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Friday, July 10, 2009

MacDev Ronin in Paris, Millennium Paintball

Here's how it goes for team MacDev Ronin in Paris, as told by Alan Lian.

We just got back to Malaysia, still a bit jet lagged and all but we had a blast in Paris last weekend! We would like to thank Silvio and the guys from Consilium-Dei Zurich for all their help in the pit and coaching! Congrats on your Malaga win also! WE also would like to thank the Stockholm Ignition guys for making our dreams playing in our very first MS. Lars, Per, Oscar, Andreas, Koffe - THANK YOU SO MUCH! It has been a tiring but a learning experience for us playing against some of the top pro european teams, not to mention even the divisions 1 & 2 teams - tough teams every single one of them. Coming out with a couple of wins and a couple of games from some of the pro teams was an awesome feeling.

On the first day we checked our D2 draw and saw we were drawn to play:

1) 2Easy Warsaw (D1)
2) Ronins PBW Haguenau (SPL)
3) London Nexus (CPL)

In our first match against 2Easy Warsaw, we were quickly down 0-3 but came back to level at 3-3. Unfortunately, we lost in the decider 3-4. We went up against French Team Ronins next, they were very aggressive and we lost 0-4. Next was pro team London Nexus which was our last D2 prelim games to be played the next day.

We next had to play our ICC prelims matches, and they made us play all 3 matches in less than an hour. In our group we had the likes of eventual champion Chilli Peppers Riga, (CPL) Budapest Bullets (CPL) and Assala Libreville. We made short work of team Assala Libreville (4-0) and quickly moved to the next field where the Bullets guys were waiting, including Oliver Lang! We got an extra 5 mins break before starting our match. We were down 0-3 even though we did a pretty good job of holding them but got eventually run over.

We got shot up pretty badly in every game, until it was tough to clean them! The next game started the same, and we both lost bodies one at a time until it was a 1on1 situation with Oliver Lang going up against Shamsher Opherden n which we came out on top this time! We won the next game as well with the score at 2-3. The Bullets decided to step it up by finishing the last game off. After the long gruelling 5 games, we packed our stuff and ran back to our previous field to play against Chilli Peppers Riga. We lost 0-4 but we play a solid match and held them off a quick win over us.

Well, our last match finished at 9pm. We slowly packed our stuff and headed back to the hotel to heal our wounds... LOL!!! and get some dinner. Went to bed early to have a good rest to prepare ourselves for our last D2 prelims match against London Nexus.

Day 2
We started our first match of the day at 8.30am (Sat) against London Nexus, our last D2 prelims match. After a day's play before and with the help from CD and Ignition, we were more comfortable with how the field long as we stay away from the penalties! That was killing us a lot!!! We played a pretty decent match against Nexus taking 2 to 3 Gs in every game but still lost 0-4 in the end.

Well, with that we failed to qualify for the Millennium Cup so we had to play for the Millennium Shield. The overall results came through after about an hour, and we found that we were to play Team Vision Klub in the knockout play-offs at about 3pm. We started off the first game with a penalty and lost it but came back to tie at 1-1. In every game we were able to get a G of the break, but the Vision guys still managed to win the next 2 games to lead 3-1. We fired up ourselves even though we were dead tired with the extreme heat and came back to level the score at 3-3. In the final game, we started off shooting a guy of the break which the ref took a long time to call him out, in which he should've gotten a 1 4 1 since he played on. Oden came down the dorito side and clipped the snake guy in the pods but was not called out immediately again! That 2 slow call calls cost us the game dearly, and we lost 3-4 with Vision only having 2 guys left. Team Vision Klub went on to play Stockholm Ignition in the Shied Finals and lost 0-4 to them!

Next it was back to the ICC event again for us in the Qfinals against pros Marseille Icons at 6pm on the main CPL field! At that time we didn't know that Budapest Bullets had already pulled out from the ICC giving a free win to another Malaysian team. We got ready while watching a demo game with players using the Kingman handgun Eraser, it was fun watching them and to get our mind relaxed a bit. The 5 mins timer was called and we got onto the field to check some last minute bunker position. There were a lot of people at the grandstand watching the ICC games!

We started the first game pretty strong, but we got a penalty and the Icons won it with just 1 guy left (0-1). The next next 3 games went the same way, they were too fast and too strong. We got 1 penalty in every game and that didn't help us at all. We lost our last match in the Paris event 0-4.

Alan Lian

Note: I'll come with another version of mine later, which is way way shorter. Hehehe..