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Friday, February 20, 2009

Referee Dilemma – Part 3

I’m satisfied. Not quite that perfect, but its there. Above satisfactory. On the recent concluded MY-NPL in MAPAAC, the level of refereeing is good. At least at field 1, where D1 and D2 players games were.

Generally, I find the referees are being lenient. It’s not a bad thing really, but somewhat players will try to get away from getting penalties. I mean, I saw some. Surely some of you also did. Eventually the player either gets shot or penalize; but slightly too late and damages had already been done (playing on and affecting gameplay)

Okay, here’s an example that happened to me. My teammate got shot in the loader on the break and continued shooting. With the thunderous sound of seven guns shooting, I guess he didn’t hear the loader got hit and continued shooting. About 10 seconds later, the referee came and pulled him out, and he didn’t get any penalties (which is 1-for-1 for playing on with obvious hit).

The referee was being very lenient and we were relieved that he didn’t call for a penalty. I mean, even if we did get it still OK. You played on, you get a penalty. That’s it. It occurred to me that, what if we indeed get the penalty, the result will probably be different. We might get rundown quickly soon afterwards cause we lost couple of bodies early in the game.

You see how this will affect the outcome of a game. Playing on is very damaging to the general outcome of the match. So, referee should really be alert. I’ve heard referees from other leagues or promoters are rewarded with cash for pulling 1-for-1 penalties.

Where’s the sense of integrity? It only takes a few drunken refs (at players party) to spill the beans out. Although we don’t mind getting penalize for the right reasons, we hate it even more when referees simply wouldn’t admit their fault or simply say ‘I’m sorry’ for a bad call they themselves acknowledged. Owe it to yourself, you call the shots, and if you’re wrong - admit it! That being said, we all can leave the field and get prepared for the next game.

Back in MY-NPL, I’ve heard that our Head Referee, Mohsin was unhappy when refs didn’t pull a 1-for-1 when clearly he has the right to do so. That got him worked up and he went in the field to help out as well. If you noticed, during the later stages of the tournament, he was right there in the thick of the action. Kudos! It’s great to see hard he’s trying to raise the standard of refereeing.

Some communications between the referees might need to be work on I suppose. There are a few communications between them that got misinterpreted by the crowd and players as giving out players positions. We experienced it ourselves last year and after an explanation from the head ref, its all good.

So in summary, there is always a room for improvement. I’m not targeting specific referee groups but as a whole.
  1. Integrity - Be true and uphold the rule the best you can
  2. Humble - Ready to admit fault if there are any
  3. Alert - Watching the players, not the game.
  4. Conviction - Especially when making penalty calls.
I'm pretty sure there are other values out there, but these are just my version. The first two points can also be applied to players in general. We could make this sport a gentlemen’s game if we have these two values.

Sometime in April, there will be a clinic by Dan Perez of former NPPL and now the USPL. This will be very educational. I hope to be able to join this.

Meanwhile, anybody interested in becoming a referee, please check out this link. Also check out this video featuring MPRO(Malaysian Paintball Referee Organization) highlights on 8TV, May 31,2008.

Note: I wanted to include something about the declining number of referees that could potentially hurt the sport and ways to overcome this. I didn’t see any problems yet so far and I’ll hold this next post about refs for some other time.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


The 1st leg of the PALM Series will be held on the beautiful Coral Island of Kish, Iran from March 1-5,2009. Iran National Paintball League will be from Mar 1-2, walk the field/Captains meeting on Mar 3. There will also be a Paintball Clinic by Team Ironmen on Mar 3. PALM tourney day will be from March 4-5 with the Closing Ceremony & Prize Giving + Complimentary Dinner at the official hotel on Kish Island.

5 of us from Nemesis Legion will be there with the last 2 slots being filled by Wei of Delta Rovers & Shameen of Wolverinez. Mr. Wong of MY-NPL will also be in the group to help foster a better relationship with PALM.

We'll be there not only to play but to also promote The International Super Seven Championship (ISSC '09) to the middle east & the rest of the world. Hope to be able to update you guys on our progress during our week stay over at Kish Island.

