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Monday, February 11, 2008

3D Layout - I just love doing this

Seriously, someone should pay me a minimum fee for doing this. This is the Draxxus Field layout on this weekend MPOC opener. Hope it looks like it in real life, cause I almost forgot how the Draxxus & DYE bunkers looked like.

Maybe I'll do the second field, just maybe.. Okay, I just did. :P

The Conclusion of the recent MPOC, 1st Leg.

Div 1 - M7 Superlite
1st - Team Demonz
2nd -Team Demonz Red
3rd - Team Raskal

Div 2 - M7 Superlite
1st - Team Killer Beez
2nd - Team Immortalz PPSC(Penang)
3rd - Team Spectre(Penang)

Div 3 - M5
1st - Team Johor Pirates(Johor)
2nd - Team GanG
3rd - Team Warriors

Congratz to all the winners!


G.I.Joe said...

Hey Villian,its me, G.I.Joe, we will be playing in this MPOC 08 leg. Wish you could share me the source of the Google sketch so we can virtually walk the field...
if you don't mind, Much appreciated !!!

Caranthir said...

Yo joe!

I hope you're ok if i can't fulfill your request. You have to get on the field itself to actually "walk the field".

In 3D world, alot of factors doesn't add up and you WILL get different view/feel compare to the real world.

trust me, go do a proper "walk the field". it'll helps even without 3D.

badman said...

the 3D graphics is a bonus for those who can't really imagine how it look like just from a 2D layout. as said, an on-location 'walk the field' session is still the best option.
even the pros sometimes 're-walk' the field just b4 the beginning of the final rounds, in case they need to re-strategise their moves...

G.I.Joe said...

That's all right, I understand the importance of Walk the field but unfortunately some of my team mates not able to do it with us due to their work commitment. I understand the extra bonus for 3D view of 2D field coz I started the 3D sketching NPL field using Google sketch with exact bunker ratio. Then bro Caranthir did it so well & can't help doing it over and over again to contribute the community :P, KUDOS !!! We do appreciate that ! :D Wish to see you whenever there're chances.

Caranthir said...

thanks joe. we do what we love here (videos, photography, 3Ds, etc.) and hope everyone enjoys and benefits from it.

Maybe we'll drop by and see if the 'imagined' how close the layouts are to the actual one. LOL!

badman said...

yeah.. if can't be there then have to make do with whatever we got lah...
sir caran mau mari ka? ok jugak tu.. can see the 'imagined'... hehehheh ;-)