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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Big events this weekend!

In conjunction with 'Hari Belia Negara 2011' happening this weekend, paintballers can look forward to two big events being held there - the Battlefield Putrajaya and ISSC 2011.

Battlefield Putrajaya is a scenario or recball game in a very large scale happening right here in Putrajaya, Malaysia. The Prime Minister of Malaysia and many VVIPs will be there. Basically there will be four armies (yellow, blue, green and red) battlling each other in 3 games. Each battle is two hours and only 125 mercenaries per army. This should promise alot of fun and excitement.

ISSC 2011 returns again with big prize money and of course with all the big teams from Malaysia and around South East Asia. Expect a 30-40 teams participating in this annual event.

PALS Bangkok is also happening this weekend. It's the first event for PALS 2011 series, since China event had to be postponed. Expect teams from Australia, Thailand, Iran, Malaysia and more to come for this one.

With three big events going on at the same time, I wish all the events the best. Hopefully they will each attract a number of teams.