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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Villain 1-On-1 Challenge Series #2: The Conclusion

This time around, we had 11 participants for the second series with a good mix of experienced and new players. There were supposed to be more but some had to withdraw and some just didn't care to inform that they weren't attending. Nevertheless, it was still exciting and most of all - WE HAD FUN! Caranthir joined in at the last minute and we also had a 'tag team' which comprised of Terry (Demonz) & Wei (DR).

There were new rules to the challenge - players must touch the opponents gate & run back to touch his own gate in order to win and reloads were allowed. Additionally, players were allowed to use their own markers. MAPAAC also greatfully loaned a Cyborg and a Timmy for the players which had no markers of their own.

The challenge kicked off at about 10am with each players playing about 4 games in the preliminary round. Top 8 players will get the chance to advance to the QF stage playing in a best of 3 format. Then its off to the Semis and finally - The Final.

In the Preliminary round, Terry, El-Gato, Arm, Oden, Greg, Hafiz & Hata made the early cut to go into the Quarters. The final spot was decided by a tie breaker which saw Ice melted by Caranthir. The Quarters saw Tag Team Terry & Ah Wei going up against Caranthir, El Gato versus Hata, Arm taking on Hafiz and the Ronin Family Feud - Greg challenges Oden. For the knockout rounds, we've decided that it'll be a non stop affair - they must finish all games before they can leave the field. The first two brackets saw the players slugging it out til the 3rd game while the final two finished off their opponents with swift action.

After dispatching their opponents, this was how the Semis would play out. El-Gato faces Caranthir while Arm will attempt to take out Oden. In the Gato Vs Caranthir battle, the former drew first blood taking down his opponent at close range. Caranthir evened out the score taking out Gato advancing from the 50s. The deciding game saw Gato gunning down Caranthir in a close range melee to take the win. Arm of DRX & Oden of Ronin was a close match as well as both of them fought like their life depended on this game. Oden who was a more experienced player of the two secured his place in the Final.

The weather was hot but the second installment of the Villain 1-On-1 Challenge was SCORCHING! In the Finals - Oden goes head to head with El-Gato of Banzai! Both individuals are great players in their team and possibly the league. It wasn't easy for these guys to get into the finals, the opponents they had to encounter did everything possible to stop them from advancing. Now it was time to choose the best and both players certainly have their sights locked on the Grand Prize - Bragging Rights til the next series! It seemed that Oden was much hungrier than El Gato who probably had too much to chew when he took down Caranthir in the Semis. The Gato fell into Oden's trap on both occasions giving the latter two straight wins for a Final victory.

The excitement didn't stop there, the participants & organizers adjourned to the VIP Players Tent for rounds of drinks, gossips and UNO STACKO!!!

Will Oden return to defend his 1-On-1 crown or will he chicken out in the next series? That we will find out in March when the Villain 1-On-1 Challenge returns. In the meantime, we would like to thank MAPAAC & their crew and MacDev for their support. Hopefully for the next series we would be able to provide the players with a more exciting format & prizes. Keep tuning into Villainpaintball for news updates on the next series and other things PAINTBALL!

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