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Thursday, February 19, 2009


The 1st leg of the PALM Series will be held on the beautiful Coral Island of Kish, Iran from March 1-5,2009. Iran National Paintball League will be from Mar 1-2, walk the field/Captains meeting on Mar 3. There will also be a Paintball Clinic by Team Ironmen on Mar 3. PALM tourney day will be from March 4-5 with the Closing Ceremony & Prize Giving + Complimentary Dinner at the official hotel on Kish Island.

5 of us from Nemesis Legion will be there with the last 2 slots being filled by Wei of Delta Rovers & Shameen of Wolverinez. Mr. Wong of MY-NPL will also be in the group to help foster a better relationship with PALM.

We'll be there not only to play but to also promote The International Super Seven Championship (ISSC '09) to the middle east & the rest of the world. Hope to be able to update you guys on our progress during our week stay over at Kish Island.

Hows the weather like?

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For more info on the PALM SERIES, please visit their official website HERE


Caranthir said...

All the best for the Malaysia teams. I heard that X-menz & Demonz-Red are going as well.

Anybody going for the top division to slug it out with the Ironmen?

PiPeRs said...

gud luck team, n all d best.
jang lupa bwk lik pingat tau

Kherox said...

Yup,it was posted in XPB forum that they'll be there, maybe playing as a team.

My best bet is for Xmenz to be in D1 playing M7 format & battling it out against Ironmen & other top teams from US & Europe.

For us virgin to M7, then D2 M5 is where we belong lol

DaBoss said...

Gudluck to all Malaysia Teams and makes us Proud!!

badman said...

good luck to all, no matter which div or format, just make us proud... ;-)

Kaymo said...

Nice & proud to see my WK brothers going places in the paintball world... I pray for their success in the tourneys they will play in... but not local tourneys lah coz Armada want to cari makan also!

Alang2 menyeluk perkasam,
Biar sampai ke hujung lengan,
Alang2 dah main kat luar negara,
Cuba sedaya upaya untuk jadi Juara!

faizan said...

On behalf of Cobra Mercenaries...Good luck and all the best!!!!.....Dun forget to have fun guys!!!! :)

battosai said...

gud luck to all, C U in Dubai....

Kherox said...

from XPB forum by Gungho Paul:

We are happy to announce that Raskal bros will also be joining us in our endeavours over there.The competition will be tough as we can hardly picture the team overcoming the likes of Ironmen and Ton the Open division playing the M7 format.

We will,however,enjoy ourselves and fight to the bitter end.

The entourage shall move as TEAM DR.X(basically Demonz,Raskals and Xtioneers ) and shall seek to administer our lethal doses of paint to our bros from other parts of the world.

The entourage:

Patrick Wrobel
TC Gan

Will be back in time for the MPOC...see you guys then with hopefully good stories to share!!!

Caranthir said...

Playing Open division ya? baru la best..