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Friday, December 17, 2010

Crome2 - Regency Paintball

Looking for a different marker or an exotic brand? Well, look no further ~ the Crome2 from Regency Paintball has finally reached the shores of Malaysia (Asia)! The first and only marker made from Sweden was first featured during the recent World Cup Asia, and some of you may have already seen it and some even shot it! The following are the specifications of the Crome2 marker:

• Liquid milling - attractive, easy to cleaning
• Integrated eye and detent cover
• Patent pending Push-pull bolt-kit, PPB
• Two-cylinder bolt, extremely low reciprocating mass, low kick
• Controlled gentle bolt speed
• Bolt assembly removable without tools
• No tool cleaning
• 3 dynamic o-rings
• Flexible In-line design
• Extremely low noise sound signature
• Slide on 45 frame
• Hidden bolts for aesthetics
• Quick removal - bolts only needs half a turn
• Speed, as fast as your hopper feed
• Ball rollback eliminated, shoot the most brittle paint
• Ball loading control system
• Break-beam self cleaning eyes
• Large radius spherical detents for gentle paint loading
• True vertical ball stack for gentle paint handling
• Convex Trigger
• Repelling magnet, accelerated force for faster trigger return - more balls per second
• Full trigger width single needle roller bearing - smooth and stable trigger feel
• 4 point external adjustment - fully adjustable
• Firing point, front and back stop, magnetic force
• Ultra low profile lever lock feedneck
• Cocker threaded CP barrel
• Custom Products regulator - CP warranty
• Direct acting high performance custom designed solenoid
• Electronics
• All tourney modes: Semi, Ramping, Millennium, NXL, PSP, NPPL
• Three color led
• Single external push-button
• Trigger programmable
• State of the art eye logic

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