Hows the weather like?

View Larger Map

For more info on the PALM SERIES, please visit their official website HERE

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MY-NPL'09 -Event2 -JB 28th-29th March

Team Registration Opens for MY-NPL'09 -Event 2

The Malaysian National Paintball League (MY-NPL) & MAPAAC are pleased to announce the opening of team registration for the event 2 of the 2009 MY-NPL. Registration is now open for all Teams. For more information on registration details, please read below.

Team Registration:
No over the phone confirmation of registrations. All entries must be paid through online or cheque only. Registration must be submited 5days before the event date. Late entries will not be entertain. Changes in team rosters are allowed but need to send to MY-NPL HQ for Malaysian PaintBall Players' Council (MPPC) approval.

Closing Date: 23rd March 2009.

Registration Fees:
Division I -RM900
Division II -RM500
Division III -RM400
Division IV -RM300 (Special)

How to Pay by Mail
Send Money Order, made out to Tactical Action Sdn. Bhd., to:

Tactical Action Sdn. Bhd.
MY-NPL'09 Event2 (Team Registration)
25, Jalan Damar, SD15/1, Bandar Sri Damansara,
52100 Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia.
Tel: 03-6277 7555 / 7666 / 7779, Fax: 03-6277 7711 (TA) / 03-7960 4724 (MAPAAC)

Be sure to include Team Name, Division, Captain's Name and contact information (Mailing address, phone and email address).

Event 2 (JB) Information

27th - 28th - 29th February 2009
1400hrs to 1900hrs Friday (Field Walking)
2000hrs to 2130hrs Friday (Team's Captain Meeting)
0800hrs to 1800hrs Saturday (Site closes at 2030hrs)
0800hrs to 1700hrs Sunday (Finals held on-site at approx. 1700hrs)

Padang Kolej Ke-16, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Skudai, Johor Bahru, Johor Darul Takzim. Refer Google Map below:

Hows the weather there?

More information regarding MY-NPL coming event, please visit Please stay tuned to the Events Info!

or contact: -
Mr. Sofian Daud (MY-NPL Tournament Director)
H/P: 016-332 3337, E-mail:
Tel: 03-6277 7555 / 7666 / 7779, Fax: 03-6277 7711 (TA) / 03-7960 4724 (MAPAAC)

Ms. Linda - 016-332 3331,
Mr. YP Wong - 016-332 3370, 019-983 3370,


Dear all players, team captains & managers

MY-NPL HQ would like to inform you that entrance to tournament venue is only via Taman Sri Pulai Entrance. DO NOT USE any other entrance as MY-NPL event coincides with the UTM CONVOCATION.


Dear team managers & captains,
Here are information for accommodation for teams traveling from beyond JB area.

KM 20, Jalan Pontian Lama, Pulai, Johor Darul Takzim. (Recommended, only 10mins away)
Rates: -
  • Studio (1 King Bed) - RM200.00+++ per unit per night
  • 1 Room Apartment (1 King Bed & 1 Living Hall) - RM240.00+++ per unit per night
  • 2 Room Apartment (1 King Bed, 1 Twin Bed & 1 Living Hall) - RM336.00+++ per unit per night
  • 3 Room Apartment (1 King Bed, 1 Queen Bed, 1 Twin Bed & 1 Living Hall) - RM480.00+++ per unit per night
Booking Reservation - 50% downpayment payable by cash / cheque, payable to TACTICAL ACTION SDN. BHD.
Balance in full upon checking-in

Booking latest by on or before 13 March 2009.


Once 50% payment is done, please fax the slip to 03-6277 7711. Be sure to include Team Name, Division, Captain's Name and contact information. Please call 03-6277 7555 / 7666 / 7779 to reconfirm.

Labuan Open - Results


2nd - X-MENZ
3rd - X-FOX



As expected, Raskal would bring this one home. Congratulations to them. They sure looked unstoppable in MPOC and its feeder series. I can't think of other teams in MPOC that could give them a fight this year.

