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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Millennium Series Asia

The Millennium Asia Sports Sdn Bhd - Press Release.

It is with great pleasure to announce the formation and the launching of our new company, The Millennium Asia Sports Sdn Bhd, the ultimate Asian Paintball Series, in full partnership and co-owned by Millennium Series Europe.

What we have here is European expertise and capabilities but with Malaysian flair and style. After nearly a decade of organising and operating successful World class paintball events and championships in Europe, the Millennium Series Europe with its vast pools of amassed knowledge and expertise, is branching out into Asia. This partnership will set new standards of World class paintball tournaments and events throughout the Asian region. Each event will rival those like the PSP, NPPL and even the Millennium Series Europe itself.

Our aim with Millennium Asia is to bring these world class events from our hub in Malaysia to our neighbouring countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Philippines, Taiwan and even Australia. Our objective is to produce high calibre teams that can compete with the best of the best in the World’s stage and to project paintball as a serious and highly competitive sport. Our partner, Millennium Series Europe will provide experts advice and training with full Paintball Industry support to enable teams and players alike to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

With these visions in mind, Millennium Asia will form the first Asian Semi Pro League in 2011 and our inaugural event scheduled in January 2011 in Kuala Lumpur will feature the first ever division for World Class Professional paintball players to compete in. Millennium Asia with the assistance of Millennium Europe and its Industry support will invite Pro teams like Dynasty, Ironmen, Nexus, Impact, Joy Division, TonTons etc with its full team compliment to compete. By 2012 we propose to feature a regular Pro Division and perhaps as a full leg of the World Millennium Series event based in Kuala Lumpur. Millennium Asia will feature 3 events in 2011 with host from the neighbouring nations and intend to increase these in future.

Millennium Asia will also work closely with the newly formed Malaysian Paintball Federation as the Sport’s governing body and the Malaysia Sports Council to regulate and to provide unified Rules and Regulation and synergy between government ministries, participants and paintball industry as a whole and to encourage non paintball related industry involvement. Millennium Asia will through the Federation work with the Ministries of Youth and Sports, Tourism and Culture promote not only this sport but also the host nation. With a recognised governing body as in the Federation and a unified Rules and regulations, gone are the days of dubious paintball event management and dubious marshalling and refereeing by so called qualified persons? All these will be replaced by qualified person registered with the Federation and trained to the appropriate levels.

Through Millennium Asia and the Federation, all paintball players will be registered with the United Paintball Federation - UPBF, a proposed World governing body which is also a brainchild of the Millennium Series Europe to track and assist any player on the World’s circuit and to provide a database so that each paintball player can be ranked and recognised on the World’s stage.

Other notable partners in the Millennium Asia Company are Tactical Action, KCHL Paintball, Skirmish Paintball Asia and Global Adventure Resources. Together we strive for a better and a brighter future in our beloved sports of paintball.

Press Release
On behalf of the Board of The Millennium Asia Sports Sdn Bhd

For more info or newsletter, email us at

Note: No PALS involvement? The last paragraph however rings a very familiar tone. Looks like the big players are teaming up to come up with another tournament. If this takes off, will MY-NPL be discontinued (or even fewer events) to give way for the new (millennium series) format?

UPDATE: There will be a press statement regarding this matter soon from APPBF. Currently the press release at has been taken down.

PALS have subsequently issued a press release regarding this matter. Please read here.


Simon said...

hrmmm very misleading....

The Bear said...

How come you only interview one side of the story?? I think if you got both the stories Villian Paintball will be less lop sided.

As Paul said in the Paintball Unite BB forum...
"Be Sure To Get Both Versions Supporting, I will Be Happy To Share This Great Moment"

The Bear said...

I think you should get both side of this story to make Villian Paintball less lop sided.

As Paul has said in the Paintball Unite BB Forum.

"Be Sure To Get Both Versions Supporting, I will be happy to share this great moment"

So Get TC's Statement too.

Caranthir said...

Bear, if you could let me know TC's email, I would gladly would like to know his side of the story.