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Friday, February 09, 2007

Hybrid Clinic - The Sweat & Pain

Here's the banner from Hybrid.

We had a closed session for Bandits and Eve (an all-girls D3 team) only. Pretty much everybody were excited and had no idea what to expect.

"We're gonna make you puke in your masks!" Todd said, with an evil grin.

Celaka betul! Mampus la camni...

By 10am, we're all gathered up at APM (Malaysian Paintball Academy) in Padang Astaka, PJ. A really nice place with top of the line facilities! We have 7-man size NPPL field with more than 40 bunkers!

When you're way low on the ground

When you're shooting over bunker

Warmup & Stretching

All I can say was, "fuuuhhhhh... I'm gonna die... I'll just lay here"

The routine is never like we've tried before! You're running probably a full 5 lap NPPL field, with constant pace and occasional sprint. Then those splits, stretches and muscle aching movements! Those alone can make you flat tired if you're not fit at all. Luckily we're slightly better. After a few cold drinks, we're back on our feet. The weather was sunny and hot, with slight breeze. You get thirsty slightly quicker.

Thats what Todd says anyway

Drills, drills, drills and more drills!
Ok, so there were a few drills that we did.

  • Snap shooting drills
  • Running & shooting
  • Breakout, laning & sweet spotting
  • Slides, dives & killing the game quickly
  • Bunkering, left/right hand switching
  • Skirmish with the PROs

  • And in between, there were strategies discussion, techniques in working on the bunkers, snake playing, zone control and the most important of all - communication!

    Other players from Taiwan, Singapore and of course local ballers had their session on the next two days. Again, the players started the day with warming ups & stretchings like the previously day as did by Bandits. Heh, this time you can hear more "Auuhhh" "Groooaann" "Ouchhh". heheh.. sissies..

    The taiwanese players looked like rough cut Div 3 NPPL players. They did dives, slides, everything you see on paintball movies these days. Pretty much all-rounder, but rely too much on certain players. Look out for these players in regional Asia tourneys, they're quick and tight!

    Nick & Nicky

    Too far to go the mens. Aww.. come on TODD!

    Malaysian ballers are still not here nor there... they're not as fast as the taiwanese, but much calmer & cool. Still pretty much lacking in communication and imgination in attacking. Also relying too much on certain players and always hesitate to bump up, even when no one's shooting back! Heheh..

    Singaporean ballers are practically new! So, like any new players, err.. not much to say lah.

    Chris Corcino

    Friendly skirmish

    Then there's our turn to fight them!

    So we lost all of them, big deal! hehehe...

    Started the morning again with warm ups & stretching exercises. This time, most players already anticipated the the torture from these routines. Hehe.. so, they weren't much complain now. Good.

    The day mainly about full game skirmish with the PROs and mixed it up. We had fun playing with US players, and as well as playing againts the taiwanese.

    Oh, on Saturday the taiwanese beat the US players in skirmish. Somebody said that the taiwanese guns were on PSP mode (ramping) and they shoot fast!

    Gary went mad! and wanted a rematch.

    On Sunday, they beat the crap out of the taiwanese. Their guns are on NXL mode this time round! LOL! full-auto baby!

    Nicky at back corner

    Nick on the tape

    Gary - He can get to snake 50 faster than you!

    add more soon...

    Thursday, February 08, 2007

    Contract Killers - The Story

    Who are the Contract Killers?

    Well, they are highly competitive and exceptional US-based pro paintballers sponsored by Hybrid technologies. Their aggressive style of play and their undying desire to win is above everything else.

    And they're bunch of crazy guys too!

    Those that came here were:

    Gary Shows - Owner of Legacy

    Nick Shows - Gary's son. Team Legacy

    Todd Martinez - Team Dynasty

    Nick Cuba - Team Ironmen, formerly XSV

    Chris Corcino - Hybrid Owner

    Now that we know who they are, let's get on with the clinic...

    Wednesday, February 07, 2007

    Hybrid Paintball Clinic

    Contract Killers in town! 26-28th January

    Yup, Contract Killers came to Malaysia and had an awesome clinic here. Players from as far as Taiwan and Singapore came over for this 3 day back-busting, limb-stretching and vomit-marathon event!. It's all in good times.

    Will update more on this event soon.