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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pro Paintball Merdeka Sale! - 2 Days only!

With the season coming to an end, in conjunction with Merdeka day and also the upcoming World Cup Asia, We here at Pro Paintball Resources have decided its time to clear out the shop:

For two days Saturday 29th August 2009 and Sunday 30th August 2009 we will be pricing everything to clear! We mean it, so if you see something you like name us a price (be reasonable) and for all you know you may be walking home with something you have wanted for a long time!

Shop opens at 12pm and will close at 9pm . Can't make it? No worries, call our ever friendly staff at +603 7803 2407 and place your order, bank in the money and we ship it to you!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Star Shooters

Star shooters By SHARMILA NAIR

PAINTBALL is not just a game about eliminating your opponents by spattering them with paint pellets. There’s more to the challenging game than just aiming, shooting and getting down right messy.

Paintball requires strategy, determination, agility and most importantly teamwork. If you get the formula right, the game will take you far.

Shamsher Opherden and Greg Tee stand testament to that. The avid paintballers have been playing the game for a very long time and even had the opportunity to represent Malaysia in an international championship last month.

These members of the paintball club Macdev Ronin were first runners-up at the World Cup Asia (WCA), which automatically qualified them to participate in the Millennium Cup paintball championship in Paris, France.

“We’re the first Malaysian team to have actually played in the WCA finals, and when we knew that we made it to the Millennium Cup, it was simply amazing,” says Shamsher, 21.

The 10-member team played alongside some of the world’s greatest paintballers, and they didn’t let their lack of experience or the novelty of competing in an international arena get in the way of their game plan.

Greg Tee (left) and Shamsher Opherden are avid paintballers. Their team represented Malaysia at the recent Millennium Cup in Paris, France.

“It was our first time going against some of the very people we’ve actually read about. The experience was definitely a dream come true for most, if not all, of us,” says Greg.

They also learned a lot by watching the international players who played the game somewhat differently from what these boys are used to.

“Their game play is more on the aggressive side whereas Malaysian paintballers prefer to play on the defensive side,” adds Greg.

The 17-year-old Hotel Management student has been playing the game for almost four years, and has been a member of Macdev Ronin in the last two.

Another aspect that they found different in France was the crowd. More people come to support paintballers than they do at home, says Shamsher.

“People over there are used to paintball, so the game is nothing new to them. You can see many fans coming over just to watch the game and support the players. It’s not the same here.”

Nevertheless, the boys don’t let the lack of crowd support deter them from doing their best in any competition, especially during the local season league.

The Macdev Ronin also plays in the National Paintball League, which has about 50 local teams competing for the championship trophy.

“We keep ourselves busy by participating in various paintball leagues. It keeps the team alert and ready all the time,” says Greg.

The Macdev Ronin usually trains at Padang Astaka in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, every Sunday, playing paintball for at least four hours each time.

*The Macdev Ronin team during one of their games.

There’s a lot of physical training involved and the paintballers keep fit by jogging, doing push-ups and more.

“We also practise our sliding, diving and snapshooting motions. These are all part of the paintball techinques that helps us move faster without getting hit,” says Shamsher.

The players ensure that they’re fitted with proper paintball gear, such as protective masks, jersey and pants before they start training.

“We all have our own markers (paintball guns), and our own gears. We can’t play if we don’t have on a complete set of ‘uniform’,” says Greg.

A marker is priced between RM800 and RM6,500, whereas a mask can cost up to RM400. Though the gear may seem a little expensive, they are considered as investments by players who see themselves playing the game for a long time.

“Paintball is a game that doesn’t just use your body but your mind as well. It’s a game that requires quick thinking and moves.” When they are on the ‘battlefield’, the one thing that keeps them going is the adrenaline rush. Shamsher says that once you get addicted to the high from playing paintball, you’ll keep going back for more.

The camaraderie and friendship they form on the ground is also something that keeps the players going. They have to communicate and be on the lookout for one another at all times.

Greg also says that there’s a lot of yelling involved in paintball, as that’s the only way that the players can communicate with each other while playing the game.

“We need to be co-ordinated at all times. That’s one way to ensure that we don’t get eliminated quickly,” he says.

