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Sunday, February 27, 2011

MY-NPL'11 -Event 1 - Results & Conclusions

Here are the unofficial results of the recent concluded MY-NPL 1st leg at MAPAAC, Petaling Jaya. More results will be posted. Congratulations to all the winners. 80 teams participated in this very first round of MY-NPL 2011. Surprise appearance by Alex Savino of Infamous who guested with Trauma. He just finished his paintball clinic a week before in Melaka.

Semi Pro (4 teams)
1st - Perth City Trauma (Australia)
2nd - Nemesis Legion
3rd - Raskal
4th - Delta Rovers

Division 1 (15 teams)
1st - D'Halloween
2nd - Beezwaxers
3rd - Jellyfish
4th - Killswitch (Australia)

Division 2 (10 teams)
1st - Pirates
2nd - Grammaton Clerics
3rd - Hammer Zero
4th - Dark Knights

Division 3 (25 teams)
1st - Dragon Raiders
2nd - Yin Yang
3rd - Street Mobster
4th - Feva Division

Division 4 (17 teams)
1st - Godlike
2nd - 2am
3rd - Vindicated
4th - Galacticos

Note: I'm quiet surprised to see the number of referees handling the semi-pro event. easily 10-12 referees. X-ball format needs a lot of refs and the judging were mostly good. Congrats UJ Muhsin, after what we talked about last year in Kuching. Hopefully MPOC can emulate the reffing part. Now player are looking forward to the second event of MPOC in Dataran Pahlawan. See you in Melaka.


badman said...

UJ of the tourney was Bob... kalau tak silap la...

Caranthir said...

ko cakap pasal head ref ke? Unless Mo retired, then he's still UJ.