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Friday, June 11, 2010

India's NPL Website

Finally it's World Cup fever again. The opening game was between the host South Africa against Mexico. Both teams played very cautiously and it's kind of boring to watch. So, I whipped out my laptop and went online. I was checking my blog's visitor list when I saw one came from India. So, I headed to naturally.

Then I saw the banner. NPL is holding a referee course and I saw a familiar photo. Here's what I mean. The screen shot of India's National Paintball League.

Looks familiar?

This photo of Head Ref Epul was shot back in Kuantan 2008. I had the photo in my Referee Dilemma articles. You can read it

So Dez, what do you think? I didn't feel like watermarking it, since I had the post title directly on Epul's hand.


residentevilchef said...

welcome to the club!

badman said...

found 1 oversea bugger using one of my pix as his fb profile pix, does that one counts or not...? & oh, the pix was taken by dez in one of those tourney...