A player who gets hit with the paint pellet (usually made of a gelatin shell filled with food colouring and vegetable oil), is out from the game, and the team that eliminates all of its opponents is considered the winner.

“You cannot get shot at any part of your body, or even your equipment. You’ll be considered out of the game. And if a player stays on in the game even after getting hit, they’ll be penalised,” says Greg.

This is where teamwork comes in as each player looks out for one another. But at the same time, there are moments when the team members get angry with one another over a move or decision.

“We do have our arguments but nothing has gone past verbal. There’s a rule against cursing and if a player gets into a fit and throws the marker on the ground, they’ll be banned from playing the game for a year,” says Shamsher.

That is a huge penalty that none of the players want to pay, so they make sure that they keep their cool (and that their team members do too) during the games.

The next big championship that the boys are looking forward to is the WCA which will be held in November.

“We hope to get into the WCA finals again, which means that we’ll qualify for the Millennium Cup next year. Then, we can really do better than we did this year,” says Greg.

*Photo from

Source: The Star

Monday, August 17, 2009

Results & Conclusions

Here are the official results of the recent concluded MPOC, 5th Leg in Xtionpaintball, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.

Division 1
1st - Raskal
2nd - Matrix Entourage
3rd - Xfox
4th - Xmenz

Division 2
1st - D'mercy Kidz
2nd - Warriors
3rd - Matrix Elr
4th - Shimigami X

Division 3
1st - Eastsiderz
2nd - Damnnation
3rd - Oscar Legio X
4th - Urban X

Division 4
1st - Southern Pirates
2nd - Overkill
3rd - Spunky Militia
4th - Infidelz

Series Champion For 2009
Division 1 : Team Xfox
Division 2 : Team Matrix Entourage Lemon Ruski
Division 3 : Team Oscar OLX
Division 4 : Team Overkill

Congratulations to all the winners!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

MPOC 2009 - 5th Leg 15th & 16th of AUGUST 2009

The final leg of MPOC 2009 is finally here! Those who love the X-Ball type format should not miss this one. Players Party and Awards Night on the 16th of August at Club 9 - Plaza TTDI,Taman Tun Dr Ismail. The final warm up from the MPOC in the lead up to the World Cup Asia 2009.

Field Layout

Players Party & Prize Giving Venue

Location : Breeze @ TTDI Plaza, Taman Tun Dr Ismal, KL. An open air concept and under 18 minors are allowed to be in as well.

Time: 9pm - 3am (tentatively ends at 11pm )

The prize giving ceremony will be held there....not to mention freebies to be given away and cool prizes to be won!!!

A project by playsnasty

for more information please contact:

simon - 0162145550
kevin - 0123030111

List of teams attending (from Xtion's forum) and maybe more...

1 Xfox
2 Raskal
3 Matrix Entourage
4 Xmenz
5 Isi Rimba
6 Nightmares
7 Nemesis

1 ME Lemon Ruski
2 D'Mercy Kidz
3 Warriors
4 Jokerz
5 Shimigami X
6 Eastcoast
7 Enigma
8 Dark Angels

1 Damnnation
2 Red Sevens
3 PPS Syndrome
5 Stryker (Fatman Slim)
6 Urban X
7 Eastsiderzz
8 Oscar Legio X
9 Zerofreaks
10 Rimba Crusher
11 Romeoz
12 D' Black Listed

1 Spunky Militia
2 Pain Nuts
3 Bamboo Bullets
4 Overkill
6 Gladiators
7 Ocean 18
8 RocknRolla

Loads of prizes this time around I heard. Wish everyone the best of luck!

Monday, August 03, 2009

MY-NPL'09 Event 4 - Melaka - Results & Conclusions

Here are the official results of the recent concluded MY-NPL Event 4 Melaka. Congratulations to all the winners!

Division 1: (8 teams)
1st = NEMESIS (Kuala Lumpur)
2nd = RAZ LEGION (Johor)
3rd = MACDEV RONIN (Kuala Lumpur)
4th = BALLBUSTERZ (Kuala Lumpur)

Division 2: (7 teams)
1st = NOMERCY (Johor)
2nd = CMX (Selangor)
3rd = JOHOR PIRATES (Johor)
4th = WARRIOR (Selangor)

Division 3: (22 teams)
1st = RAPTOR (CyberJaya)
3rd = OSB PIRATES (Johor)
4th = ROUGHNECKS (Johor)

Division 4: (32 teams)
2nd = KARMA

Note: I'll add other results as they come in. Oh! they're up there already!


