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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ramped Magazine

Company Overview:
RAMPED is a brand new, bi-monthly paintball lifestyle magazine. It will be the first paintball lifestyle magazine to focus almost exclusively on the Asian market, covering everything from paintball news, tournaments and the latest gear to how-to guides and features on Asian players and teams.

The magazine will contain content on both speedball (played in the field) and recball (played in the jungle), and will also cater to all levels of play, from the seriously fresh to the hardcore. RAMPED will engage readers on an interactive level with on-going contests, a Q&A section, and reader reviews for gear and equipment.

With 100 pages of pure paintball, innovative writing style, and brilliant, attention-grabbing photography wrapped in a slick, professionally printed package, RAMPED is hot, intense, and brutally creative – it can’t leave you untouched.

The magazine will contain content on both speedball (played in the field) and recball (played in the jungle), and will also cater to all levels of play, from the seriously fresh to the hardcore.

To bring paintball to the Asian masses, to nurture the new paintballing generation, and to bridge the gap between the innocent and the fanatic. We’re here to grow the sport, and to give you a reference for everything you’d want to know about paintball in Asia.

We’re here to be exciting, to be fun, and to shine a whole new light on paintball. Let us show you how sexy paintball can be. Made by paintballers, for the love of the sport.

The first issue of RAMPED is scheduled to be launched in January 2011 and will be priced at RM15 per issue. RAMPED will be available at the following locations:

Xtion Paintball Park
National Sports Complex
Bukit Jalil, 57700 Sri Petaling,
National Sports Complex,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : +603 8027 0658, +603 8873 0658

Paintball TAG Bukit Kiara
Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club
Jalan Bukit Kiara (Off Jalan Damansara)
60000 Kuala Lumpur.


Napshot Paintball
52-A Jalan PJU 8/5B
Bandar Damansara Perdana,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: +603 7710 3960

Pro Paintball Resources
D-G-2, Jalan SS6/20A
Dataran Glomac
Kelana Jaya
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel : +603 7803 2407

TT Sports Park
Lot 017394, Jalan SS12/1,
Taman Subang Ria
Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya
47500 Selangor DE
Tel: (6)03-5638 8969, (6)03-5635 6969

Mudtrekker Scenario Paintball Park
PJU 1/3B, Sunway Mas Commercial Centre,
47301, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +6016 3326104


Flashpoint Paintball Park Melaka
1577-A Jalan Solok Bukit Bayan,
Bukit Katil,
75740 Melaka.


- Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit
- World Cup Asia

We'll keep adding to this list, so check back frequently! For more information about RAMPED at WCA 2010, contact us:

General inquiries


Amber Wong
+6012 3345630 |

Shamsher "Terry" Opherden
+6016 2622869 |


Facebook Page:

Contact Info

+6012 3345630 (Amber) / +6012 2622869 (Terry)

Note: This magazine is just what the Malaysia paintball scene needed to put the sport to another level. Yours truly will also be contributing articles regularly.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hydro Test your Paintball Tanks

Another year has gone by and your paintball gears are getting old - especially compressed air bottles. You can always buy a new one (So many sales towards year end) or you can send it for hydro testing; and for small fee your bottle can last another for another 3 - 5 years. You can save alot by doing this. But before that, why do we need to hydro testing our tanks?

Hydro testing is a very important process for your paintball air tanks and should be done every 3-5 years. Hydro testing is so important because it ensures that you’re paintball air tanks are structurally sound and safe to be filled. How the testing works is a little complicated, but here’s the process in a nutshell:
  • The paintball bottle is separated from it’s regulator.
  • Every inch of the bottle, inside and out is inspected for decay, rust, cracks, etc.
  • Typically, the bottle is then lowered into a vat of water/the hydro testing machine.
  • Water is pumped into the bottle, increasing the PSI.
  • If the amount of displaced water in cubic centimeters, exceeds the REE number (on the bottle’s DOT label), then the bottle fails the hydro test and is unfit for further use.


So now that seems like a good idea where do we go to do it here in Malaysia? I've recently stumbled again to this website and thought I could help highlight this. The blog is run by Aziddin "KakiMusha" Jamil and he seems to be able to handle the job properly. Give him a visit :)

Sources: Guerrilla Air, Wiki, Photo is owned by

Friday, December 17, 2010

Crome2 - Regency Paintball

Looking for a different marker or an exotic brand? Well, look no further ~ the Crome2 from Regency Paintball has finally reached the shores of Malaysia (Asia)! The first and only marker made from Sweden was first featured during the recent World Cup Asia, and some of you may have already seen it and some even shot it! The following are the specifications of the Crome2 marker:

