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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Division Preview of MY-NPL, Round 1

According to Mr. Wong the current teams registered for this first round of MY-NPL are there in the official forum. Surprise! surprise! to see new teams (new names) in there as well! Wonder how they fare and how far will they go. Time will tell.

I'm actually surprised to see Assassin-X still in D2 after all these years. They started at the same time as me back in 2005. Probably with new roster, but keeping the old-skool name. Macdev Ballbusterz? I heard Andrew is one of the players in it! with some of the ex-Ronin Legion's. (that's what I heard lah). Again, no Demonz Red or Raskal. They probably playing the Labuan tourney instead. Expect Raskal to be in the following round of MY-NPL.

So, while another ex-WK player scooped by last year's Champion. I'm pretty sure there are alot of other free agents out there waiting for a chance to play again in some of these teams. Too bad, X-Pursuit of Penang couldn't commit in this year's tournament. But I've heard two of their players will be playing with one of the D1 teams. Which team? Let's guess. The rest of the lineups for D1 & D2 are as follows:


Delta Rovers
KL Lock'ddown
Macdev Ballbusterz
MacDev Ronin
MBPJ Rovers
Nemesis Legion
Raz Legion


Assassin X
Cobra Mercenaries
Oscar Legio X (Olx)
Rain Forest 7 Tigers
Ronin Exiles
Sinar X FM
Werdna Escort

For the complete list of D3 & D4 as well, please visit MY-NPL.

Sometimes in this blog, players do tend to try and find a team at the very last minute. They post it at the shoutbox and all. Okay, why not, if you need a team or if any teams need a player or 'Free Agents', post in the comment box with details. Let's compile everything in one place and hope it gets to somewhere.

Free agents, unite!


Da Boss said...

Gudluck to all the teams.. please promote fair game and good sportmanship..

Make the 2009 NPL a memorable one in a positive manner!!


Caranthir said...

Boss, take up refereeing la if not playing. Your experience would be really helpful!

Maverick said...

Da Boss run aso cannot, how to ask him ref!! LOL
I think now he must have a big tummy after so long not playing!! LOL
As player can la, play 8 prelim (8x5mins=40mins max). Go be a ref 8hours a day!! After I will be the 1 in trouble carry him out from the field!! LOL

Caranthir said...

Maverick is hinting that there are teams still looking for players aka Free Agents, yes?

Naka said...

Hahaha.... Already sold my DM8 lah.. Too late...

Hamba Tuhan @ Pian Daud said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Caranthir said...

I sure hope the organiser would do something regarding two teams having the name MacDev on it. If it's in a different division, probably is ok, but in the same division? There will be confusion for SURE! Oh yes I'm sure.

I've no idea on what are their status with MacDev, but seriously... they should just stick to Ballbusterz with the 'z' at the back.

Hamba Tuhan @ Pian Daud said...

u r not jealous of other teams getting sponsors from macdev is it? hahahaahah.....this is paintball in malaysia...

Caranthir said...

Getting sponsored is ok. In fact, I don't even care. I'm more concern on the confusion it will create, especially when teams announcement are made. (again, read my earlier reply on this)

But I can tell that you don't play paintball at all and you don't know nothing what I'm talking about. LOL!

And you should change your name, since you're not Pian. Why hide behind a nick and talk like you DON'T have any ounce of intelligent?

Oh, and any of your replies that aren't a concern to this topic, will just get deleted. LOL!

For I am the arbiter. I decide.

Da Boss said...

Ya lor, Maverick.. is rite, im putting a bit of weight.. sure i cant be a ref.. And trust me being a Ref is not an easy job.

Respects to all the refs!!

Again gud luck to all the teams in the 2009 season!!

Sioux said...

Yeah too bad that X-Pursuit not playing NPL, but they will be definately playing ISSC. Will see if they could bring surprises.

Simon OneFingerer said...

thanx for having such "facility" for us...
i'm from wolfpack D3
and looking for any interested players to join us for NPL.i'm not sure about the JB leg though.i haven't discus with my teammates

Caranthir said...

Simon, when JB post is up let's see if we can get more free agents.