Kejohanan Liga Paintball Kebangsaan Malaysia (MY-NPL) 2009 Pusingan Keempat telah diadakan di Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall, Banda Hilir, Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah pada 1 dan2 Ogos 2009 yang lalu. Ini merupakan tahun keempat berturut-turut Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah telah dipilih sebagai venue dalam kalendar kejohanan MY-NPL.

Sebanyak 68 pasukan telah bertanding yang terdiri daripada 8 pasukan Divisyen 1, 7 pasukan Divisyen 2, 22 pasukan Divisyen 3 dan 31 pasukan Divisyen 4. Kejohanan dimulai dengan perlawanan-perlawanan Pusisngan Awal untuk Divisyen 2 dan 3 pada sebelah pagi hari pertama, Sabtu, 1 Ogos 2009 sementara pasukan-pasukan Divisyen 1 dan 4 memulakan persaingan di sebelah petang. Hari Kedua kejohanan diteruskan dengan persaingan dalam peringkat suku akhir, separuh akhir dan akhir, Bagaimanapun permulaan hari pertama tergendala hampir 1 jam disebabkan hujan telah turun dengan lebatnya tetapi tidak mematahkan semangat para pemain dalam perebutan hadiah-hadiah pusingan bernilai hampir RM50,000.00.

Persaingan dalam Divisyen 2 pada hari pertama telah dikuasai pendahulu terkini mata keseluruhan MY-NPL 2009 yang juga Juara Pusingan Ketiga di Kuantan yang lepas iaitu Pasukan NOMERCY dari Negeri Johor. Mereka diiringi oleh pasukan-pasukan CMX, WARRIOR dan JOHOR PIRATES mara ke peringkat separuh akhir. Bagaimanapun harapan untuk melihat 2 buah pasukan dari selatan tanahair di peringkat tidak kesampaian apabila NOMERCY diketemukan dengan JOHOR PIRATES di peringkat separuh akhir sementara CMX menentang WARRIOR. Ternyata NOMERCY menerus kecemerlangan di peringkat kalah mati ini dengan muncul sebagai Juara untuk terus memantapkan kedudukan mereka di tangga teratas dalam pungutan mata keseluruhan Divisyen 2, dengan meninggalkan Pasukan JOHOR PIRATES 19 mata di tempat kedua. NOMERCY membawa pulang hadiah bernilai RM5,000.00 serta medal selaku juara dan sudah pasti memantapkan kedudukan untuk meraih hadiah bernilai RM12,000 selaku Juara Keseluruhan kelak.

Di dalam Divisyen 2, sebanyak 22 buah pasukan telah bertanding termasuk pasukan-pasukan dari Perlis, Kedah, Terengganu selain daripada dari Lembah Kelang dan selatan tanahair. Bagaiamanapun persaingan dicemari dengan insiden 2 buah pasukan dari Lembah Kelang yang telah disingkirkan dari kejohanan akibat perlakuan mengatur perlawanan, yang mana merupakan pertama kali berlaku dalam sejarah MY-NPL. Juara Pusingan Ketiga Kuantan, RAPTOR ternyata meneruskan tradisi rentak permainan mantap mereka dengan menguasai saingan di hari pertama dengan memenangi kesemua perlawanan peringkat awal mereka. Pasukan dari Perlis, UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA PERLIS (UNIMAP) telah membuat kejutan dengan menyaingi rapat di tempat kedua diikuti oleh 2 buah pasukan dari Negeri Johor, pendahulu mata pungutan keseluruhan terkini Divisyen 3 ROUGHNECKS dan OSB PIRATES di tempat ketiga dan keempat. Kedudukan keempat-empat pasukan di peringkat awal ini adalah juga merupakan kedudukan mereka di akhir hari kedua. RAPTOR terus mempertahankan kejuaraan Divisyen 3 mereka dan seterusnya memberikan saingan rapat kepada ROUGHNECKS dalam persaingan Juara Keseluruhan Divisyen 3 dengan mengumpul sebanyak 168 mata, mengurangkan jurang dengan ROUGHNECKS di tempat pertama kepada 8 mata sahaja. Ini sudah pasti akan menyemarakkan Pusingan Kelima “The Grand Finale” kelak dalam perebutan takhta Juara Malaysia Divisyen 3. RAPTOR membawa pulang hadiah bernilai RM4,000.00 serta medal.