• Liquid milling - attractive, easy to cleaning
• Integrated eye and detent cover
• Patent pending Push-pull bolt-kit, PPB
• Two-cylinder bolt, extremely low reciprocating mass, low kick
• Controlled gentle bolt speed
• Bolt assembly removable without tools
• No tool cleaning
• 3 dynamic o-rings
• Flexible In-line design
• Extremely low noise sound signature
• Slide on 45 frame
• Hidden bolts for aesthetics
• Quick removal - bolts only needs half a turn
• Speed, as fast as your hopper feed
• Ball rollback eliminated, shoot the most brittle paint
• Ball loading control system
• Break-beam self cleaning eyes
• Large radius spherical detents for gentle paint loading
• True vertical ball stack for gentle paint handling
• Convex Trigger
• Repelling magnet, accelerated force for faster trigger return - more balls per second
• Full trigger width single needle roller bearing - smooth and stable trigger feel
• 4 point external adjustment - fully adjustable
• Firing point, front and back stop, magnetic force
• Ultra low profile lever lock feedneck
• Cocker threaded CP barrel
• Custom Products regulator - CP warranty
• Direct acting high performance custom designed solenoid
• Electronics
• All tourney modes: Semi, Ramping, Millennium, NXL, PSP, NPPL
• Three color led
• Single external push-button
• Trigger programmable
• State of the art eye logic

For more information, kindly check out

Monday, December 06, 2010

Battle of January - MPOC vs MY-NPL

Referring to this post and this post, both parties have already waged 'wars' on each others. Both promoters are now aggressively attracting teams to their first event of 2011 with MPOC throwing free entries to WCA 2010 participated teams while Asia Cup & MY-NPL promised to deliver a better yet well organized international standard tournament for everyone! How that can even top up the recent World Cup Asia 2010, only time will tell.

With competition getting fierce on who has the most share of 'the pie', this could turn out to be good for the players. More choices and options to start their year. Let the fight begin.

In The News - First female paintball referees

SARAWAKIANS Angie Ng and Kamalia Kamarudin were recognised as trailblazers when they were selected to be officials at paintball’s World Cup Asia 2010 this Friday (26-28 Nov 2010).

Held annually in Kuala Lumpur, the event is one of three internationally-organised World Cup tournaments in the world of paintball. The other two are the World Cup – Orlando (USA) and World Cup – Paris (Europe).

World Cup Asia has attracted teams not only from the Asian region but from Europe and the Pacific as wel.

Ng and Kamalia will be among the first few women to referee paintball sports leagues. Both from Kuching, they will take Sarawak down in the annals of sports history for being the first female officials.

Proud officials: Kamalia (right) and Ng posing with the male marshalls selected for the World Cup Asia 2010 to be held in Kuala Lumpur on Friday.

When dealing with the behaviour of players, which could range from abusive language to the obligatory pat on the back after a favourable call, Ng and Kamalia are no shrinking violets.

“Confrontation is part of being a referee,” they said.

“If the players cross a line they’re not supposed to, then they’ll receive a technical foul – like any player would.

“The biggest challenge will not only be officiating the games, but earning the respect of the players, coaches and fans.

“Rookies, so to speak, have to earn their respect, and that’s what we are going to have to do. We’re up to the challenge.”

For them, it’s just all part of the game.

Ng added: “Playing paintball requires so much mental focus that we don’t think a lot of the players realise a woman is on the field.

“They don’t pay attention to who’s making the calls. They’re only concentrating on whether they get the call right. And that’s how it should be. It should only be about working hard to do the job properly.”

Source: The Star

Friday, December 03, 2010

MacDev Ronin finishes 4th at World Cup Asia 2010 and named “WCA Best Malaysian Team 2010”!

Team MacDev Ronin finished the year on a high note by coming out 4th Place at the recent World Cup Asia @ Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur (MALAYSIA)! In a total of 16 teams from Australia, Iran, Thailand, France, Germany, South Africa, United Kingdom and Malaysia, we managed to survive the onslaught of many of these top teams in the Asian region and some parts of the world. On top of that we were also awarded the “WCA BEST NATION TEAM”, which was sweeter than when we won “BEST PAINTBALL CLUB” in 2008 which we also finished 2nd Place in the WCA!

We would like to thank all who helped us during this tournament ~ Ash, Adrian, Andi (Sabah), Team Rock & Rolla, Luke & Griffin (Team STK) ~ we would not have made it if it was not for you guys, you guys were awesome! I would like to specially like to thank Julian and Hafez (Sabah) for helping out with the MD Tech Booth giving support to all of our MacDev Militia members!!!

Special thanks to the organizers of the WCA, ref, technical crews, etc. We also would like to thank our sponsors who believed in us after all these years ~ MacDev Australia (Dianne, Bourke & James), Paintball TAG (Bernard), Napshot (Paul, Nicholas & Kevin), Sabah Paintball Association (Eddy & Hafez), and lastly our new sponsor from Empire who will be gearing us up for 2011!

My warmest heart felt thanks to a team who has gone through thick and thin as a Ronin family through out the year to give such awesome results by appearing in 4 finals in the MPOC league, MPOC (2nd Leg) (1st Place), Sabah Youth Cup (1st Place), Kuching CM Cup (4th Place) & World Cup Asia (4th Place). You guys rock ~ Julian, Oden, Shamsher, Romanoff, Bernard, Greg, Ash, Andi, Izrol, Adrian Joitol (Sabah), Eddy (Sabah), Andi (Sabah) and to our extended Ronin family Luke Martin & Griffin Lumbers (STK) and Lars, Andreas, Joel & Hendrick (Stockholm Ignition).

Thank you to all of our friends who supported us during all of our tournaments this year, SEE YOU ALL IN 2011! Come and play in the best national league in Malaysia the MALAYSIAN PAINTBALL OFFICIAL LEAGUE (MPOC) 2011!!!

Alan “Ace” Lian #31