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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Paintball Manager - Web based paintball game!

Here's a game that I've been playing for quite awhile. It's called Paintball Manager. In this game, you take over a paintball team with a set of roster and try to build the team up to greater glory. Think of Championship Manager or one of those sports management game - and add paintball into it. So, when you're in between real life tournaments and looking to kill that paintball addiction, here's the game for you. You can play it anywhere and anytime.

Main team page

Here's a quick guide on how to start the game. I won't go into the details as there is a help link inside the game itself that could explain more.

After registering a team, you'll be given a team in the most lower division (Division 4) in a league. If you're from Malaysia or other country (where there aren't many teams/players), you'll be definitely be grouped in the International League. You will automatically take over a bot team that is already there. Without user control, bot teams usually played like chicken and cows, no strategy whatsoever. So once you take over a team, you have to start deploying tactics.

Team's league standings, schedule and results

Explore the control around and feel your way around the it. What I would recommend is to look at your team's league standing. If there is a high chance you'll finish strong and with some prize money, then good. You can start scouting for better players to strengthen the team.

Then, try to enter tournaments on to win money and keep your players form up. You can win alot of money winning tournaments in a week. In a typical week, you have 3 tournament days you can enter - Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Paintball TV - Watch your team live in action!

Now that we got games going on, look ahead into your schedule and check the field you're playing. Create tactics and select your lineup for each field you're playing. After a few games, you will want to start tweaking and fine tuning your tactics. Or maybe, upgrade your arena for better home ticket sales. More sales, means more money for the team.

Watch from your players point of view!

And do upgrade your Java engine cause you need it to view paintball TV. One of the coolest features in this game is watching the game live! Click on the TV icon at your fixture and wait for the Java applet to load up and enjoy your game.

See which moves or tactics works best or watch how your opponents play and learn from them. After each game, you will be given the game stats on how each players perform. Oh, did I mention that this whole game is X-Ball format, race to 7.

Currently there are like 5 Malaysian teams in this game and we're all grouped in the International League and in different divisions. If we can get alot more Malaysian players to join, we just might get our own league!

View the game from the top in Paintball TV

Set your tactics - 2D View

Set your tactics - 3D View

As of now, National Team has only just starting up and awaiting its official tournament. And I'm looking for more in-game Malaysian 'players' to join the national team. spoke to Markus about this game he created. - When and where did you get the idea for an online paintball game?
Markus - I have always been big fan of manager games and played lot of old footy manager games. Some years ago I started playing a bit similar game as Paintball Manager. It was fun at first, but I felt I could create much better match simulation, because I had been doing some artificial intelligence work for games earlier. So I started to write my own simulation and eventually it turned into full game. - What is your own paintball background?
Markus - I have followed professional paintball for some years, especially PSP and LA Ironmen, but other than that I don't have serious paintballer background. - What are your plans for future development of the game if any?
Markus - At the moment I am focusing on finishing some missing features such as layout editor, friendly leagues and national teams. It would be great to work with paintball industry, but I feel that the game needs to be fully functional first until you can start talks with other parties. - How about a fantasy paintball league based on actual players in the Millennium Series or PSP?
Markus - That's obviously something you cannot just start on your on, but if a league provides financial support I would love to be part of making fantasy paintball game. I guess in current economic situation this is not really possible.

Join the game here -


Kine said...

This game is 10 / 10 !

okay maybe 8 / 10 but it's good enough to spend time on it. takes time to build up a team but that's where the fun is.

But it'll be 10x better if Malaysia gets represented and we have our own Liga Paintball Malaysia.

Caranthir said...

Yep, i love management games and when this came along, i got instantly hooked.

Others also might find it very interesting as Malaysia has already 25 teams and kept on rising!

Hopefully in a few months time, we can have at least 240 teams, to sustain a 3 Division league with 15 leagues in it.

hadimac888 said...

thx to you i've don't have much sleep...

but i've love it ... i've really hooked up with the game...

240 team for national league?

Maybe we can promote in Xtion forum?

Caranthir said...

Awesome hadimac888!. Some of them have already registered. As of now, the number of Malaysian teams registered is at 49 and going strong.

Caranthir said...

Malaysian teams are pouring in! reaching 85++ teams and counting. Liga Paintball Perdana starts today and all the Malaysian players are excited!

Still enough time to catchup on the fun. Register today! Hurry!

j.egerton142 said...

Iam from England and i love this game. Its simple but genius ;) I recommend giving this game a go.

Diered manager of Salford Snipers English Championship Series.