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Thursday, June 08, 2006

MPOC 2nd Leg "On Parole" DVD will be out June 10

This is it. This will be the cover for our first ever paintball video on DVD.

Will be out in the coming Asian Cup, June 10-11 2006. Introductory price of only RM40. Get your copy now, visit Xtionpaintball and go buy it! We need your support!

For group or team purchases, please contact us directly.



kaymo said...

The DVD was great, hats off to Caranthir & Kherox in producing d DVD...

My wife liked the bits after the ending credits... it was so damn funny esp when DaBoss was laughing - he sounded like a chipmunk.

MikeE said...

Any chance of sending a copy to New Zealand?

email me


Villain said...

Sure mike, u got gmail