It seems that with very few participations especially from Open division, the organiser decided to make cross-division games. Anybody knows the complete list of teams and scores from prelims to finals? Or least how many teams for each division.

So I've heard, 16 teams in AM/NOV, 5 teams in OPEN. All girls team of Lund69 came out dead last in Open category. That should be an experience you really can't forget. Hows the Luxes?

Newsclip: PGX
Photos: Here

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cobra Mercenaries in Kosmo!

Note: Not sure when was this published, but if any of you do, please let me know.

Sanggup berhabis RM20,000


Bersediakah anda berbelanja puluhan ribu ringgit semata-mata mahu merealisasikan hobi bagi mengisi masa senggang? Bagi sukan paintball, wang ringgit bukanlah ukuran.

APABILA menyebut tentang sukan ekstrem, pasti anda akan membayangkan aksi-aksi lasak yang bahaya. Selain itu, ramai juga beranggapan bahawa terdapat beberapa jenis sukan ekstrem hanya untuk golongan berada.

Apa tidaknya, kebanyakan sukan ekstrem memerlukan dedikasi dan disiplin yang tinggi serta kos yang besar.

Sukan paintball turut dikategorikan sebagai sukan ekstrem yang memerlukan modal yang agak besar.

Selain itu, sukan seperti BMX, papan selaju, in-line skating, luncur udara, payung terjun, 4x4 dan selam skuba turut menuntut kos yang tinggi.

Namun, bagi mereka yang menjadikan sukan itu sebagai sebahagian daripada kehidupan, wang ringgit yang dilabur bukanlah masalah kerana yang penting hobi itu dapat memberi kepuasan, selain cetusan adrenalin yang mengujakan.

Bagi kumpulan Cobra Mercenaries yang mempunyai 14 ahli, wang yang dibelanjakan untuk membeli peralatan tidak dapat menandingi keseronokan dan keghairahan mereka terhadap sukan paintball.

SUKAN paintball memerlukan semangat setiakawan yang tinggi.

"Ada di antara kami sanggup berhabis sehingga RM20,000 semata-mata mahu menyediakan kelengkapan dan peralatan berkualiti. Mungkin bagi segelintir orang, jumlah itu terlalu besar tetapi sebenarnya ia berbaloi kerana peralatan yang dibeli itu boleh digunakan untuk jangka masa yang panjang," kata Kapten Kumpulan, Faizan Safian, 29.

Faizan mengakui dia adalah antara mereka yang telah berbelanja hampir RM20,000 untuk membeli peralatan permainan paintball.

"Memang benar wang sebanyak RM20,000 itu agak besar. Saya sendiri pun tak sangka bahawa saya telah menghabiskan wang sebanyak itu," ujarnya.

Faizan bagaimanapun berkata, wang itu digunakannya untuk membeli peralatan permainan dan peralatan keselamatan yang penting bagi setiap pemain.

Kumpulan Cobra Mercenaries merupakan antara kumpulan yang aktif menyertai pertandingan paintball yang diadakan di seluruh negara. Oleh itu, katanya, memiliki kelengkapan sendiri adalah penting.

Antara kelengkapan yang diperlukan untuk bermain paintball ialah marker (senapang), topeng, harnest (tempat menyimpan peluru), pelindung siku dan lutut, beg dan palet (peluru).

Sebatang marker yang lengkap dengan tangki udara (tank), pengisi peluru (loader), barrel dan beberapa aksesori lain boleh mencecah harga sehingga RM7,000.

"Sebatang marker boleh digunakan untuk jangka masa yang panjang dan ia bukanlah sesuatu yang perlu dibeli dengan kerap.

"Cuma, pemain akan menukar marker yang baru mengikut kemampuan masing-masing. Marker yang berkualiti akan menambahkan prestasi pemain," kata Faizan.

Menurutnya, pemain akan berusaha untuk memiliki marker yang terbaik bagi meningkatkan daya saing masing-masing dalam setiap pertandingan yang mereka sertai.

