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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Werdna Hol Cup v32 - December 2009

Date : 5th - 6th December 2009
Fee : RM350 / team + 1 FREE Box Of Pallets

Champion : RM 1500 + Medals
1st Runner’s Up : RM 1000 + Medals
2nd Runner’s Up : RM 800 + Medals
3rd Runner’s Up : Medals

Date : 12th - 13th December 2009
Fee : RM 350 / team + 1 FREE Box Of Pallets

Champion : RM 3000 + Medals
1st Runner’s Up : RM 2000 + Medals
2nd Runner’s Up : RM1000 + Medals
3rd Runner’s Up : Medals

Venue : Tasik Idaman, Bangi
Field Type : 1 Field / Outdoor / Grass / SUP AIR 44 Piece Pro Series
Tournament Type : One Off / League
Closing Date : 30th November 2009
Paintballs/Pallets : RM 170/Box
For more updates, visit :

For more info, Please Contact:
Erewan +6016 233 9373
Nick +6016 908 7718

Payment can be made to
512222516724 (MAYBANK)

Closing Date : 30th November 2009

Note: Andrew from Werdna Hol is back again with alternative paintball tournament! Those who are looking for experience before stepping up into the bigger leagues, this is the tournament for you! Please note the different dates for different division.


badman said...

v3.2 format is slightly diff from the normal 5-man - 3 players go first then the other 2 insert later during the game. team not only have to deal with the 3, but also have to look out for the other 2 coming in, at the same time have to protect their own inserted players... requires slightly diff strategy from the normal format... heard there's also plans for a v5.2 format in the future.. interesting, eh...? ;-)

Caranthir said...

Very interesting. I need to see this one myself la one day! hehehe..

badman said...

the format was first introduced during last year's eagle ranch tourney, if not mistaken & had it first major standalone tourney in juru few months back..

haven't got the chance to play it myself but interested to try... ;-)