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Monday, July 26, 2010

MPOC 2010 - Event 4 Results & Conclusions

Here are the results of the recent concluded MPOC 2010, at Padang Merbuk, Kuala Lumpur. Congratulations to all the winners.

Division 1
1st - X-Fox
2nd - Trauma
3rd - Demonz Red
4th - Warriors

Division 2
1st - Eastsiderzz
2nd - Ronin Nexus
3rd - Urban-X
4th - Red Sevens

Division 3
1st - Hammer Zero
2nd - Zoo
3rd - Pandamonium
4th - Rhymber-X

Division 4
1st - KSK Flash
2nd - Kejahatan 2
3rd - Prolintas Legion X
4th - Rock n Rolla

This has been one of the best MPOC in terms of organisation and venue. Two Sup'Air Arenas were brought in and it gave MPOC a touch of a major European tournament look. Those who are familiar with Millennium Series Paintball would have that feeling. Wet playing field and mud is what I've come to love. The mud wasn't that bad and the level playing field helps alot for aggressive teams.

The Arena
From the chat that I had with Simon Fournier of Sup'Air, the arena itself can be fully inflated in just a matter of five minutes! We got to witness this, when the Arena on field 2 has to be inflated back after the D3 games were stopped because of bad weather. After seeing how easy the to patch any tear on the arena PVC or even Bunkers, I couldn't help but wondering if MPOC would take it 'outside' like the European counterpart anytime soon. Find a nice tarmac with lots if walking traiffic near some crowded place, set up the Arena, lay down some carpet or turf. And bam! Instant tournament venue! Surely 2011 will be lots of surprises for paintballers.

Fairplay and Sportsmanship
I can't say much, but refereeing this time around is just adequate. It wasn't impressive but they're just okay. Last few legs were much better. I've never flared up in a paintball tournament for some time and last week, I just lost it. It's just wasn't paintball at all. I'm sadden for the fact that there are my friends and circumstances put us in opposite sides of the field. My team got penalized, we collected ourselves and got on with the remaining game. Then we played one of the best paintball when we held Trauma in our last preliminaries.

Of thunderstorm and rain
When it rained, it sums up the mood at our tent. Now the overall Champion for Division 1 has blown out wide, anybody can win. It's going to be a nail biting finish to the end. We shall bring our A game on the final event.

As usual, you can visit for event photos. Give it a few days for all the photos to be up.


badman said...

better start training now, & good luck... ;-)