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Monday, January 21, 2008

Pengerang Open 2008 - The Conclusion

The Full Result of Pengerang Open 2008. I don't have any photos or videos yet. So, whoever has some and would like to share it with us, I'd appreciate it. Email me at caranthir[a] to send photos. Thanks abunch.

Division Pendekar
Champion : RASKAL
Runners-up : FLANKER
Third Place : XTIONEER
Fourth Place : ZEALOUS

Division Pahlawan
Champion : S2K
Runners-up : X3MIX
Third Place : NOMERCY
Fourth Place : D'MERCY KIDZ

Pengerang Closed
Champion : BARATON
Runners-up : SCARECROW
Third Place : TEAM POWER
Fourth Place : GENG 69

Congratz to all the winners! Akira, our correspondent write tells what went on at Bandar Penawar. Thanks for the writeup!

The Story
written by Akira

The just concluded Pengerang Open 2008, which was held on 19 and 20 January 2008 at Stadium Bandar Penawar, Pengerang, Kota Tinggi, Johor has rewrite the record book of paintball in Malaysia. It offers the biggest ever prize money in the history of the game in Malaysia and once again the Team Of the Malaysian National League led by the main presenter, Tactical Action Sdn Bhd, was given to honour to execute the proceedings.

The day down south begun with downpour that nearly cost the game. At Field No. 1, teams from Johor, X3MIX and RAZ LEGION JR is the curtain raiser match whilst LEOPARD HUNTERS of Melaka played RAINFOREST 7 TIGERS of Jerantut, Pahang the opener at Field No. 2. Again and again we still see teams forfeiting the first game due to timeliness or rather lack of it, and RAZ LEGION JR is of no exception. Kudos to the team of organiser for keeping the time on schedule, whilst RAINFOREST 7 TIGERS began with flying colours beating LEOPARD HUNTERS. Nonetheless, the rain failed to deter the game and goes as schedule throughout the day. The coldness of South China Sea plus the rain had made the day like in the cold country as quoted from a player of DRX.."I could feel the coldness and the foggy day"....

Altogether 8 teams of the Pendekar Division, 14 of the Pahlawan Division and 28 of the Closed Pengerang took part and we are proud to see the mergence of teams from host state Johor which constitutes 10 of the teams in Pahlawan Division. Johor has become the force to be reckoned in the development of the sport in Malaysia and we sincerely hope that continuation shall prevail in MY-NPL 2008. So the first day ended with all the teams completed their preliminary games with ZEALOUS topping the chart in the Pendekar Division and NOMERCY lying top in the Pahlawan Division.

Come Day 2, the D-Day, the knock-out rounds of the quarterfinals begins. This is the very first tournament whereby the new format of MY-NPL, whereby quarterfinal shall be carried by means of a knockout, best of 3 was introduced. Initially causing confusions among the players, especially on the arrangement of game but eventually things becoming clearer and comprehendable. Thanks to the ever informative Mr Tournament Director!. ZEALOUS and SPITFIRE commence the day at Field No. 1 and NOMERCY and LEOPARD HUNTERS at Field No. 2. It was a very hot, sunny and humid second day of the tournament, the sunglasses and umbrella started to appear. And it was even hotter inside the field, with every contestant pouring their heart and soul to grab the biggest ever prize money offered in any paintball tournament in Malaysia. At the end of the game, FLANKER and RASKAL squared it off in the Division Pendekar whilst X3MIX and S2K battled it out in the Pahlawan Division. The prize giving ceremony was officiated by the local ADUN, YB Dato' Harun Abdullah and the end of the day - EVERYBODY IS A WINNER.

Akira Nurtagaya



"Flanker a.k.a. Nemesis"

For more photos, visit Taken by our unofficial blog-buddy photographer, Desmond Foo. Thanks for sharing us the photos buddy.


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