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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

MPOC 2011 - My Say

To tell you the truth, this was my first time ever to play in Melaka. I had to miss the last three events there due to family matters, so when this opportunity came again, I just had to take it. And did I enjoyed it very much. Weather was hot, humid and occasionally breezy. The turf was in good condition and the venue is just superb. Situated right in the middle of the city, it offered a totally new paintball experience.

Now back to the event. I like what they did with the D1 preliminaries. All the games were played in the first day instead of splitting them into two days. It gives teams to rest and recover for knock out rounds on Sunday. X-Fox were on a bad roll when they couldn't get a decent result and Xtioneers snagged the last spot from them to be in the semis against Nemesis Legion.

In the other D1 semi finals, Demonz snaked their way into the finals by some crafty play in the dorito side against Ronins. The referees were having a hard time keeping up with the game so bad that UJ Junaidi had to call in the refs and remind them to do their job properly.

Xtioneers somehow pulled out a rabbit out of the hat when they came back to tie up with Nemesis 1-1 in the last 45 seconds and managed to bring the game into overtime in which they won it comprehensively. It's their first finals in two years, screamed Catherine ecstatically. They then met up with Demonz, the winner from the other semis and only to get steam rolled. Xtioneers had no answer to Demonz swift play in the finals.

In the 3rd-4th game, Ronin beat Nemesis Legion 2-1 in over time after both teams battled to a draw in regulation time. Nemesis fielded up their best line up to counter Ronin's best with STK players guested with them. Both teams played exciting and tough battles to the delight of the fans and spectators.

Prize giving ceremony was held right the players area and everything went smoothly except a no-show by Nemesis during prize giving ceremony. Winners were in joyful mood and it continued on into the night.

I was glad to see they have a lot more referees in field 1, especially in D1 and D2 games where its needed the most. And with a little tweak here and there, I'm sure we could see notorious run-thrus and blatant wiping can be lessen. Cheers to organizers and see you guys in Kedah. For full results from other division, please check my previous post here

Photos are owned by my buddy Residentevilchef.