams)
1st - Perth City Trauma (Australia)
2nd - Nemesis Legion
3rd - Raskal
4th - Delta Rovers

Division 1 (15 teams)
1st - D'Halloween
2nd - Beezwaxers
3rd - Jellyfish
4th - Killswitch (Australia)

Division 2 (10 teams)
1st - Pirates
2nd - Grammaton Clerics
3rd - Hammer Zero
4th - Dark Knights

Division 3 (25 teams)
1st - Dragon Raiders
2nd - Yin Yang
3rd - Street Mobster
4th - Feva Division

Division 4 (17 teams)
1st - Godlike
2nd - 2am
3rd - Vindicated
4th - Galacticos

Note: I'm quiet surprised to see the number of referees handling the semi-pro event. easily 10-12 referees. X-ball format needs a lot of refs and the judging were mostly good. Congrats UJ Muhsin, after what we talked about last year in Kuching. Hopefully MPOC can emulate the reffing part. Now player are looking forward to the second event of MPOC in Dataran Pahlawan. See you in Melaka.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

MPOC Updates

The number of teams participating in this round will be capped at 60. This is to accommodate the smaller venue and most likely only two arenas will be set up. As of today, these are the teams pledged for MPOC round 2. 10 teams will be trimmed off (last 10 teams to make registration fees)

Division 1
1)Team Xfox
2)Team Demonz Red
3)Team Macdev Ronin
4)Team DMercy Kidz Xtioneers
5)Team Xtioneer
6)Team Nemesis Legion

Division 2
1)Team Ultimate Speed
2)Team OSB
3)Team KFK Halloween
4)Team Red Sevens(Sing)
5)Team Zoo(Sing)
6)Team Republic CMX
7)Team Kontorholl Syndicate (formerly known as Jokerz)
8)Team 3nity(Sabah)
9)Team Urban X
10)Team Simpsons
11)Team Raptor Oscar
12)Team Spunky Militia

Division 3
1)Team Rocknrolla
2)Team KSK Flash
3)Team Kejahatan
4)Team Red Sevens II(Sing)
5)Team Grammaton Clerics
6)Team Pandamonium
7)Team Rainforest 7 Tigers
8)Team CMX Hamoon
9)Team Lost Boyz
10)Team UnderWarranty
11)Team Labuan Fighters
12)Team Dark Knights
13)Team Flankerz
14)Team FTM Skeletoonz
15)Team Demonz Lucifer X
16)Team Skull Banditz
17)Team Street Mobsters
18)Team Kraken
19)Team GHRT Labuan
20)Team Zoo Militia(Sing)
21)Team Legio X
22)Team Duckside
23)Team Karma(Sing)
24)Team Cat Pattaya(Thai)

Division 4
1)Team BlackOps (Sing)
2)Team Tactical Mission Squad (T.M.S)
3)Team Yumz
4)Team Ghost Cobra
5)Team Pitbull(Sabah)
6)Team JPAM Mammoth
7)Team Devastator
8)Team Outlaws(Sing)
9)Team Bingo
10)Team Team Casanova
11)Team Koci Shooters
12)Team Ballistics(Sing)
13)Team Mystic Assassins
14)Team 7th Legion
15)Team CMX Badai
16)Team KSM Paintballers
17)Team Armada Shooter
18)Team Fraternity
19)Team iScreamWar (Sing)
20)Team Technip Hardheaded
21)Team Ragdolls(Sing)
22)Team P.O.D PT
23)Team Raving Lunatics(Sing)
24)Team TMS Double R
25)Team Dare Devils(Sing)
26)Team Bukit Tempur Sabretooth
27)Team Tallybun X
28)Team Sandstorm

Current Total: 70 teams

Meanwhile, MY-NPL round 1 starts this weekend at MAPAAC, PJ.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Alex Savino Paintball Clinic

Alex Savino of team Infamous will be conducting a paintball clinic tomorrow February 24 2011 at Flashpoint paintball Park, Melaka. Contact Fairuz (Kopai) at +6016-9466917 for bookings. Presented by Werdna Hol Sportz.


Alex Savino was born June 2, 1986 in Chicago, Illinois and moved to Monterey Bay, CA at age 6. He started playing paintball with friends from North Monterey High School as a sophomore. He played with several novice and amateur teams in Northern California, including the Kamikaze Kids and Twisted Revolution, before turning pro.
[edit] Professional career

At age 18, Savino moved to Las Vegas, NV to join LTZ (Less Than Zero), an amateur team that worked its way up to the pro ranks. LTZ broke up in 2007 and Savino moved to Southern California to pursue his pro career.

In 2008 Savino played for Dynasty Entourage, a semi-pro feeder team for San Diego Dynasty. Dynasty picked up Savino for the pro PSP X-ball squad mid-way through the 2008 season. Savino won his first pro tournament with Dynasty at the 2008 PSP Northeast Open.

In 2009 Savino was released from San Diego Dynasty and joined Los Angeles Infamous. Savino has played for:
  • Auckland Menace
  • Dynasty Entourage
  • Hollywood HK
  • Lisbon Benefica
  • Los Angeles Infamous
  • LTZ
  • San Diego Dynasty
You can read more about Alex Savino here