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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Malaysia Paintball 2009 - An Overview

Late 2008, there were some rumors that one of the major paintball league here in Malaysia would cease to exist. Financial backing problems contributed to the rumors very much, and there were also talks about one league to takeover another league. Sounds incredible at that time, but anything is possible.

Later, everything turns out pretty much the same as the year before. Both league carried on with their agendas for the players, and here we are presented with choices & options.

Pro players have also come down to Malaysian giving clinics, appearance and even played here! Players like Davey Williamson, Yosh Rau, Maximus Lunqvist, teams like Dynasty, Infamous, Bushwhackers, XSV, Joy Division etc.. all came down! Though they all came for different reasons & events, but it always for the greater good of Malaysian paintball.

As we have probably known, MPOC started early this year to kick off the paintball calendar and more soon to follow. There are two major events for this year on top of both leagues and this is something to get excited on.

Let's see how the calendar looks like this year.

Event 1 - 14th - 15th February 2009 (MAPAAC, PJ)
Event 2 - 28th - 29th March 2009 (Johor Bahru, Johor)
Event 3 - 20th - 21st June 2009 (Kuantan, Pahang)
Event 4 - 1st - 2nd August 2009 (Bandar Hilir, Malacca)
Grand Finale 7th -8th November 2009 (MAPAAC, PJ)

More details here

Venue: Dataran Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Date: 1st - 2nd - 3rd May 2009

More details here

1st Leg - 10th & 11th January - (Xtion Paintball, KL)
2nd Leg - 7th & 8th March (JB/UIAM)
3rd Leg - 18th & 19th April (Xtion Paintball, KL)
4th Leg - 6th & 7th June (Penang)
Final Leg - 14th,15th & 16th August (Xtion Paintball, KL)

More details here

19th, 20th, 21st & 22nd of November (Xtion Paintball, KL)

Labuan Open 2009 (Pre- MPOC)
13th, 14th & 15th February 2009
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Different teams have with different priorities, would love the options on which league to play. Both league offers interesting format and high prize money.

For the MY-NPL series, this year will be the debut for 7-man format, which is popular with the NPPL and now USPL league. Teams have been scrambling for more players and have been actively scouting for players from other teams, divisions and even other league!

Last weekend, alot of D1 teams came for practice at MAPAAC, and you can roughly tell whose playing with who. Nemesis recruited two more guys (one from Rimba Bandits) and had a great practice with Zealous (I see there are now free from injuries). Newcomers Killer Beez were also spotted having a session with Nemesis.

Delta Rovers recruited a few more players from the lower ranks to strengthen the roster. Surprise move from Banzaai to completely dissolve and joined ranks with Wolverinze. Should be a team to watch out.

MacDev Ronin retained much of its 2008 roster except for a few changes in their lower D2 teams. Armada is expected to give everyone the run for their money when the season starts. There are no news on the whereabouts of Blackwidow Rovers. Can't tell if they're in or not.

Newly promoted team KL-Locked Down were seen practicing without their new teammates from old Demonz Red. They were promoted from D2 last year (then Ballbusters) and now looking to play with the big boys in D1. Apparently Wani (ex-Honeybeez) was recruited to join them. More girls in D1 paintball!

There're rumors that Demonz Red won't be playing NPL this year, instead concentrating solely on MPOC. I'm pretty sure Raskal would play both leagues whenever they get the chance.

So, after Chinese New Year break, expect to see alot of teams having last minute practice sessions and more players trading places. It looks like it's going to be a good year for Malaysian paintball after all. But, you never know.

Then there is always problem about referees. But that's another story.


GiGi RongAk said... this is starting to be a good blog for paintballers. kan elok...takde nak berat mana2 side. semua inform. pandai pun...

Anonymous said...

ha...this i like...very the informative...non-bias. Good job.

battosai said...

armada is still loking for player for 7man. Berminat hubungi cip lanun atau aku (battosai)atau bagitau kat pian kalau tak jumpa kitaorang....

adzweri said...

Good post Mr. Caran.

badman said...

teamless guy here, kelayakan sebagai 'gun for hire' tu takde la, tapi kalau ada yg nak 'bunnie for hire' ok la kot... hehehhe ;-P

potosan said...

keep up the good work bro...
nice blog to read and full of tournament info..

Caranthir said...

Thanks Pot. Congrats on your engagement. Lekas2 yer...

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keep up the good work caranthir. you're doing us a good favour being a good sport broadcaster! (I know I am, as semi-retired).

:-) happy new year to you and your wife.