Sebanyak 8 buah pasukan bertanding dalam Divisyen 1, diketuai Juara Pusingan Ketiga di Kuantan, DELTAROVERS serta Juara Keseluruhan 2008 NEMESIS LEGION. Bagaimanapun, setelah semua pasukan menamatkan saingan 8 perlawanan dalam Pusingan Awal, KILLERBEEZ telah membuat kejutan dengan mengungguli pungutan mata dan menjadi pasukan pilihan pertama dalam peringkat sukuakhir yang berlangsung pada Hari Ahad, 2 Ogos 2009, meninggalkan pasukan pilihan NEMESIS LEGION dan DELTAROVERS masing-masing di tangga kedua dan ketiga. Hari Kedua kejohanan ternyata memberikan lebih banyak lagi kejutan, dimana KILLERBEEZ telah tersingkir di peringkat suku akhir tewas di tangan BALLBUSTERZ, yang merupakan kejayaan pertama BALLBUSTERZ sepanjang 2009 ini di kedudukan podium. Pertemuan RAZ LEGIONdan DELTAROVERS di peringkat sukuakhir juga merupakan ulangan perlawan akhir di Kuantan pada bulan Jun yang lepas, tetapi kali ini di Melaka RAZ LEGION ternyata lebih mantap untuk menguasai pentas pertarungan. Di akhir hari kedua, NEMESIS LEGION telah muncul juara dengan menyingkirkan saingan RAZ LEGION di perlawanan akhir. Kejayaan NEMESIS LEGION ini serta ditambah dengan kegagalan di peringkat suku akhir DELTAROVERS telah melonjakkan kedudukan mereka di dalam pungutan mata keseluruhan Divisyen 1 ke kedudukan teratas dengan kelebihan 6 mata dan sudah pastinya Pusingan Kelima November ini akan bertambah hebat. NEMESIS LEGIO N membawa pulang hadiah bernilai RM9,000.00 selaku juara dan sudah Hadiah Juara Keluruhan Divisyen 1 2009 bernilai RM15,000.00 akan menjadi rebutan mereka pada bulan November kelak.

Di dalam Divisyen 4, 31 buah pasukan telah bertanding termasuk 2 buah pasukan dari Negara Singapura, KARMA dan SEEKERS INC. Di dalam persaingan hari Pertama, Pusingan Awal, YING YANG naib juara Pusingan Ketiga Kuantan, telah mengetuai 16 buah pasukan ke saingan Peringkat Suku Akhir di hari kedua. Bagaiamanapun kejayaan JERUNG, pasukan tempatan dari Pejabat YAB Ketua Menteri Melaka, layak ke peringkat suku akhir di tempat ke 13 telah mencuri tumpuan, yang membuktikan kewujudan bakat-bakat sukan ini yang agak menarik di Negeri Melaka. Bagaimanapun SHOOT IN RAGE dari negeri Johor, yang meduduki tempat ketiga di Pusingan Kedua dan Ketiga yang lepas telah memperlihatkan peningkatan mereka dengan muncul sebagai juara untuk membawa pulang hadiah RM1,00.00 serta medal, mengecewakan pasukan dari Negara Singapura KARMA di dalam perlawanan akhir. YING YANG, naib juara Pusingan Ketiga Kuantan terpaksa berpuashati sekadar di tempat ketiga dan sebuah lagi pasukan dari Negeri Johor, JACKALS di tempat keempat.

Pusingan Kelima MY-NPL 2009 akan diadakan pada 7 & 8 November 2009 di Akademi paintball Malaysia (MAPAAC), Kompleks Sukan Astaka, Jalan Utara, Petaling Jaya. Pendaftaran dibuka bermula dari sekarang. Sila hubungi pihak sekretariat MY-NPL di talian 016 332 3337 / email atau layari laman web untuk maklumat lanjut.

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