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Monday, August 27, 2007

The Independence Cup 2007

Datis of IRAN did it again! Battling 3 games against Reaper of South Africa to take home the Championship. They played fast & aggressive games. This is to expect when some of the best teams meet in the final!


Div 1
Team Datis
Team Reaper
Team Xtioneer Raskal

Div 2
Team Global Pinoy
Team Nemesis
Team AK 47

Div 3
Team Zealous
Team CRV
Team Promedia Fortior

Through my viewfinder I can spot a lot of playing-ons and referees weren't that alert. Spoils some game which I thought can go either way. All the finals should have more refs for better & quicker judging. Oh well, you gotta do with what you have.

The Gallery - 84 pics so far
Please leave some comments on what do you think of the photos. If they're bad, I'll take them out. If you like them, tell your friends. My first time taking paintball photos.

Click on the pics to enlarge it. More pics on the next Gallery.


Anonymous said...

wow, your photos are great. Keep up the good work!

Caranthir said...

thanks! still learning paintball photography. ive still far away from that elusive "splash shot".

cm said...

nice picture.. thanks dude... great art...

wazerid said...

cool set of pics bro. nicely done. show more pls.

My Life... said...

great pics! keep up the great work!! =)

Anonymous said...

emmmm....where's the pic i snape ha ha ha ha.... - batto-

Anonymous said...

allo bro, gr8t stuff - wish the net is fast so i can view all...dont stop snapping -axn-