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Monday, January 25, 2010

MPOC 2010 - Leg 1 Results & Conclusions

Here are the final results of the recent conluded MPOC, leg 1 in Bukit Jalil. Congrats to all the winners!

Division 1
1st Raskal
2nd MacDev Ronin
3rd Demonz Red
4th X-Fox

Division 2
1st Eastsiderzz
2nd Oscar Valkyrie
3rd D'mercy Kidz
4th BOW

Division 3
1st Zoo
2nd Street Mobsters
3rd Spunky Militia
4th Hammer Zero

Division 4
1st Redhawks
2nd C.I.A
3rd Rock & Rolla
4th Kejahatan 2

My rants
Some points to note, most of us feel that the organiser should hire a mathematician, accountant or somebody good with numbers to tabulate all the scores. It's just not funny anymore.

Slight drizzle in the evening, didn't help with the condition of the field. There were at least two serious injuries occurred during the games because of the bad playing field. Something needs to be done here. Fix the venue or get a new one ;)

Reffing were inconsistent at times, and I'm pretty sure there were not enough reffs to go around. But I'm sure Ultimate Judge, Mr Jun will fix this up.

When we lost in the finals due to 'penalty' given in the last 60 sec. We knew there was something wrong. According to the rulebook (link here)

ROUND POINTS AWARDED:(1 point per round won)
a) Pressing buzzer or touching of opponent’s base by a live player.
b) Elimination of all opposing players.
c) A 2 for 1 or 3 For 1 penalty in the last 60 seconds of regular game time incurred by opposing team.
- In the final 60 seconds of regular GAME TIME ,the marshals will signal and announce “1 MINUTE”.
Any 2 FOR 1 or 3 FOR 1 penalties incurred by either team after the announcement will result in the ROUND being awarded to the opposing team.

"The purpose of this rule is to stop the blatant playing on and overshooting that teams chasing the game have been observed to resort to. This rule is in particular directed towards players charging forward with total disregard of having been marked .The rule of having altered the course of the round will be interpreted very strictly against such a player and a 2 FOR 1 penalty will be given out."

- One team has scored 3 Round Points.(3 round wins)
- A 2 FOR 1 penalty is incurred by any team during the last 60 seconds of the game time.
- The 10 minutes of game time is up.

Unless there's a new version out there in the web, this is pretty much the rulebook we're using. What we got actually was just a minor penalty or 1 FOR 1 for a hopper hit. But we were told that 'ANY PENALTY' (instead of the one written in the rule book) will cause the point goes to the opposing team.

We didn't like the decision, but we took it. It's bitter yes, and we can only look for the next tournament and hope for the best. Race to 4 format really gets the adrenaline rush going. Tiring but exciting!

And yes yes yes! WCA team pit setup were retained. Great job in getting the air constant to the tents. Although it dropped a bit from time to time, it still better than running here and there for more air! Congrats again.

Oh, did you guys saw when Redza charged down on to Demonz Red with only a pod? That was awesome!

Oh, can we register 8 players for the next leg? ;)

*Photo is owned by the respective owners.

For photos of the event, please visit Try not to refresh too many times. you'll pissed him off. LOL!


My Life... said...

hi caranthir,

i was informed today that any team who has injured team mates can be replaced but not suspension. Just sharing what i was informed.


Caranthir said...

Sounds good if you can replace an injured player, but not suspended players. Sounds fair enough. Until the playing field gets into better shape, you can expect injuries every now and then. And probably more ambulance to go with it ;)

AngeL BeaR said...

congrats to all winners! ^^

residentevilchef said...

methinks the "refreshing" thing is gonna be an ongoing joke! :P

Fluidity said...

tak habis habis lagi ka?
Mmg injured players boleh digantikan la..apsal tak buat research sebelum menggelabah ?

2-3 team D1 ada player cedera and di gantikan. Berubah sgt ke result game sbb ada replacement?
Ke sbb nak menang sgt atas kecederaan orang?

Macam ini punya orang pun ada ker?

badman said...

i guess payment rates for the medics & ambulance to stand-by would still be the same no matter how many times they have to transport players to hospital... & it is much cheaper than repairing the field even after 10 tourneys... :-P

hmm.. refreshing dez... :-D

Caranthir said...

Fluid, marah betul kamu yer. Apa sebab sebenarnya tu?

My worries about injuries are that, if it ever happens to your team, few things I'm sure will be affected:

1 - You have less active player
2 - You cannot field your best players
3 - The injury could be so bad and may force player to sit out for long periods of time.
4 - Finding new players is just too troublesome. And to train and gel with the team, takes time.
5 - We don't have big pool of players, so let's try to keep everyone fit and injury free.

Those Pertahanan Awam Medic unit were so much competent and very experience. Perhaps, they are a much better option next time?

Dez, LOL! comes with the job scope man!

badman said...

what's the fuss laa..? injury & penalty are 2 diff thing, injured player can be replaced in next set/game obviously while suspended player can't, coz the penalty was imposed on the team, had to play with less player la...
small matter lah...

injury is an unfortunate that no team wants, be it to the best or the worst player. each individual in a team is as important as the others. it's best to look for ways to avoid it in the future.

better playing field - organiser
better player form/skill - team (maybe should start training in uneven/rocky area to get use to the condition.. hehehe ;-P )

all about basikal said...

ganti SEORANG player boleh effect satu team opponent ke? kalau macam tuh, the team yg effected tu memang tak terrer la boleh kalah pasal tukar sorang player. hahahahahahaha. baik tukar player yang injured daripada simpan player yang suka play-on & buat drama nak argue dengan marshall. bukan nak tuduh sape-sape la (nazri & terry) tapi ade player yg memang semua orang tau perangai suka play-on, wiping, nak main free, banyak demand dan banyak lagi. Just sharing what i was informed.