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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Paintball Command & Conquer

The Biggest Paintball Scenario Tournament Ever in Malaysia!

If you don't know what Scenario Paintball is all about, Wikipedia covers it pretty well. Here's the link.

If you already know, please continue.

Scenario/Woodsball Paintball

Time : From 8am till 5pm.
Date : 15 July 2007 (Sunday)
Venue : Isi Rimba, Kuala Lumpur.
Registration Date : From Monday 25th June 2007 onwards
Registration Dateline : 10th July 2007 or when quota filled
Expected Participants :200-250 troops

Please refer to these links to follow the updates concerning the battle:


-8.00am Registration & Preparation
-8.45am Enter respective Bases
(After 8.45am,latecomers will have to wait till truce time to join in the fray)
-9.00-10 am Check out base and Customise
-10am Sharp The battle commence automatically.

-Truce for Lunch at 1-2pm
(Entry of late troops who missed the morning registration will be permitted during this time)
-2pm sharp Battle Restarts automatically.
-5pm sharp Battle ends...Winner Declare
-5.30pm-6pm Awards & Prizes

We have several recruitment centers for the upcoming battle.

At this time:

Please register your interest with:
-Xtion Paintball-Allan/Redz/Gary(Bukit Jalil & Subang USJ 9)
-Werdna Hol-Patrick or Andrew(Subang Jaya-SS15)
-Skirmish Paintball Asia-Raja or Azlan(Damansara Perdana)
-Paintball United-Matthew(Seremban)
-Dynamic Paintball-Haji Amin(Johor)
-PSS Asia-Shafril(Shah Alam)
-War Museum-Johari(Penang)
-MPOC partner-Dennis(Penang)
-Red Sevens-Ben(Singapore)
-Delta Paintball-Roslim(Gombak)
-Penang Paintball Forum-Shion(Penang)
-Isi Rimba-Roselan(Ampang)

*Maybe more to come...

Recruitment forms will be out by early next week.Where you register may determine which squad/platoon/company/army you or your squad fights for.Supplies of ammo and logistic assistance will be affected the same.

I) Recruitment fee : $60 per man
II) Ammo(Paintballs): $160 per box(Will sell loose packs of 500@45 each)
III) Compressed Air and CO2 will be available.

F&B will be available for sale but you can BYO.

Everything else you can think of...for now BYO.Eg.Talkies,Radios,Binoculars...etc.