"Dalam kumpulan kami, tidak semua ahli memiliki marker sendiri. Biasanya, ahli pasukan yang memiliki lebih daripada dua marker akan meminjamkannya kepada teman-teman lain.

"Ini menjadikan persahabatan dan hubungan di antara ahli kumpulan menjadi lebih rapat," katanya.

Ditanya apakah perbezaan peralatan yang disewakan di pusat-pusat latihan paintball, Faizan memberitahu, marker yang digunakan di sana adalah untuk amatur dan tidak berfungsi seperti marker yang digunakan oleh pemain profesional.

"Marker yang kami guna boleh menembak antara 15 hingga 30 palet dalam satu masa berbanding marker biasa iaitu satu palet pada satu petikan jari.

"Topeng yang disewakan di pusat-pusat paintball juga berbeza dengan topeng yang kami miliki dan harganya juga berbeza," katanya yang memberitahu, pasukannya selalu berlatih di Akademi Paintball Malaysia (MAPAAC) di Kompleks Sukan Astaka, Petaling Jaya, Selangor dua kali dalam sebulan.

Menurut salah seorang ahli kumpulan itu, Mohd. Irhzan Mohd. Nor, 35, jika sudah memiliki setiap peralatan, kos yang perlu dikeluarkan pada setiap kali sesi latihan hanyalah kos membeli palet dan sewa padang.

"Dahulu memang harga palet sangat mahal iaitu satu kotak yang mengandungi 2,000 palet berharga lebih RM700 dan bagi satu sesi latihan, setiap kumpulan memerlukan kira-kira empat kotak palet.

"Tetapi kini harga palet sudah murah, mungkin sebab semakin ramai menyertainya. Satu kotak palet kini berharga RM200," kata Mohd. Irhzan.

Menurutnya, permainan paintball umpama permainan golf yang satu ketika dahulu dikategorikan sebagai sukan kelas atasan.

"Jika dahulu golf dikatakan sukan kelas atasan kerana melibatkan kos yang tinggi tetapi kini sukan itu telah banyak diceburi oleh golongan pertengahan," katanya lagi.

Mengulas lanjut, katanya, selain daripada marker, topeng dan palet, ciri-ciri keselamatan juga perlu dititikberatkan.

"Barrel socks sangat penting kerana ia digunakan untuk menutup muncung marker supaya palet tidak tertembak secara tidak sengaja.

"Palet yang ditembak dari jarak jauh boleh menyebabkan badan pemain lebam. Bayangkan jika palet ditembak dari jarak dekat, kulit kita boleh terkoyak," katanya.

Sementara itu, Pengarah Kejohanan Liga Paintball Kebangsaan Malaysia (MY-NPL), Mohd. Sofian Mohd. Daud yang juga Pengurus MAPAAC, berkata, sukan paintball tidak berbahaya dan jika pemain tercedera, ia hanyalah kecederaan biasa seperti terseliuh.

Katanya, MAPAAC menjadi pilihan pemain bukan sahaja di sekitar Kuala Lumpur malah ada juga yang datang dari Johor kerana terpikat dengan kemudahan yang disediakan di situ.

SEBATANG marker yang lengkap boleh mencecah harga RM8,000.

"Tak banyak tempat bermain paintball mempunyai kemudahan tangki udara. Para pemain perlu menggunakan udara mampat untuk marker masing-masing dan ada di antara mereka menggunakan cecair karbon dioksida.

"Keseluruhan sistem kompresor ini bernilai RM60,000 dan tidak banyak tempat latihan menyediakan kemudahan ini," katanya lagi.

Source: Kosmo! Online

MY-NPL'09 Event 1- Results & Conclusions

Here are the official result for the 2009 MY-NPL Event 1 - MAPAAC, P. Jaya. With the total participation of 85 teams.

