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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Macdev Cyborg RX & Shift Barrel Kit

Macdev has just launched the new Cyborg RX at the PSP World Cup in Orlando, Florida. Retails at USD1,299. Pre-order now and get the SHIFT barrel kit as for free! The specs are just mind blowing!

Download the brochure here!

Check out the official website at for details.

We get to shoot these babies at upcoming WCA! I can't wait.

*Photos from the PSP World Cup, Orlando Florida.

Check out the video*

Cyborg RX with the new DYE Rotor. Jams were NOT from the hopper, it's the Reballs. Maybe they're just dirty.

*source: PBnation

SHIFT Barrel Kit

Quick bolt removal! Lajuuunyer..!

NOW available at MAPAAC are the stock Cyborg RX and Shift Barrel Kits! Check them out now! Also, check out the very limited edition of Ronin Cyborg RX!