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Monday, May 24, 2010

Exclusive - Villain talks to Paul Lam

Here's an exclusive interview with Paul Lam regarding about recent development in our paintball industry.

(VPB) Tell us a bit about yourself and what are your roles in PALS and UPBF.
(PL) I am the founder and current Director of the Paintball Asia League Series, or PALS, which also organizes the Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit (MPOC), and the World Cup Asia (WCA). We have been strong promoters of the sport in the region since 2004, and plan to continue being so.

I am also the founder of the Asia Pacific Paintball Federation (APPBF), which sits alongside its counterparts in America (APBF), Europe (EPBF), South America (SAPBF), and Africa (AFPBF) under the United Paintball Federation (UPBF), where I am one of the Vice Presidents.

(VPB) What is the relationship between PALS and the Millennium Series
(PL) PALS is an official partner of the Millennium Series Europe. All our events, including the World Cup Asia, are sanctioned and recognized by the Millennium Series Europe. We have a great working partnership and we plan to continue as such in the promotion of sports within the region.

We would also like to add that we have been also working closely with Paintball Sports Promotion (PSP) in the US, which is in line with the goals of the UPBF to unite all paintball federations and tournament series for the proper promotion and growth of the sport worldwide.

We are very proud of this, and hope to maintain these working relationships in the future.

(VPB) Were there any plans to make an Asian version of the Millennium Series?
(PL) There were never any such plans as PALS is already a firm working partner of the Millennium Series Europe; we already share similar goals.

(VPB) Who were involved in the initial discussion regarding this matter?
(PL) I do not know, as I was not involved in any initial discussions regarding this matter.

(VPB) Very recently there's a 'promotion' on the Asian Millennium Series will make its debut in 2011. Sounds like it's a done deal event and WILL go on as schedule. Is this true at all?
(PL) No, this is not true. I have seen the press release and flyers, and attribute this promotion to the vivid imagination of frivolous parties. We have written confirmation from the board of the Millennium Series Europe that there was never any such agreement.

(VPB) The press release at the Millennium Series Asia website has been taken down. What does this means?
(PL) This is because the parties responsible have been using the Millennium Series logo and name without authorization from the board of Millennium Series Europe, and have been requested by the board to remove the website and all references to the Millennium Series Europe.

(VPB) What is PALS position regarding this matter as of now?
(PL) We regard the so-called “Millennium Series Asia” as fictitious and misleading, as it is not sanctioned by the Millennium Series Europe. Even the MPBF, whom they claim to be working closely in the future with, is not aware of any such agreement.

(VPB) Is there anything you would like add regarding this issue?
(PL) Acting without the proper sanction and authority and misusing the name and logo of our established counterparts in other regions can be detrimental to the sport in Malaysia, as it undermines the credibility of the Malaysian paintball industry. We only hope that there is no lasting damage done, and that the parties involved are aware of the consequences of their actions.

(VPB) Thank you Paul for your time.