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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Labuan Open - Results


2nd - X-MENZ
3rd - X-FOX



As expected, Raskal would bring this one home. Congratulations to them. They sure looked unstoppable in MPOC and its feeder series. I can't think of other teams in MPOC that could give them a fight this year.

It seems that with very few participations especially from Open division, the organiser decided to make cross-division games. Anybody knows the complete list of teams and scores from prelims to finals? Or least how many teams for each division.

So I've heard, 16 teams in AM/NOV, 5 teams in OPEN. All girls team of Lund69 came out dead last in Open category. That should be an experience you really can't forget. Hows the Luxes?

Newsclip: PGX
Photos: Here


Kherox said...

Hmmm betoi ke ada 16 am/nov teams? Maybe a few last minute team were formed to push up the numbers. Even “Lund 69” the all ladies noob team powered by 3 former eVe girls were pushed to Open Div. Come on la, no offends to the ladies since I knew a few of them personally but to push them to play Open Div after just a few training session sound ridiculous. It looks more of a marketing gimmick or a made for TV/Media kinda stuff to get the hype going.

badman said...

yes, 16 am/nov teams with 5 open div teams, namely
- raskal
- Xmen
- Xfox
- Nightmare
- Replacement Killers (labuan team)

Lund69 were placed in am/nov, not the open div. yeah, it consist of 3 ex-eve members combined with a lady from jb & few kids from labuan. finishing 10/16 is considered 'ok' la for such new formation, at least bukan last la...

each am/nov teams get to go against either 3 of the open div teams. yeap, cross-div.. but then again, if all the lower div are expected to lose (0 pts), it won't make any diff, right..? except maybe the experience in going against stronger seasoned teams. nevertheless, not all open div won their game, raskal lost to d'mercy kidz & xfox drew with Echo1 but lose out on ED. the pressure is on the higher div in maintaining their status, am/nov just testing out their strength & may even be a 'booster' for them to go on.

paintball is kinda new in labuan & the event is an effort of exposing competition level of the game to the ppl there, & it was done 'slightly' bigger than the usual paintball promo..

saifulrizan said...

Pictures from this tournament can be seen at

Best regards.