Division 1: (11 teams)

1st = DELTA ROVERS (Selangor)
2nd = ZEALOUS (Selangor)
3rd = MACDEV RONIN (Kuala Lumpur)
4th = NEMESIS (Kuala Lumpur)

Division 2: (12 teams)
1st = JOHOR PIRATES (Johor)
2nd = NO MERCY (Johor)
3rd = OSCAR LEGIO X (Pahang)
4th = CMX (Kuala Lumpur)

Division 3: (34 teams)
1st = CMX BUCCANEERS (Kuala Lumpur)
2nd = OSB PIRATES (Johor)
3rd = ROUGHNECKS (Kuala Lumpur)
4th = FIREMAN (Negeri Sembilan)

Division 4: (28 teams)
2nd = JS

Congratulations to all the winners.

Updates will be added in as I received them. Any feedbacks, comments or simply would like to discuss on the event, please do so.


News Article from Sinar Harian

'2009' penyertaan terbanyak MY-NPL

PETALING JAYA – Penganjuran Kejohanan Liga Paintball Kebangsaan Malaysia (MY-NPL) 2009 yang memasuki tahun keempat mencipta sejarahnya yang tersendiri apabila mendapat penyertaan sebanyak 85 pasukan secara keseluruhannya.

Kejohanan pusingan pertamanya yang bermula kelmarin dan berakhir semalam di Akademi Paintball Malaysia, Kompleks Sukan Astaka di sini turut menyaksikan lebih 30 pasukan bertanding dalam Divisyen 3.

Pengarah kejohanan, Mohd Sofian Mohd Daud berkata, penyertaan kali ini menunjukkan peningkatan berbanding tahun sebelum ini.

“Kejohanan kali ini mendapat sambutan sangat menggalakkan terutama daripada pasukan baru dari Divisyen 4 dan juga Divisyen 3.

“Penyertaan dalam Divisyen 4 iaitu divisyen khusus untuk pasukan baru melibatkan sebanyak 28 pasukan yang terdiri daripada penggiat sukan paintball termasuk dari jabatan dan agensi-agensi,” katanya.

Kejohanan yang menawarkan hadiah keseluruhan dalam setiap pusingan menyaksikan pasukan Delta Rovers menjuarai Divisyen 1 setelah menumpaskan pasukan Zealous 2-1 pada perlawanan akhir sekali gus membawa pulang wang berjumlah RM5,000 berserta medal dan hadiah sampingan.

Pada Divisyen 2 pula ia dikuasai oleh pasukan dari selatan tanah air iaitu Johor Pirates setelah menumpaskan NoMercy 2-0 pada perlawanan akhir.

Sofian berkata, selepas ini Bandaraya Johor Bahru buat pertama kalinya dalam lipatan sejarah MY-NPL menjadi tuan rumah untuk Pusingan Kedua MY-NPL 2009 pada 28 dan 29 Mac.

“Kita harapkan lebih banyak pasukan akan menyertai kejohanan sepanjang empat lagi pusingan yang menjanjikan lebih banyak saingan dalam usaha memburu gelaran Juara Malaysia selepas ini,” katanya.

Hadiah kepada pemenang disampaikan Pengurus Program Sinar FM, Rostam Said.




Photos courtesy of Wei of MAPAAC.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Division Preview of MY-NPL, Round 1

According to Mr. Wong the current teams registered for this first round of MY-NPL are there in the official forum. Surprise! surprise! to see new teams (new names) in there as well! Wonder how they fare and how far will they go. Time will tell.

I'm actually surprised to see Assassin-X still in D2 after all these years. They started at the same time as me back in 2005. Probably with new roster, but keeping the old-skool name. Macdev Ballbusterz? I heard Andrew is one of the players in it! with some of the ex-Ronin Legion's. (that's what I heard lah). Again, no Demonz Red or Raskal. They probably playing the Labuan tourney instead. Expect Raskal to be in the following round of MY-NPL.

