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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

NEMESIS X-Tour 2008 - 1-2 Mac, 2008

Team Registration Opens for Nemesis X-Tour 2008 -Round 1 (1st-2nd March 2008)
(A special Novice League)

MY-NPL HQ & Nemesis PaintBall Club are pleased to announce venue &date, prizes & fees for the NXT'08. For more information on registration details, please read below.

Team Registration:
No over the phone confirmation of registrations. All entries must be paid through online or cheque only. Registration must be submited on/before 29th February 2008.

Division Pahlawan (Novice)
Open to Div 3 & 4 teams in Malaysia only.
(NO Div1 & 2 players allowed)
Only Mechanical markers allowed.
Not more than 7 active players in the roster.

Champion : RM2,000.00 cash + medals + Cup
Runners-up : RM1,200.00 cash + medals
2nd Runner-up : RM700.00 cash + medals
Fourth Place : Medals only

Division Pahlawan (Novice) Registration Fees: RM170.00 (Inclusive of 500 rounds PaintBalls)

Prizes from division less than 10 teams will be deduct 30%.

Paintball pellets will be subsidies by the presenters at RM45.00/case of 2000 rounds. This means that teams will only need to pay RM185.00/case.

This event specially brought to you by,

NXT'08 Round 1 Event Information

29th February - 1st - 2nd March 2008
1400hrs to 1900hrs Friday (Field Walking)
2000hrs to 2130hrs Friday (Team's Captain Meeting)
0800hrs to 1800hrs Saturday (Site closes at 2030hrs)
0800hrs to 1700hrs Sunday (Finals held on-site at approx. 1700hrs)

Taman Pertanian JPSHAS, Bandar Indera Mahkota, Kuantan, Pahang.

For more information, please contact: -
Nemesis PaintBall Club @ 013-271 0054, 012-340 1740, 016-971 4466,
Fax: 03-9173 4936
Mr. Sofian Daud @ 016-332 3337

More information regarding MY-NPL coming event, please visit or e-mail Please
stay tuned to the Events Info!

"Towards Creating the Excellence in Sports PaintBall"

Want to be MY-NPL official feeder events? Please contact us.

YP 'Maverick' Wong (H/P: 016-332 3370)
Malaysian National PaintBall League (MY-NPL)
Malaysian PaintBall Referee Organization (M-PRO)
Malaysian PaintBall Academy (MAPAAC)
Kompleks Sukan Astaka, Jalan Utara,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
T: (+6)03-6277 7779, F: (+6)03-6277 7711, 7960 4724
W:, E:


bad said...

NEMISIS..? thot it's NEMESIS... or is it NEMESETH... ;-) :-P

Caranthir said...

hahaha.. i copied and pasted from MY-NPL's email... hehehe.. typo tu.. changing it back.

I noticed it too, thats why the title is correct.

bad said...

biasa la bang.. kadang memang tak perasan pun... hehehe

enjoy the holiday & angpow (kalau dapat)... :-P

ice said...

np x wat kt melake je.leh la join......hehehe