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Monday, March 03, 2008

Nemesis X-Tour '08 1st leg Kuantan - The Conclusion

While most of you guys were busy snoring and wetting your pants by the sensation of a goodnight sleep on a comfy bed, I was driving all alone from Ampang to Kuantan on the wee hours of Saturday to cover the Nemesis X Tour at Taman Pertanian JPSHAS, Bandar Indera Mahkota, Kuantan, Pahang. Driving 250km all alone with only the Cereal Killers Soundtrack CD to keep me awake during the lonely drive there was an experience by itself.

Reached Taman Pertanian JPSHAS,Kuantan at about 6.45am, made my way deep into the park looking for the tournament field and I mean deep especially when you’re all alone, driving on a road going who knows where. After a few near misses with some kind of jungle wildlife, I saw the familiar NPL bunkers all set up nicely.pheww…….

Our very own Mr Pian of MY-NPL, couple with his technical crew were already there. Awe of Nemesis was there too loading boxes of pallet at the technical tent. Was greeted with “ wah, u drove all alone ha?” and “U made it” comments by the guys. Yeah I made it alright LOL.

There will be 16 teams competing & Pian said he’ll try to finish off the tourney in 1day. That’s about a total of 70+ games till final. If anybody can do it, then Pian’s the man to make it happen. Competing teams starting coming in and by 9am the tourney was ready to start. 8 marshals from M-PRO will be there to keep order on the field, lead by UJ Muhsin.

40 preliminary games completed by lunch break, there could have been more if the weather was a little more kind to us, way to go Pian. The food stall was having brisk sales selling drinks, nasi lemak etc and so too the Werdnahol Booth selling paintball stuffs. The local YB also did a visit and having a go with the mic for a short speech.

By 3pm, we’re already into the knock out stage for the quarterfinals. The technical guys lead by Ewe of Tactical Action was having a great day. The house markers was performing flawlessly all day, even in the cold and wet weather. That really help bring up the excitement of players & spectators alike in this gloomy weather. Team X3MIX,Team OSB,Team BLUES KANG & RANGERS all made it to the semis.In the end it was up to Team X3MIX & Team OSB to battle it out in the Finals. Both teams were almost at par with each other but in the end Team X3MIX had the upperhand and won both game in the Final.

Pian had the honour of giving out the prizes to the winners & with that the tourney was over by 6pm. Congrats to Pian & his team, all in all it was 70games till finals in 9hours with lunch & rain break in between. You the man. We finish off packing and by 7pm I was on my way back to KL.

See you guys again at the 2nd Nemesis X Tour ’08.

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Here are the official result for the 2008 Nemesis X-Tour Round 1, Kuantan, Pahang. With the total participation of 16 teams.

Division Pahlawan (Novice):
1st = X3MIX
2nd = Team OSB

Congratulation to all the winners.
Seeya in the next NEMESIS X-TOUR Round 2 & MY-NPL'08 Event 2!!

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zippo said...

me from team replacement killer.. hr tu mmg btl2 enjoy n best.. thx pada u all yg dpt buat game kat kuantan.. kitorg dtg dari terengganu..
xpi apa yg best kitaorg kalah suku akhir pada team osb.. pape ini merupakan pengalaman kedua kami.. semua member dlm team kami merupakan org yg baru main suka paintball ni.. kalau ada game kat mana2 agi .. let me know ek,... thx alot

unreALEX said...

Can you please upload the CK sound track please. Thanks in advance

Caranthir said...

we don't have it. sorry.