So, while another ex-WK player scooped by last year's Champion. I'm pretty sure there are alot of other free agents out there waiting for a chance to play again in some of these teams. Too bad, X-Pursuit of Penang couldn't commit in this year's tournament. But I've heard two of their players will be playing with one of the D1 teams. Which team? Let's guess. The rest of the lineups for D1 & D2 are as follows:


Delta Rovers
KL Lock'ddown
Macdev Ballbusterz
MacDev Ronin
MBPJ Rovers
Nemesis Legion
Raz Legion


Assassin X
Cobra Mercenaries
Oscar Legio X (Olx)
Rain Forest 7 Tigers
Ronin Exiles
Sinar X FM
Werdna Escort

For the complete list of D3 & D4 as well, please visit MY-NPL.

Sometimes in this blog, players do tend to try and find a team at the very last minute. They post it at the shoutbox and all. Okay, why not, if you need a team or if any teams need a player or 'Free Agents', post in the comment box with details. Let's compile everything in one place and hope it gets to somewhere.

Free agents, unite!

Linda Onn plays paintball in MAPAAC!

Local TV celebrity Linda Onn, came to MAPAAC for some paintball session with family and friends. Detail stories on her experience, please visit her blog.


Name: Rozlindah Onn
Birth Date: 26 November 1977
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Language: Malay & English
Skin Color: Tanned
Eyes Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 170 cm
Skills: Hosting, Acting, Singing and Scriptwriting
Hobbies/Interest: American Pool, Karaoke, Traveling, Swimming, Music and Video editing
Personality: Warm & friendly, outgoing, high determination & adventurous.

Note: No, these info are true.

Side note: I heard there are newcomers in the upcoming MY-NPL first leg. A D3 team going up there with the big boys of D1 and about 11 teams registered so far for the top division! Very interesting!

Friday, February 06, 2009

ISSC '09 Early Bird Promotion

This offer is valid to all Local & International Teams. Register before March 1,2009 & enjoy great savings of more than 30% off the Registration Fees. It’s a One Time offer so please don’t miss out on this special discount offer.

For International Teams, the discounted rates in USD are :
Open - USD 300
Amature - USD 220
Novice - USD 150

Registration forms are also ready for download.

Team Registration Form (right click and Save as to download)

Player Registration Form (right click and Save as to download)

Player Indemnity Form (right click and Save as to download)

For more details on ISSC '09, please visit MALAYSIA EXTREME.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

What's up with UPBF & APPBF's site?

I was surfing for some information on PALS and UPBF and oddly, I found websites that aren't even working. I think it's been there for some time already. was registered back in 2005 and is expiring soon. A quick search on Domain records turned up the with following information:

Record last updated at 2008-02-05 05:03:13
Record created on 2008/2/5
Record expired on 2009/2/5

2 more days to go!

Curious enough, maybe I can find more infomation at UPBF.COM, but what did I see instead?

What the? Is anything even working or did I get the wrong URL? Nope, correct URL there. If this is indeed an oversight, I hope the relevant authorities will take note and update their sites. I was looking forward to read more about UPBF and was shocked to see this.

During my googling on UPBF, I came across this. Perhaps this sums pretty much.

"UPBF (United PaintBall Federation) who are the major international standard setting body for paintball. They include groups like the PSP, Millenium and PALS, and intend to have a single set of rules, player IDs, reffing standards etc. They are doing this in order to make paintball an internationally unified sport - a prerequisite for getting into major competions like the Olympics. As there is no international 7Man body, it is likely that 7Man will become to paintball like what Indy500 is to international motor racing - only in the US. The UPBF should eventually become to paintball like what the IRB is to rugby." ~ vijil


This is taken from PALS site:

The Paintball-Asia League Series is pleased and proud to announce their participation to the first worldwide paintball organization: the UPBF (United Paintball Federation).

What is the UPBF and What it is made for?

The UPBF is simply the unification of national federations and tournament series in order to have a representing organizational paintball body to deal with official sports organization such as the Olympic Games, National Organisations, etc... But also to have communal paintball rules, refereeing, ID, Etc…

For example some of the UPBF objectives are;

* To improve the game of Paintball continuously and promote it globally in the light of unifying, educational, cultural and humanitarian values particularly through youth and development programs.
* To draw up regulations (Rules, Refereeing, Disciplinary, Players statues…) and provisions and ensures their enforcement.
To prevent all methods or practices which might jeopardise the integrity of matches or competitions or give rise to abuse of paintball associations?

