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Monday, April 19, 2010

MPOC 2010 - Leg 2 Results & Conclusions

Here are the final results of the recent concluded MPOC, leg 2 in Bukit Jalil. Congrats to all the winners!

Division 1
1st Macdev Ronin
2nd Demonz Red
3rd X-Fox
4th Perth City Trauma

Division 2
1st Red Sevens
2nd CMX
3rd Urban X
4th Eastsiderzz

Division 3
1st Overkill
2nd CMX Bucaneers
3rd Ultimate Speed
4th Zoo

Division 4
1st KSK Flash
2nd Rock & Rolla
3rd Redhawks
4th Mystic Assassin 2

Another great weekend for paintball! The weather was good, and on Sunday the field was good earlier in the day when its wet, but got a bit hard to play on later in the afternoon. Perth City Trauma from Australia made their debut in the MPOC and played brilliantly throughout the preliminaries. Their good run saw them ended up at fouth position. You can expect Trauma to come back stronger next leg.

Refereeing were relatively good, but there were some dodgy calls here and there. Tempers were flying in DYE field especially during intense D1 games. Players poured their heart and soul into their game and very passionate about winning. UJ Junaidi managed to control both the refs and players well.

Although miraculously the field didn't flooded or waterlogged on Sunday, the pit are is just as bad. Some of the players almost slipped in the PIT itself! Yikes! Wood planks inside the pit are would definitely solve this. Paint sold there were affordable and there were three brands to chose from (from what I saw). Bushido, Ignite and Proto and ranges from RM175~RM185. Although we had a few ball stuck in the loaders, but they do break on impact. So, that works for us.

And the best part is, Macdev Ronin finally got the gold. It wasn't easy, but we have done it. It couldn't come at a better time, since we also were wearing our new 2010 jerseys! Sweet.

Visit for the tournament photos! But be kind on the refresh button. Lol!

Note: Did I heard correctly that Aco of Demonz Red got suspended?

After two legs, I'm still baffled on how MPOC awarded points. For a win it's 1pt, draw it's 0.5pt and 0pt for a loss. They have shown that they consistently struggled in calculating game points in the MPOC series and WCA, so why not make it easier for everyone. 2pt for a win, 1pt for a draw and 0 for a loss. Easy?


pacman said...

Congrats to you and Macdev Ronin on some great game play! A well deserve win for Ronin.

On the matters of the dodgy calls, please understand that as a team owner myself - UJ Junaidi Kalil is doing the best he can with whatever resources he has current, I at times do not agree on certain calls as well - but in the spirit of sports, I think Junaidi deserves a pat on his back, if the players felt that the heat was on them, try thinking about the heat on the marshalls - all I want to see better in the next MPOC is consistency in the calls made from the marshalls.

Being players ourselves, we know that arguements about close calls will lead us nowhere, a decision has been made and we should just move on. So we should refrain from unnecessary name callings etc etc

Yes Aco of team demonz red is facing a possible suspension pending a committee meeting this week, I will update you with the outcome later. Again, congrats to all the winners esp Team Ronin and Team Red Sevens (two championships in a row now!!)

Caranthir said...

Thanks for the insight Pat. Congratulations to you and Demonz Red too! Tight games which only 3 points were scored between Demonz and Ronin.

pacman said...
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The Bear said...

Can an ultimate marshal push u or body contact u (players) outside the field (at the marshal tent)? Can he say "ey fucker you" or "fuck you" to players? Yet the announcer was
announcing "please do not abuse the marshals or u will be banned
from playing". What about marshals? Please comment.

Caranthir said...

I felt sorry that it happened to you Bear. It shouldn't have happened in the first place. I guess, when people were pushed to their boiling point, they'd tend to do things they aren't suppose to.

Have you guys talked to Junaidi afterwards when everything is cooled down?