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Monday, January 10, 2011

No Pro Division in Asia Cup 2011 this weekend

As confirmed by Asia Cup Tournament Director Mr Sofian Daud, there will be NO Pro Division in Asia Cup this weekend. Referring to the official tournament website for the very first time in Asia, they plan to bring in full Pro team roster from World Class International Pro players from Europe and USA. Maybe they'll have more luck next year. Here's some info on the game schedules.

‎ASIA CUP 2011 - Games Schedule. Saturday, 15 January 8.00 am - Semi-Pro at Field No. 1, D2 at Field No. 2 and D4 at Field No. 3 will commence their Preliminary Round Games. D1 at Field No. 1 and D3 at Field No 2 will game on later of the day, after the completion of the morning game of other divisions at the respective fields.

I was hoping to see which Pro Players would be coming. It's always nice to see professionals coming down to Malaysia for tournaments.

Meanwhile in the same weekend, MPOC 2011 kicks off at Padang Bukit Ekspo, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) with more than 70 already registered. This will also be the first time MPOC will have 3 tournament fields set up. Should be a good tournament.


badman said...
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badman said...

if only they're NOT on the same weekend... sigh..

*previous post deleted due to grammatical error.. sorry..

Caranthir said...

So true. But dates clashed, somebody will walk home less fortunate.