How does it work?

The UPBF is made of confederations and National associations and has an administration which is supported by different Committees under the control of an Executive committee.


The confederations are the umbrella organizations of the national paintball associations on each continent. All provide support to UPBF without encroaching on the rights of the national associations. In fact, the Confederations actually raise the profile of paintball further, by staging their own competitions at club and international level and through a range of other activities.

*APBF: (American Paintball Federation) Operate in North and Central America and the Caribbean with series like PSP, CFOA….
*EPBF: (European Paintball Federation) Operate in West and Eastern Europe with series like Millennium, Centurio…
*APPBF: (Asian-Pacific Paintball federation) operate in Asia and Pacific with series like PALS…
*SAPBF: (South American Paintball Federation) operate in South America with series like the Circuito sul Americano.
*AFPBF: (African Paintball Federation) operate in Africa.


UPBF supports the associations logistically through various programmes and grants them a number of attractive rights and privileges. But they also have obligations. As representatives of UPBF in their countries, they must respect the statutes, aims and ideals of Paintball’s governing body and promote and manage our sport accordingly.


The UPBF is made of committees and 2 legislative bodies (the disciplinary committee and the appeal committee). The Committees play a critical role, making decisions on the organisation of tournaments and the development of paintball in general. Decisions taken by the committees are ratified by the Executive Committee -effectively UPBF's board of directors. The Executive is composed of the UPBF President (who chairs the committee) 4 vice-president, 14 members, one observer and the UPBF General Secretary, who takes part ex officio in all committee meetings.

Several Committees and Judicial Bodies

*Executive committee
*Rules committee
*Technical and development committee
*Referees committee
*Players’ statues committee
*Disciplinary committee
*Appeal committee
*Organising committee for the Intercontinental Cup and World Cup championship
*Media committee
*Sports Medical committee
*Finance committee
Executive committee consists of 19 members:
- 1 president elected.
- 4 vice presidents appointed by confederations and associations
- 14 members appointed by confederations and associations

The confederations are apportioned the following places:

*North America (APBF) vice-president 1 Members: 5
*Europe (EPBF) vice-president 1 Members: 5
*Pacific-Asia (APPBF) vice-president 1 Members: 1
*South America (SAPBF) vice-president 1 Members: 1
*Africa (AFPBF) vice-president 1 Members: 1
*The administration is carried out by the General Secretariat. At its head is the UPBF General Secretary, who is responsible for implementing the decisions of the Executive Committee.
*The General Secretary is also responsible for UPBF’s finances, international relations, the organisation of the UPBF World Cup™, and other UPBF paintball competitions.
*The General Secretariat is comprised of divisions dealing with development, competitions, paintball administration, finance, business, personnel, services and communications.

How can I be part of it?

*If you are a player, thanks to your ID you will become automatically a member. You will be able to play with same ID card everywhere in the world as long as the event or series is a part of the UPBF.
*If you are a national association (federation) you will have to contact your confederation.
If you are a manufacturer you will be able to contact the Manufacturer committee.

Contacts will be very soon available on the official web site

Kejohanan Paintball Terbuka Hari Wilayah Persekutuan 2009 (3-Man) - Results

Results are in. Overlooked this tourney over the weekend. With long holidays in between, it'll be sad to see low attendance for this one. Hope it didn't. Some teams probably took this as a trial run for their 2009 season and to test out new players & strategies.

Official Results:

Open Division
Champion : Killerbeez
1st Runner-up : Raskal
2nd Runner-up : Demonz Red
3rd Runner-up : CMX

Amateur Division
Champion : Justice
1st Runner-up : Marauderz
2nd Runner-up : Demonz X
3rd Runner-up : Kena Kicap

Congratz to the winners. Looks like Killerbeez is a team to watch this year. I'm sure alot would bet that Raskal or Demonz Red would bring it home. Anybody got the full list of participating teams?

For photos of the event, please visit ResidentEvilChef's site. Great coverage as always!