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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

2nd Premature End

It seems my time with Nemesis Legion has come to a 2nd premature end. I had been on the team since November ‘07, started off as a guest player during the MY-NPL ’07 Finale. Had a great ’08 season with the team, being on the podium on all tournament we entered & closing the season as the Overall D1 Champ for MY-NPL League.

There have been critics saying I’m not a good player, it wouldn’t make any different if I’m not in the team but mind you, all this talk behind the back only came up after we broke up 3 weeks ago. Biasa la…….

Personally, I am proud of what I have achieved with Nemesis. I worked myself up from being a guest player, to the 7th guy in the team, to being in the 1st five (during the 5-man play) & finally in March 2009 as the Captain of the team. Not bad huh for some extra baggage.

But i couldn’t agree more with the critics, I’m not a good player but I’m a good team player, so is everyone else on Nemesis Legion. We were closed to unstoppable as a team, the chemistry was there. 2009 was looking as another great year for the team, our minor setback was just our 1st event of the year, Event 1 of MY-NPL ‘09.

I was made the Team Captain right after our 4th place finishing at Event 1, i was then the 2nd most junior player in the team but maybe "Boss" Hasnata saw something in me. From there on, we won 1st place in all the tournament we entered as a team. Proudest moment for me in leading the guys as Captain for 3 straight Champion finishes starting with Event 2 MY-NPL in JB(End March), The ISSC’09(Early May) & finally 4th Leg of the MPOC (Mid June). Maybe luck was on our side, maybe I was a good luck charm lol.

3 in a row & then all came crashing down.Nemesis Legion minus 4 former players couldn’t sustain the momentum & win their 4th straight tournament. 3rd placing was all they got at Event 3 MY-NPL & it could have even been worse if MD Ronin had their best lineup against Nemesis during the their quarters in Kuantan.

A tragic end to one but a ray of hope to others. The team that profited the most to the breakout will surely be Delta Rovers, they’re now in the drivers seat leading the pack for the Overall D1 Champion. They have been playing well all year so they deserve to be where they are now.

I'll post a write up on what made me & 3other guys leave the team for the 2nd time in a later posting but for now............. all the best to Nemesis Legion, it has been a pleasure playing with you guys.