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Monday, January 07, 2008

MY-NPL Super 7 - The Conclusion

It was a super super Sunday. Nobody would have guessed a D3 team coupled with Raskal players would made it that far. I myself guested with Macdev Ronin and I had a blast. Some problems with the compressor in the middle of the day, but somewhat sorted by the end. I truly believe we could've made it to the finals it not for some equipment issues, but hey.. that's luck. For us (Macdev Ronin) it come at the worse time, in the semis. But we had a good one. We all did.

Since I was playing, Queen Rina and her stand-in photog cum teammate Khairul of BB, took some photos. Our dear friend Nizam (Battosai) tooks some photos & videos as well. Of course you guys might noticed, Epul from Banstarz productions going around taking videos as well. So, let's have some updates ya! wohoo!!

Here's the official results

Division Pendekar:
2. Nemesis
3. Macdev Ronin
4. Werdna Hol

Division Pahlawan
1. Shimigami X
2. Planet Raiders
3. Rainforest Legion 7
4. Screaming Eagles

Photos will be up soon this week ok lah, some today. So, have patience ya.

Gallery 1 - 308 photos
Photos by Battosai & Rina

Gallery 2 - 2 videos
Camera Operator - Battosai
Editor - Kherox

MY-NPL Super 7 Games #1

MY-NPL Super 7 Games #2
Includes interview with Wolverinez, Raja Khairul, Hasnatah, Ah Wey & Wong


iqbal said...

great stuff u got it out for the super7 series.. ;) btw just wanderin do u happen to have any shimigami pics ?? thank you

Caranthir said...

I'm not sure about that yet. There's another camera that we haven't processed yet. Maybe there're some in there. Keep checking back ya?

thanks for the support!

iqbal said...

yeah sure lovely.. great pics.. i guess we've got camera talents aswell as those facefull dudes have.. :) big up u lot. cheers